Causality and Harvard

What is causality. Causality they say is not necessarily two things sitting in conjunction with each other, yet police departments often use the principle of conjunction to convict people.

If you kill your wife, and you have her blood on your clothes, that is a form of conjunction.

If you have purchased a life insurance policy for $2 million on her life, and the life insurance policy pays you $2 million after her death, that is a form of conjunction. If you have cheated on your wife with another girl, that is also a form of conjunction.

In both these cases your dead wife is a stepping stone to your future happiness. We call this motive, but it is really a form of conjunction.

If your wife is killed by an ice pic, and you happen to have an ice pack in your dresser drawer, that is a form of conjunction. We call that means.

The more of these conjunctions, and types of conjunction, that we can find, the more secure we feel in convicting the individual.

In none of these cases do the police have a movie camera of you killing your wife.

Conjunction seems to be everything when establishing guilt. It’s really a matter of degree.

It would be great if we could have a movie camera, but even if we did have a movie camera, people would still challenge the authenticity of the movie camera.

A movie camera even in itself shoots a series of still shots.

The reason we trust a movie camera, is because the amount of time between still shots is so small.

There is no other feature to causality except the degree of conjunction.

Now, if we can find elements of each piece of the puzzle on the other piece, then we can feel better.

For example, if the blood spatter of the dead wife is found on the clothes of the husband, while DNA material of the husband is found on the wife, that can indicate a greater degree of conjunction.

Of course, even that can be challenged, but the more evidence we have of that, the greater degree of confidence we have.

Discussions of statistics as they pertain to causality do not necessarily apply to cases of murder and crime. They are not the same thing.

A crime only happens one way. You can use statistics to aid you, but statistics is an aid, nothing more.

So let’s apply these principles to Harvard University and the death of America.

The question is this: Is the so-called innocent Harvard graduate who practices medicine in a medium sized town out in the middle of nowhere guilty of destroying America?


Clearly, he graduated from Harvard University. More than likely he put a diploma from Harvard on his wall in order to let everybody know that he went to Harvard and is therefore one of the “good” doctors.

He helps sustain and nurture the idea of Harvard as a benevolent and good university. And that is because he does do good things.

So what? There were good Germans. We know there were good Germans because Viktor Frankl told us so.

Those good Germans did not prevent us from attaching complicity to the German people.

The German people looked the other way as the Third Reich grew in power and began committing all sorts of harm to Jews, Poles, and Russians.

The Third Reich killed millions upon millions of people.

The German people looked the other way.

It wasn’t a matter of them just not knowing, they didn’t want to know.

And so it is with the Harvard graduate.

Those of us who have been alive for the last 60 to 70 years know full well that the United States has declined as a society in this period of time.

There are many social ills that did not exist to such an extraordinary degree 75 years ago.

We can also notice that the power of Harvard University has increased substantially in that period of time.

Harvard University, like a malignancy, now invades all our major institutions, corporations, associations, sports leagues, media, entertainment, government, and NGOs.

In summary, Harvard, which leads the Harvard Cabal, is directly correlated to the social ills that exist in society.

There is a direct positive correlation.

At the same time, we have noticed that the Harvard graduate has enriched himself beyond all comprehension.

Harvard ideas permeate our national institutions. We can see time and again how Harvard’s ideas take hold.

Critical race theory, the relative value scale in medicine, evidence-based medicine are all ideas that came out of Harvard University.

They are all bad ideas.

Harvard’s idiotic ideas helped prolong the Great Depression. Harvard and its lieutenants at Columbia University formed the Brain-Dead Trust which Roosevelt relied upon to create artificial shortages.

Harvard continued its calamity during the Vietnam war when Harvard graduate Robert McNamara fought a war based upon statistics. Rules of engagement was used as a tool to prolong war in order to maximize profits for corporations.

Additionally the same Robert McNamara engineered a genocide program for mentally disabled young men when he instituted Project 100,000.

Robert McNamara sent men with IQs between 50 and 80 to fight in Vietnam. They had five times the kill rate of a regular soldier. That makes Robert McNamara a war criminal.

Harvard attendee Bill Gates got together with fellow Ivy League graduate Anthony Fauci to engineer harmful policies in the battle against COVID-19. Their policies prolonged the COVID-19 pandemic, destroyed small business, and waged genocide amongst the elderly people. The government benefited by saving billions on Medicare and Social Security. Corporate America was able to get rid of its competitors in small business. The COVID-19 pandemic was nothing more than an attack on the American people.

Harvard graduate, Barack Obama, did nothing for black people except use their face as a steppingstone to get to his fancy mansion on Martha’s Vineyard. The desperation of black people in the inner city has exponentially increased. He helped label and slander America as a racist society. He didn’t do anything for student debt. He didn’t create a decentralized healthcare marketplace which would have decreased costs. He didn’t stop the relentless merging of corporations. He didn’t stop the nonstop wars in the Middle East.

His successor and fellow Ivy League graduate, Donald Trump, didn’t do anything either.

Ditto to George Bush, Yale graduate, the predecessor to Barack Obama. These Ivy League graduates, made America worse. They made America weaker.

