Herschel Walker

What do you think about the Herschel Walker fiasco?

Herschel Walker, a Republican, is running for senator of Georgia.

The stakes couldn’t be higher.

Herschel Walker is in the news because he allegedly funded an abortion for a girl he impregnated many years ago. This wouldn’t be a big deal for the Democrats if Herschel Walker was pro-abortion, but he’s not. He’s pro life.

Herschel Walker is also being accused by his son of being a violent, absentee dad who repeatedly threatened his own family.

This is not good news for Herschel Walker.

What do I think?

Well, I have no dog in the race, because I know what a joke politics is, but I will say this.

You should vote for the man who you think reflects the policies you want prosecuted whether that is Herschel Walker or his opponent.

We are not electing Jesus Christ to be senator.

You must not allow these personal issues to enter your decision making process.

When you do so, you allow the media to pick your candidates and officials for you.

Let’s ask a question: Is Rafeal Warnock, Herschel Walker’s opponent, the second coming of the messiah?

I doubt it.

Rafeal Warnock most likely has skeletons in his closet just as we all do.

What you should care about is someone’s policies. How are they going to vote? Do they reflect what you believe in?

When you allow the media to influence your vote through dirt and innuendo, however true, you take power away from yourself.

The media has been playing this game for a long time.

They play this game because the media is controlled by the powerful elite in this country.

Ultimately they are the ones who decide which stories get prosecuted and which stories do not.

The game works like this. When there is a candidate they don’t like, heaven and earth is moved to find any offense, no matter how trivial, that they have committed.

On the other hand when there is a candidate they do like, all sorts of transgressions no matter how severe are treated as yesterdays news, already discussed, and irrelevant.

This type of activity only benefits the elites and, of course, the Harvard Cabal who are hell-bent on re-engineering America the Republic into a fascist empire.

Now, if you believe in America the Empire, then you should pay close attention to the dirt that is dug up on these candidates whether they be Republican or Democrat.

But if you believe in America the Republic, then you should vote for the person you think is most qualified for the job.


Archer Crosley

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