Thank You, Leaders

Mexico is still a dangerous place.

I don’t know what people up north are thinking when they plan trips into Mexico

Do you think movies like Sicario are a Hollywood invention for entertainment purposes only?

Perhaps, but I can assure you that this one is not.

What you see in Sicario is the truth.

Actually, what you see in Sicario is mild.

When you see bodies hanging from the bridge as the characters played by Emily Blunt and Benicio del Toro cross the bridge into Mexico, you are seeing the truth.

Welcome to Juarez.

That’s what drug dealers do down there.

I live on the border of Mexico.

Actually, I live only 10 miles away.

We never go into Mexico anymore.

I stopped going to Mexico about 15 to 20 years ago,

There was a time when we went to Mexico all the time to eat dinner.

Those days are gone.

Those days went away after NAFTA.

NAFTA was instituted in order to help raise the standard of living in Mexico.

I can assure you 100% that it did not do that at all.

The greedy pigs in corporate America, the ones behind NAFTA, couldn’t care less about anyone’s higher standard of living.

When I lived in Mexico in the late 1970s, I could walk around Monterrey Mexico at any hour of the night without fear.

Those days are gone.

When NAFTA was proposed under the administration of Bill Clinton, we Americans selfishly looked at how NAFTA would adversely affect the United States.

We were right, but we failed to consider how NAFTA would adversely affect Mexico.

We just assumed that Mexico would do better by getting these jobs.

Not true.

Corporate pig meisters had no intention of paying the workers in Mexico anything close to good wages.

Additionally, NAFTA enabled the super-pigs at Cargill and Archer Daniels Midland to dump cheap corn into Mexico.

Poor Mexican farmers could not compete with that cheap corn coming from the United States, hence many of them were thrown off their lands.

About 800,000 to 1,000,000 Mexican farmers lost their jobs.

In other words, they lost the family business that had been in their families for over 200 years,

What were they to do?

Some probably committed suicide. Others became homeless. I imagine some retrained. Still many others emigrated to the United States where they could work on the slave plantations owned by Cargill and Archer Daniels Midland.

The people who were left probably turned their agricultural expertise to growing marijuana and coca leaf. In essence, they joined El Chapo’s growing empire.

What a winner for Mexico!

There is a direct correlation between the escalating drug violence in Mexico and the institution of NAFTA.

Thank you, Bill Clinton.

Thank you Cargill.

Thank you Archer Daniels Midland.

The result is what you see in Mexico today.

It is a dangerous place.

It’s not safe for Americans.

Do you think this is an accident?

Are we going to give Bill Clinton, Al Gore and others a free pass?

It’s time to stop giving the benefit of the doubt to our leaders.

Our leaders are puppets of the wealthy pigs who really rule this country.

Their goal is to create a continent of serfs.

Through NAFTA, and through CAFTA, they are approximating that goal.

They have made a mess of Mexico and Central America.

America too.

They took well-paying jobs out of the United States thus destabilizing the structure of the American family.

This destabilization of the family structure in the United States, caused all sorts of social ills such as increased crime, increased drug use, increased juvenile delinquency, increased need for psychological services, increased welfare, increased homelessness, and much, much more.

Thus the increased need for drugs in the United States.

This helped fuel the drug production business in Mexico.

It is not an accident.

This is what the wealthy pig elite desire.

They have no intention of stopping it.

They need those billions that were stolen from the American people so that they can shoot useless rockets into space, blow up education by throwing money at the problem, and produce crazy viruses in uncontrolled third-world labs.

Let’s not forget about their necessary sports teams, supremely obese mansions, private jets, and gargantuan super-yachts that absolutely do require full sized basketball courts and IMAX theaters.

Through CAFTA, they completely destroyed Central America. They created a nation of abject poverty where gangs and gang leaders are their chief export.

Those gang members come to the United States. They don’t wanna stay in their own country, it’s so bad there.

CAFTA is a one-sided agreement between the wealthy pig elite in the United States and their puppet thugs who run those Central America countries.

CAFTA permitted US corporations to pollute the environment with impunity while raping those countries of their national resources.

