The Catholic Church in Central America

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The workers in Latin America only want to have a stake in the game. They only want to improve their lot in life.

This is something that United States corporations have manifestly refused to provide for over 100 years now.

US corporations such as Chiquita and Dole have worked together with wealthy landowners in Central America to ensure that the workers wages remain low.

They kill labor organizers as easily as banana pickers cut down bunches of bananas.

The workers turned toward Marxist ideas in order to improve their lot in life. You can hardly blame them.

In response, the CIA, which works for corporate interests, not us, infiltrated the Catholic Church in order to help take down those priests who were helping the poor.

Thus fascist death squads.

The response will ultimately be an even greater embedding of Marxist ideas within Central America.

US corporations are thus creating their own enemies, which they seem content with as US corporations stand to make even more money by fighting the specter of communism.

Cold Wars make far more money than hot wars.

This is not a good thing for us or the people of Central America.

While we are wasting our money fighting a cold war, we have engendered massive waves of immigration that are striking our southern border because conditions are so uninhabitable in Central America.

The attendant costs of fighting immigration and the crime wave that accompanies it are enormous.

The point I’m trying to make is that we’re not defeating anyone or any concept by supporting the fascists who have taken over the United States of America.

We were sold a lie by Ronald Reagan and the right.

These people on the right are not regular people; they are brutal fascists who are interested primarily in corporate profits. They are little better than the communists they are claiming to wage war against.

Their goal is money accumulation, and they have no desire to improve the lot of life for anyone either in Central America or the United States.

Financial health has steadily worsened for the average American since the end of World War II.

The Third Reich never died; it was merely transported over to the United States of America.

Not only did we import many of Nazi Germany’s scientists, we also gave a free ride to Reinhard Gehlen who helped us set up a spy network so as to monitor Soviet activity.

Our elitist leaders who were enamored with Nazi Germany prior to World War II continued their support of Nazi Germany after the war by adopting nearly every one of their policies.

But to what end?

The Cold War only permitted Corporate America to rape average Americans through massive investment in military spending.

The Catholic Church became a willing accomplice in that fascist empire.

The result is the world we see before us.

We are now living in the New World Order which is a horrible world to live in.

Was Jesus an enemy of the poor?

Did Jesus implore his followers to venture out into the world to kick ass in order to replenish the emperor’s treasure box?

I think not.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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