How to Deal with Putin

I’ll tell you how to deal with Vladimir Putin. You treat him with respect which is what our leaders manifestly refused to do.

Obama called his country a JV nation. All of our presidents refused to include him when he asked to be included. Instead they expanded NATO into Russia’s sphere of influence when they promised they wouldn’t.

So once again, our leaders in the United States, Ivy League frauds for the most part, staring at their reflection in the mirror, created in the Ukraine another mess in which many people will die unnecessarily.

How do we get out of this mess?

Certainly not by sending more arms and pouring kerosene onto the fire.

Naturally, of course, our incompetent leaders desire this because they make money off war.

No, the solution is to encourage the Ukrainians to surrender in order to end the bloodshed.

They can’t win this fight, and they won’t win this fight. If the United States persists in arming Ukraine in order to prolong the war, Putin and the Russians will come down even harder on the Ukrainians and annihilate them.

This is an existential war for the Russians. If they are backed into a corner, they most certainly will use nuclear weapons. They unequivocally will not permit themselves to be enslaved to NATO and the west. That’s reality.

Our leaders live in a fantasy world. Vladimir Putin does not live in a fantasy world. He is not isolated. He is not syphilitic. He is an intelligent individual who is well read. He can speak multiple languages whereas our leaders can barely babble one. He was the judo champion of Leningrad. He plays sports. He actually reads books. Have you ever seen him handle a press conference? He can do it all by himself without a Teleprompter. He understands history.

He is not a gambler. He is not a person who makes rash decisions on his own. He has advisers that he consults. His advisers are not yes men; he welcomes opposing opinions.

The decision to enter Ukraine was not taken on a lark. Putin has the voluntary support of Russia’s elder statesmen. They play chess, and they play the game well.

Incidentally, how are the weapons going to get to the Ukrainians when the Russian style of fighting is to form a cauldron around each city?

The Russians have already disrupted the rail lines. This means that the principal way of getting arms in is by air.

If we attempt to airlift weapons in and it seems to be working, the Russians will put an end to that. They will have to create a no-fly zone that will increase the chance of a US plane being shot down.

This is probably what our leaders want as it will only escalate the crisis. This is not what we want. War does not benefit the people of the United States. War impoverishes the people of the United States.

The best way to help the people of Ukraine is to get them to surrender. The sooner the better.

We don’t want Vladimir Putin as our enemy. We want him as our friend.

That’s a sensible approach that a normal person would take.

Unfortunately our leaders are stone cold losers.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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