They wasted America’s time.

Bill Clinton, Ivy League graduate, and George Bush, Yale graduate, created the conditions that resulted in the subprime mortgage crisis. Their Ivy League friends on Wall Street aided and abetted the subprime mortgage crisis.

To solve the subprime catastrophe in 2008, these Ivy League men didn’t bail out the American people; instead, they bailed out their wealthy Ivy League banker friends. In so doing they impoverished the American people to an even greater degree. They did this by inflation.

They continued to do damage through quantitative easing which represented a net transfer of wealth from the poor and middle-class to the rich.

None of these Ivy League Presidents, led spiritually by Harvard University, did anything to solve homelessness. Nor did they do anything to solve the problem of school violence.

You diminish school violence by changing the culture, by speaking out against the violent video games, the violent movies, the superstar movies which promote helplessness and savior syndrome, the ludicrous superstar culture which again promotes helplessness amongst youth, and the drug culture,

You diminish school violence by speaking out against standardized testing which puts too much pressure upon children. Standardized testing stifles creativity while selecting out and encouraging obedient regurgitation. Additionally, standardized testing stratifies children, gives them a score and thus labels them as either geniuses or losers.

Your Ivy League Presidents engaged in none of this discussion as it is in Corporate America’s best interest to maintain the American people – heavily sedated by photo shoots of people like the Kardashians, Nick Lachey, and Johnny Depp – as brain-addled serfs on its consumer plantation.

There can be no question that the Ivy League, led by Harvard University, was in charge of our nation.

Their leadership is as horrible as the worst leadership under any king or queen from centuries prior.

There is a positive correlation between the power and control of Harvard University and the calamity that has befallen the United States.

The regular Harvard doctor who sits in a small town in the middle of nowhere, with his Harvard diploma on his wall, sustains and nurtures the idea of Harvard as a benevolent university and good force in the world.

Through his inaction, he looks the other way. He doesn’t want to know about the crimes of Harvard University.

Therefore, that doctor is complicit in the crimes of Harvard University as surely as the German people were complicit in supporting the Third Reich.

It’s not just a case of the doctor not knowing of the crimes of Harvard University, that doctor doesn’t want to know the crimes of Harvard University. He looks the other way.

He doesn’t want to know.

And with that stated, let’s look at causality a different way. Let us assume that causality is not what we think it is. We think we live in a world of separate items, but what if we do not? What if everything is connected? What if causality is a given for everybody? What if we have to prove separateness?

Thank of causality as a block of stone from which Michelangelo is carving out the Pieta. Michelangelo is carving out the spaces. What is left is true causality.

Causality then becomes not a binary event of yes or no, but a graded slope from 0 to 100.

Could I, Archer Crosley, prove separateness when it comes to all the calamities that have beset the United States of America?

That’s an easy one. I’ve never been anywhere near the halls of power. I am not an elected official. I don’t have the kind of money that can influence votes. I don’t make Supreme Court decisions. I don’t set policy in the United States. Indeed, I regularly criticize the boobs in power for their misguided policies.

How about Harvard University?

You tell me.

Are they near the halls of power? Are they near the decisionmakers?

I think that’s an easy one also. They are.

How about the regular Harvard educated doctor who sits in his office in the middle of nowhere? What complicity does he share? Can he prove his separateness?

As you can see the answer lies somewhere between 0 and 100. The important point is that there is some connectedness. The regular doctor may not be near the halls of power, but he is certainly connected to the institution, Harvard, that produces the individuals who are near the halls of power.

Through his good behavior, he validates Harvard. People look at him and say, “You see, he’s a good doctor from Harvard. He’s a smart, moral man. Harvard does produce the best and brightest. They wouldn’t hurt us. They wouldn’t have evil intent.”

He’s very much like those German people who supported the Third Reich.

Now, in this discussion I’ve used a Harvard educated doctor. That was an arbitrary choice. I could easily have used a Harvard collaborator, one of the many puppets and serfs Harvard has programmed to do its cheerleading.

It’s not necessary that the doctor in this example graduate from Harvard. He only needs to buy into Harvard’s tyranny and criminality. I am sure you have met a few of these people. They are ubiquitous.

Many years ago I was listening to a sports talk show out of Philadelphia in which this one caller was talking about the work ethic of the Ivy League. He was trying to justify the superiority of the Ivy League graduate.

He went on and on about the work ethic of the Ivy League graduate. Apparently, in his mind, Ivy League graduates work harder than other people.

Work ethic, huh?

I wonder if this caller ever once considered the work ethic of the average working man who works two jobs in order to support his family. He has to work those two jobs because Harvard scum and Harvard collaborators outsourced well-paying jobs in the 1970s and 80s.

I wonder if the caller ever once considered the work ethic of your average Haitian who has to bust his ass twelve hours a day in order to make five dollars. He only makes five dollars a day in the sweatshops of Levi Strauss because Harvard scum put policies into effect that ensure his perpetual servitude.

How about you, the reader?

How about your work ethic?

It’s your work ethic and the fruits of your labors that the Harvard graduate usurps.

The Harvard graduate is the cause of your demise.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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