The people have no legal recourse to address the damage that these corporations do.

That’s why they’re all streaming into the United States of America.

That’s why they are all flooding across our southern borders.

They’re not coming here because they have nothing else better to do.

They didn’t wake up one morning and say, “Hey, I’ve got nothing else better to do. I think I’ll jettison my family and everything I own and take a chance on paying a coyote $5000 to maybe get me across the border so that I can waltz through the back roads of Texas where oppressive 100 degree heat might kill me. And I’ll risk being turned into a prostitute along the way. What a winner for me! And, if I get across the border, I still have to negotiate my way one thousand miles to Chicago where nobody wants me and where I do not speak the language. Let’s go for it!”

Those people are coming here from Central America because there is nothing there for them back home.

The wealthy pig elite have destroyed their countries.

There is no option for them to create a labor movement down there. Our wealthy pig elite work together with the wealthy landowners in Central America to kill them on the spot if they even think of starting a labor movement.

This is the grand plan to create a common market of serfs in North America.

It benefits no one except the wealthy pig elite, those pigs who live in New England and send their children to Harvard and other Ivy League schools.

It’s all about them.

There is nothing in their New World Order for you except slavery.

And it’s going to continue, so if you’re thinking of going to Mexico, you better think twice.


Archer Crosley

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Hey America, what you think doesn’t count.

You see, some Harvard cocsucker ate a taco last week. Oh, yeah, he got it at the frozen food section at Target.

No matter.

Now we must all care about Latino affairs.

Never mind the fact that Harvard fucked over Latin America for nearly a century.

That’s right, the Harvard Cabal has brutalized Central America for over a hundred years.

That’s why there are so many immigrants flooding in over our southern border.

The most prominent event occurred in 1954 when the Princeton cocksucker, Allen Dulles, backed up by Dwight “Quisling” Eisenhower overthrew the government of Jacobo Arbenz in Guatemala.

They did that because Árbenz wanted to give the peasants a small slice of land in order to give them a stake in the game. The land wasn’t being used anyway.

That was too much for the monied elite in the United States.

They proclaimed Árbenz a communist. They, through their American Sicherheitdienst (CIA), forced him out of power, then hounded him for the rest of his life.

Since then this monied elite has continued to brutalize the people of Central America.

They did it back in the 80s by sponsoring the death squads through the World Anti-Communist League.

They cemented their death grip with CAFTA in the early 2000s.

Thank you, Yale cocksucker, George Walker Bush.

Now Central America is not a habitable place. There is a lot of poverty and a lot of violence.

Gangs like MS 13 come out of Central America because life is so tough there.

Large corporations regularly pollute the environment, and it’s difficult for the people to file a grievance against them.

Tens of millions of immigrants have flooded across the Rio Grande over the past fifty years.

This is why Hispanics play such a prominent role in the United States now.

You can see this in our culture as we now celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

There is nothing wrong with that. Nor is there anything wrong with Spanish being spoken more commonly. After all, there is no official language in the United States.

There is something wrong though when the Harvard cocksucker decides for the rest of us that we now have to pay attention to Latin American affairs.

Well, the people don’t need to be told to pay attention to Latin American affairs because they live alongside Latin Americans. They have been celebrating Cinco de Mayo. And they intermarry with new immigrants and have so for centuries, far before the bigoted Harvard cocksucker.

The Harvard cocksucker doesn’t understand this though because he thinks we’re a bunch of racists.

He lives in his bubble in Cambridge. He vacations in Martha’s Vineyard. There he invents bizarre terms like Latinx, then promotes this top-down driven terminology through the fascist media he controls.

Though the organizations, corporations, and foundations he dominates, he mandates that we now attend diversity classes.

He wants to make sure that we are as culturally sensitive as he is.

He will decide for us what’s important in life.

Last week, he ate a taco, then decided that now was the time to pay attention to Latin American affairs. He’s even taken the time to learn how to say, “Hola, Pepe, como estas. Me llamo Harvard Cocksucker.”

That taco that was sitting in the Target freezer for three months revolutionized his life.

