America the Mobster

Have you ever wondered why we don’t have much more inflation than we do in the United States?

Our government has been printing money like crazy, and has been for sometime, so why don’t we have more inflation?

Our government has been printing trillions of dollars for all sorts of stuff – for war, for COVID-19, for foreign aid, for electric vehicles, for green energy, for the military. Shouldn’t we see more inflation?

Along those lines, how is it possible for the dollar to become stronger against other currencies? Why is the dollar stronger? You would think it would be weaker than ever?

Well, the two phenomena are related, and they have to do with America’s role in the world. 

America is the top mobster in the world. We are the new King Louis. We are the Sun King.

Just as the Sun King was a ruthless thug and a parasite upon France, America is a ruthless thug and a parasite upon the world.

Ask yourself this question: How is it possible for America to run trade deficits for decades and be stronger economically?

What precisely are we giving the world in return for all these products the world is selling to us? After all, we don’t make much anymore. Yes, we do export grains and oil, but not much else on balance.

Well, we are giving the world dollars and other countries are using them.

Yes, but why are they doing that?

They are doing that because the US is currently the world’s reserve currency. In other words, America is printing money for the rest of the world.

Yes, but why would the rest of the world agree to that? What is ultimately backing this up?

Power and force.

The United States is currently the wealthiest and strongest country in the world. We have the strongest military by far, and we use it liberally.

We destroy nations like Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen. We do it whenever it suits our fancy. And, if we want a nations’ resources, we either confiscate it directly through our military, or we foment an internal rebellion – as we did in Indonesia.

The United States of America uses its military and its financial power to take a cut of every country’s resources in the world. 

We are no different than King Lous or Kim Jung Un.

We are ruthless. That is the basis of our power.

We are the new Peaky Blinders. Other people work for us. We are like those Soprano characters who sit around the union job site and do nothing. Or we are like John Friendly in On the Waterfront.

Why does the world put up with this?

Unfortunately, humanity naturally gravitates toward power.

There may be a minority in each country who do not like this arrangement, but too bad. The leaders of these other countries are bought off by America. These leaders are the thugs that America props up around the globe. They answer to America.

So if the citizens of Haiti or Indonesia don’t like the working conditions that America sets up for them, America will suppress these workers through one of its dictators.

America is a mobster.

America enslaves Third World nations through its military and financial power.

America also runs protection rackets around the world.

For a small fee America will not totally destroy your country. What is that fee?

More often than not that fee is foreign aid in which you agree to purchase goods off US corporations.

Or America will make you a loan either directly, or through its puppet the IMF.

Naturally, you will have to pay that back. 

But of course you will never be able to pay that back because a stiff portion of that aid will go into the dictator’s pockets.

Your poor country will be helplessly mired in debt.

Your currency will then  be ruthlessly devalued.

Your people will begin to hoard American one-hundred dollar bills to protect themselves against inflation. America likes this because that makes the American dollar stronger. That enables you to sell more of your slave labor exports to America.  

In time, your country becomes dependent upon these slave labor exports.

If you try to stabilize your currency, your exports will go down and you will suffer.

If you decide to not sell your slave labor exports to America in order to make your nation better, the US through the CIA will send agents into your country to overthrow your leader In favor of a thug who is more amenable to what America wants.

Do you get the drift here?

America is forcing the rest of the world into slave status. We are no different than Rome.

It’s a racket.

It’s like paying a mobster a cut of all your labor.

Oh, did I forget to mention that America Capone compels all nations to buy and purchase oil with US dollars. And if you don’t you’re toast. If you try to circumvent the racket as did Gadaffi and Hussein, you’re a dead man.

Congratulations, world, you now exist to make the fancy robes and slippers that  King Louis will adorn himself with.

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved