Big Surprise

Have you heard of Lorigo Garcia-Pena?

She is an ethnic studies scholar at Harvard University.

She was recently denied tenure.

This isn’t the first time that this has happened to a minority candidate.

Recently Cornell West was denied tenure at Harvard.

He spoke in support of the Palestinians.

What makes Miss Garcia Peña’s story more compelling is the abuse she states that she suffered while at Harvard.

Tell me that it isn’t so.

It’s not possible, right? Harvard couldn’t possibly discriminate against minorities because they are always preaching to us about discrimination.

Ms Garcia-Peña states that in 2016 she was attacked on campus by two men who threw hot coffee at her and yelled, “Build the wall.” In 2019, she discovered a note on her office door saying, “You don’t belong here.” In 2020, she states, her online lecture was “Zoombombed” — and the infiltrators called for her to be lynched.

Well, why should we be surprised?

The take home message here is to always beware of the people who do the preaching. They must really need it.

Thank you Harvard.

Thank you for shining a light on yourself for who you really are.


Archer Crosley

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