Never mind the fact that he the Harvard cocksucker brutalized Latin America for over a hundred years. What’s important is that he’s decided that it’s now important to assuage his guilt by recognizing Latinos, excuse me Latinx.

That’s the way the United States works now.

Nothing of importance happens until it occurs in the mind of the Harvard cocksucker.

Dios míos; este es muy mal para nosotras.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

The Catholic Church in Central America

Read this link at your pleasure.

The workers in Latin America only want to have a stake in the game. They only want to improve their lot in life.

This is something that United States corporations have manifestly refused to provide for over 100 years now.

US corporations such as Chiquita and Dole have worked together with wealthy landowners in Central America to ensure that the workers wages remain low.

They kill labor organizers as easily as banana pickers cut down bunches of bananas.

The workers turned toward Marxist ideas in order to improve their lot in life. You can hardly blame them.

In response, the CIA, which works for corporate interests, not us, infiltrated the Catholic Church in order to help take down those priests who were helping the poor.

Thus fascist death squads.

The response will ultimately be an even greater embedding of Marxist ideas within Central America.

US corporations are thus creating their own enemies, which they seem content with as US corporations stand to make even more money by fighting the specter of communism.

Cold Wars make far more money than hot wars.

This is not a good thing for us or the people of Central America.

While we are wasting our money fighting a cold war, we have engendered massive waves of immigration that are striking our southern border because conditions are so uninhabitable in Central America.

The attendant costs of fighting immigration and the crime wave that accompanies it are enormous.

The point I’m trying to make is that we’re not defeating anyone or any concept by supporting the fascists who have taken over the United States of America.

We were sold a lie by Ronald Reagan and the right.

These people on the right are not regular people; they are brutal fascists who are interested primarily in corporate profits. They are little better than the communists they are claiming to wage war against.

Their goal is money accumulation, and they have no desire to improve the lot of life for anyone either in Central America or the United States.

Financial health has steadily worsened for the average American since the end of World War II.

The Third Reich never died; it was merely transported over to the United States of America.

Not only did we import many of Nazi Germany’s scientists, we also gave a free ride to Reinhard Gehlen who helped us set up a spy network so as to monitor Soviet activity.

Our elitist leaders who were enamored with Nazi Germany prior to World War II continued their support of Nazi Germany after the war by adopting nearly every one of their policies.

But to what end?

The Cold War only permitted Corporate America to rape average Americans through massive investment in military spending.

The Catholic Church became a willing accomplice in that fascist empire.

The result is the world we see before us.

We are now living in the New World Order which is a horrible world to live in.

Was Jesus an enemy of the poor?

Did Jesus implore his followers to venture out into the world to kick ass in order to replenish the emperor’s treasure box?

I think not.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Disappearing People

I noticed yesterday that people are still disappearing in Mexico.

The Chihuahua desert has become the new Bermuda triangle.

Cartels, who specialize in human trafficking, in addition to drug trafficking, disappear people in the middle of the desert.

As to why this occurs is anybody’s guess.

I guess they enjoy killing.

So why aren’t our authorities in the United States or Mexico doing anything about it?

Don’t they care?

Why haven’t they lifted one finger In the past twenty years to address the problem of the cartels in Mexico?

They haven’t lifted a finger because they are in favor of what’s going on.

In fact, they invented it.

They make a fortune off it.

They knew what they were doing when they pushed through NAFTA and CAFTA.

These agreements caused increased poverty in Mexico and Central America as well as the USA.

In Mexico NAFTA enabled the dumping of cheap corn which tossed anywhere from 800,000 to 1,000,000 farmers off their small plots of land.

This was great for Cargill and ADM.

Many of those dispossessed farmers then either immigrated to United States or joined the cartels where they could use their horticultural skills to grow mary jane and coca leaf which could then be exported to the weakened and depressed middle class members in the United States who had lost their jobs to cheap labor in Mexico.

What a winner for the people, eh?

Other dispossessed farmers in Mexico became depressed and addicted to drugs, or they chose to become stone-cold killers for the cartels.

The people in Mexico suffered under NAFTA just as the people in United States suffered under NAFTA.

The elites promised us a beautiful world prior to NAFTA.

Corporations which control both governments make money off misery, immigration, and crime.

Who do you think supplies the governments to fight the war on drugs?

Who you think makes a fortune off the incarceration industry?

In addition to making a fortune off other peoples misery, the multinational corporations, who are controlled by the Harvard Cabal, achieve the destabilization of both countries which in time will facilitate a merging of Mexico into the United States decades down the line.

In time, a true common market can be formed.

The goal will be to dilute the power of the strong (but weakened) middle class in the United States of America.

The goal will be to make the United States more like Mexico than to make Mexico like the United States.

Neo-feudalism is the goal.

With the merging of the countries, it is obvious that a new constitution will be required.

This new constitution will not include the protections that we have now.

Your grandchildren will not enjoy the freedoms that we had fifty years ago.

They will be slaves, serfs, peasants.

Why does the cabal desire this?

Because they’re sick.

They’re intoxicated with their own self-created image of themselves as living gods.

They’re no different than the pharaohs who ruled Egypt, or the pagans who ruled the Aztecs and Mayans.

Humanity has not evolved.

Your grandchildren will be property to the rulers for them to do as they choose.

Like the cartels who disappear people in the Chihuahua desert, the cabal will disappear your grandchildren as they see fit, for the hell of it, because it makes them feel better about themselves.

Get used to it.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

El Jefe

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So I watched television the other night as “El Jefe” gave his speech on immigration.

Why do I even watch?

I watch like a sucker because I think something is actually going to be said.

I watch for the same reason I kept watching all those Indiana Jones and Star Wars sequels.  I desperately keep hoping for quality in a world that shuns it.

A part of me wanted Trump to say the following:

I have thought about the immigration problem, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve been wrong.

I think what we need to do is follow the lead of Mr. Lopez Obrador in Mexico who has called for the world to invest in Central America so as to improve their lives.  My buddy, Señor Obrador is obviamente the smartest guy in the room.

I am now of the opinion that US corporations have raped Central America, exploited the people, impoverished them, polluted the environment and made life so miserable for them that they have had no other option except to flood into the United States.

If we have MS-13 gangsters here, it is because our US Corporations have created them.  Thank you, Council on Foreign Relations.

How silly I was not to have recognized this before.

Well, of course, he didn’t.  More importantly he didn’t say anything that he has not said before, which is actually a very dangerous thing.

It is dangerous because it illustrates that for all his talk, he will do NOTHING.

And doing nothing is bad for everyone. Doing nothing means that the same old shit is going to keep happening, except of course, the furtherance of the common market, the dissolution of national identity and the enabling of the beloved, yet misguided, Amero.

Never mind Europe’s horrible experience with the Euro.  Since the elites can’t manage the currency of one country, why not allow them to manage a new and ever bigger supranational currency?   It makes eminent sense.

Of course, that’s what the elites want – to do nothing.

At some point, Trump must take a stand.

If you have something to say, say it.

Otherwise, shut up.

Don’t walk around like a tough guy unless you mean it.

Say what you mean, and mean what you say.

Teddy Roosevelt advised us to walk softly and carry a big stick.  Trump walks loudly and carries a pop gun.

Thus far, there is no meat on these bones.


Copyright 2019   Archer Crosley   All Rights Reserved

New World Order Judges

Yesterday, the chief justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts, rebuked Donald Trump after Donald Trump spoke out against Judge Jon Tigar a federal judge in California.  Trump also complained about another group of judges who take care of matters pertaining chiefly to the west coast.

Donald Trump was upset because this particular judge had overruled his policy of denying political asylum to immigrants who desire to enter the country.

Trump called John Tigar an “Obama Judge.”  

The chief justice responded that his judges were not “Obama Judges” but independent judges.

That’s a laugh.

There’s nothing independent about the federal judiciary when it comes to the general welfare of the country.

These federal judges are 100% USDA-certified puppets of the New World Order.  They are gutless, clueless, privileged cowards hell-bent on harming the integrity of the nation.  

