The Phony FBI Raid

What are the January 6 insurrection trial and the FBI raid on Donald Trump’s estate all about.

They represent a concerted attempt by the elites to put down a populist conservative movement in the United States.

The message is clear. Support any message that ostensibly defies what we the elites dictate for you, and we will take you down.

Not only will we take you down, we will embarrass you and humiliate you.

That is the only purpose of these events.

Of course, it won’t stop a populist conservative movement; it will only stop the manifestations of that movement.

Less you think I am a Donald Trump supporter let me tell you right now that I am not.

Trump is a clown, a carnival act.

He’s a false prophet.

I don’t like him, and I don’t like the power elite who prop him up before you.

Enjoy the show.

Trump plays a game with his fans.

He takes advantage of them.

Fox News is using this raid on Trump’s compound to energize support for Trump.

Why would anybody want Trump to run in 2024?

He was a disaster as President.

Under Biden, we can see that it’s a piece of cake to get a bill pushed through as long as the elites want it to go through.

There wasn’t one major bill that Trump pushed through.

So why wasn’t Trump able to get anything done?

Because the power elite didn’t want him to get anything done.

He didn’t want to get anything done.

Neither did Mitch McConnell. Indeed Mitch McConnell went out of his way to not introduce or permit any major legislation. Paul Ryan was just as bad.

What was the problem? The Republicans controlled the Presidency, the House, and the Senate for two full years.

They had plenty of opportunity

They didn’t want to get anything done.

They were only playing according to the script that the power elite handed to them.

The goal was to thoroughly embarrass Trump’s supporters as know-nothings and stupid people who were unqualified to elect anyone.

Trump served as a distraction so that the elites could continue their corporate raping of America.

There is nothing the power elite enjoy more than a distraction.

As it turns out, Trump was the ideal candidate for Corporate America. He did nothing for the people.

The tax break that he engineered helped the super-rich more than it did regular people.

The justices that he appointed to the Supreme Court were all pro-corporation judges.

There was not one major bill that Trump pushed through. Not one.

The wall, a stupid idea if there ever was one, never materialized to any significant degree. What we needed was a comprehensive investment in Latin America in order to give the people there a stake in the game. Repeal of CAFTA would have been a good start. Non-reader Trump probably didn’t even know what CAFTA was. He probably thought it was a dress for fat guys from the Middle East.

As you can see immigration on our southern border is higher than ever.

What else?

Conservatives had been barking for a full eight years under Obama to do something positive with regard to healthcare.

What did Trump do with healthcare?

Very little. The flawed logic behind the individual mandate still stands. One day a Democrat can reinstate it.

Trump also promised that he would do something to bring down the costs of insurance. What did he do there?


What did Trump do to stop the relentless merging of corporations?

Nothing. The Aetna-CVS-Caremark merger occurred on his watch.

He did nothing because he is working on the same team as the power elite.

So go ahead, conservatives. Go ahead and throw your support behind Trump in 2024.

Go ahead and get energized by this FBI raid on Trump’s estate.

Go ahead and elect him.

What will you get?

A big nothing burger.

In 2028, a Democrat will come in and engineer more policies and more major bills that will benefit Corporate America first and the people never.

It’s a giant dog and pony show, and you shouldn’t buy into it at all.

I will not shed one tear about the FBI raiding Donald Trump’s estate.

I could not care less.

Wait and see. Nothing will happen to him.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved