A Letter to the Republic Campaign of the UK

This letter was posted upon a YouTube site that the Republic Campaign runs out of the UK. The Republic Campaign is opposed to the monarchy.

Dear Sirs:

I admire you for speaking out. I don’t think that the authorities will allow you to substantively challenge the monarchy in a peaceful way, but I think you are brave in speaking out.

It’s important for young British minds to understand what the monarchy truly is. The monarchy is the glue that holds Criminal Corporate Britain together. The monarchy and the system of peerage is the focal point, the rallying point around which corporate Britain revolves. It has been that way for centuries.

You have your work cut out for you. You have to re-educate young British minds. The authorities will never permit you to do this within the school system. It will have to be done by word of mouth from house to house. They will censor your YouTube channels. They will censor your posts on Facebook. There is too much at stake for them to not do so.

Young British minds have to be told about the crimes of the British Empire. You have to deconstruct the hagiography that has been built up around frauds like Winston Churchill.  The programming is pervasive and goes deep into your movies and television shows.  It goes deep into the music industry as well. Look at people like Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney. They grew up as middle-class people who were crapped upon by the British upper class. Why would they seek any honors from that criminal sort?  Both these men, like eager puppies, readily lapped up the dog biscuits of empire.  They sold their souls to the elites for a few bucks.  Now they are part of the system that oppresses you.

Your fight in the United Kingdom is our fight in the United States also. We have people in the United States who are enthralled with the monarchy. Just the other day Tucker Carlson called the British Empire benign. Hardly. Talk to the people of Kenya and India about that.  The British Empire starved millions to death in India, Bengal, and Ireland. Then they blamed it on the people for breeding like rabbits. Knave Winston Dunghill was one of those voices.

Our leaders in the United States have cozied up to your monarchial upper class and have copied them. We Americans have perfected British brutality.  Our leaders here have killed 2,000,000 to 4,000,000 people in Vietnam, 500,000 in Iraq, 500,000 in Syria, 200,000 between Afghanistan and Libya. They sponsored a war in Yemen that has killed conservatively 100,000 people.  We are not even talking about the millions of people who were forced to live as refugees in tents.

Sorry, I forgot about the walking wounded and the people afflicted with PTSD.

There is nothing benign about our American empire. We do not support democracy. We do not make people’s lives better. Indeed we prop up thugs by the dozens to run and maintain our sweatshops. Here’s a list, CNBC cocksuckers: Marcos, the Shah, Trujillo, Somoza, Diem, Suharto, Machado, Torrijos, Noriega, Armas, Zia, Pinochet, and any President of Colombia. The list goes on; the hits keep on coming.

We ensure that Haiti remain impoverished so that Levi Strauss can maintain its sweatshops. There the workers fight to make five dollars a day.

There is nothing pleasant about our American empire.

Likewise, there was and is nothing benign about the British Empire. It killed millions around the globe and subjugated millions more.  It forced the Chinese to purchase opium.

Unfortunately young British school children are not taught about these crimes. They are fed fantasies about obese slobs like Churchill. Here in the USA, MIT fuckers like Joe “Society Destroyer” Kiernan lounge around the CNBC coffee table and reflect casually upon the “wisdom” of Dunghill and what he had to say about a particular situation – as if anyone should listen to a murderer like Knave Winston.

Too many people in the United Kingdom believe that the monarchy is populated by smiling, powerless doofuses and  screw ups. Knave Andrew is the poster boy for this sales pitch. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The monarchy is much more powerful than that. It is powerful because Criminal Corporate Britain revolves around that monarchy. The monarchy is the organizing influence of corporate criminality in Britain and the world.

Our leadership in the United States, once horrified by the crimes of the British Crown and well-aware of the writings of Thomas Paine, now are co-opted puppets of the Harvard Cabal which sucks the royal cock of England.

It’s not enough for people to just donate money, then walk away. They must obligate themselves to be a soldier and tell people the truth.

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