It is the New World Order’s goal to create a common market in North America between Canada, the United States, Mexico and Central America; abolish local currencies; then establish their bullshit government most likely devoid of the Bill of Rights and the second amendment.

Of course, the Amero, printed by the elites will be important; but what they really want is gun control.  They need to find a way to negate the second amendment.  Creating a supranational state is integral to that plan.

Forget about Madison and Jefferson.  Clearly they are no longer relevant.

To attain this supranational state it is important to destroy the integrity of the United States, Mexico and Central America.

This was aided vastly via NAFTA which destroyed the economy of the independent corn farmer in Mexico by dumping cheap corn into Mexico.  These independent corn farmers, with no place to go after having been thrown off their lands, either joined El Chapo in the drug trade or emigrated to the United States.  That’s one reason why you have this massive migration of Mexican citizens into the United States. The elites knew exactly what they were doing. We know this because they have done nothing to fix it. They are totally content with this immigration. In addition NAFTA made the elite wealthier.

The same situation is going on in Central America today with CAFTA. CAFTA exploits the poor, pollutes the environment and creates a culture of poverty within which gangs thrive. That’s why you have so many gangs like MS 13 coming from Central America; that’s why you have so much immigration coming from Central America. Who wants to live in poverty surrounded by gangsters? That’s why you have the caravan. Again, the elites know exactly what they are doing. They have done nothing to fix this problem. They completely avoid solving the root of the problem which is to make Central America a nice place to live and raise a family. Why would they want to do that? CAFTA makes them rich.

Concomitant to causing upheaval in Mexico and Central America is the necessity to break down barriers of entry in the United States.

To achieve this we have the pusillanimous government in California, which is now a state in Mexico, and we have clueless judges like Jon Tigar who Trump attacks.

He calls Tigar and his ilk “Obama Judges.”  

In reality, they are judges of the New World Order.  It doesn’t matter whether they were appointed by Bush, Obama or Clinton. It’s not a Republican versus Democrat issue because all three presidents were puppets of the New World Order. All three Presidents did tremendous damage to the United States through these ridiculous trade agreements and the fighting of international wars which have devastated the United States economy and impoverished you in the process.

Remember, the economy is about your welfare, not the Dow’s welfare.

The elites try to frame this as a racial issue; but it’s not a racial issue. It’s an economic issue and always has been.  It matters not whether you are white, brown, black, red, purple or polka dot.

If we do not stop this diabolical plan of the New World Order, you can expect your stake in the  American Dream to plunge.  

The New World Order’s plan is bad for everyone.

The Locusts

The ignoramus in chief spoke today about the caravan from Honduras that was coming our way.

He made them sound like  locusts that were inexorably eating their way to the North.

That’s a hoot.

He threatened the government of Honduras that there would be hell to pay if they didn’t stop the caravan.

Who is he kidding?

Such threats underscore Trump’s complete misunderstanding of US foreign policy in the region.

Well, when you stopped reading after the age of twelve, what do you expect?

It is US foreign policy via CAFTA, the Central American Free Trade Agreement that is responsible for this caravan.

CAFTA is a product of the New World Order.

The New World Order is about free trade, and free trade is about exploitation.

The people of Central America are being exploited.

They work for slave wages in a polluted environment riddled  with gangs thanks to Corporate America.

Who wants to work in that?


The people come here for a better life they know they will never get there.

It’s for a good cause though  – the rich get richer and you get poorer.

What will work for these people, what will stop the caravan is a reversal of the New World Order.

What will work is the stopping of exploitation of foreign peoples.

There was a President who had a great vision for the United States. His name was John Kennedy. The New World Order did not like his vision of enabling peoples from foreign countries, and so they killed him.

They did it through their Central Intelligence Agency which is the private army of the New World Order.

Why do you think puppets of the New World Order in the media continually support Lee Harvey Oswald as the man who shot John Kennedy?

They do so because they don’t want you to know who the real killers were, that being the New World Order.

When you realize that, the massive immigration from Central America will stop. Until that point, say hello to your new brothers from the south.

You get the government you choose to believe in. 

If you believe in lies, my friend, you get to lie down in the bed that those lies support.