Yippie Ki Yay

I want you to enjoy the ride of the roller coaster that is Bitcoin.

I don’t want you to get scared.

If you’ve only invested what you can afford to lose, hold on tight and enjoy the ride.

It’s a steep roller coaster, and we are on the steepest slope to the bottom of hell.


Don’t get upset.

Don’t get mad.

This is the price you have to pay when you invest in a stock, a bond, or any other type of asset.

I believe that the price of Bitcoin will go down to $7,000.

That’s just my gut. Nobody can predict the future.

I don’t know what’s going on with Michael Saylor, who must be one of the bigger Bitcoin investors, but his company, Microstrategy, might be in for a tough ride if his pockets aren’t deep enough.

I’ve never been certain of Michael Saylor and his relationship with the powers that be.

He graduated from MIT, so we know he’s a smart guy, and a member of the club.

What I don’t know is whether he is secretly working with the powers that be, or whether he has betrayed the powers that be.

I can’t know that because I’m not in the club.

To begin with, the club is not in favor of Bitcoin. The club is not interested in Bitcoin succeeding, at least not for you the regular investor.

The club loves its fiat currency.

The last thing that the club wants is for regular investors like you to be investing in Bitcoin. That’s why they’re taking it down.

They’re trying to scare you into selling everything you own in Bitcoin.

Michael Saylor is doing the opposite.

Michael Saylor is currently working against the club’s interest because he is telling everybody to invest in Bitcoin.

If he has truly betrayed the club, and is not playing a game with us, then the club will take Michael Saylor down in spades.

It’s one thing for me as a non-club member to go against the club’s wishes. I’ve never received any perks from the club, at least none that I know of.

Michael Saylor, on the other hand, has received all the perks from the club.

He may not know that.

He may think that he was the one who built Microstrategy into a billion dollar enterprise.

I don’t want to say that he didn’t help build it into a billion dollar enterprise, but it was the club that made it a billion dollar enterprise.

No club, no billion.

It was the club that got him all the contacts and customers that made Microstrategy the company that it was.

There are huge advantages to being a member of the club.

At the same time there are huge responsibilities to being a member of the club.

Being a member of the club means that you do what the club wants you to do.

Being a member of the club means that you don’t go against what the club wants you to do.

Since Michael Saylor has clearly gone against what the club wants (unless he is a mole and is playing a game with us) the club is going to teach him a lesson in spades.

They are going to cut him down to size.

They are going to make him bleed to his last drop.

For that reason I think Bitcoin will go down to $7,000 and possibly lower.

Enjoy the ride.

If Bitcoin plunges to $7,000, I will still be hesitant about buying, but I probably will buy. I’ll probably borrow some money and invest in Bitcoin.

The money I’ve invested already, as far as I am concerned, is gone, out the window.,

I don’t want to afford to put in $20,000 more, but I will if I have to.

Until then, I will enjoy the ride as it plunges into hell.


Yippie Ki Yay, mother.

PS: It is possible that Michael Saylor is acting secretly on behalf of the power elite as a Pied Piper of Hamlin – leading innocent people into buying and then selling into a plunging market, thus fleecing them out of their money. Then, when the coast is clear and nobody is looking, he flips the purchased Bitcoin back to the power elite who have been secretly supporting him all along.


Archer Crosley

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