Hey America, what you think doesn’t count.

You see, some Harvard cocsucker ate a taco last week. Oh, yeah, he got it at the frozen food section at Target.

No matter.

Now we must all care about Latino affairs.

Never mind the fact that Harvard fucked over Latin America for nearly a century.

That’s right, the Harvard Cabal has brutalized Central America for over a hundred years.

That’s why there are so many immigrants flooding in over our southern border.

The most prominent event occurred in 1954 when the Princeton cocksucker, Allen Dulles, backed up by Dwight “Quisling” Eisenhower overthrew the government of Jacobo Arbenz in Guatemala.

They did that because Árbenz wanted to give the peasants a small slice of land in order to give them a stake in the game. The land wasn’t being used anyway.

That was too much for the monied elite in the United States.

They proclaimed Árbenz a communist. They, through their American Sicherheitdienst (CIA), forced him out of power, then hounded him for the rest of his life.

Since then this monied elite has continued to brutalize the people of Central America.

They did it back in the 80s by sponsoring the death squads through the World Anti-Communist League.

They cemented their death grip with CAFTA in the early 2000s.

Thank you, Yale cocksucker, George Walker Bush.

Now Central America is not a habitable place. There is a lot of poverty and a lot of violence.

Gangs like MS 13 come out of Central America because life is so tough there.

Large corporations regularly pollute the environment, and it’s difficult for the people to file a grievance against them.

Tens of millions of immigrants have flooded across the Rio Grande over the past fifty years.

This is why Hispanics play such a prominent role in the United States now.

You can see this in our culture as we now celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

There is nothing wrong with that. Nor is there anything wrong with Spanish being spoken more commonly. After all, there is no official language in the United States.

There is something wrong though when the Harvard cocksucker decides for the rest of us that we now have to pay attention to Latin American affairs.

Well, the people don’t need to be told to pay attention to Latin American affairs because they live alongside Latin Americans. They have been celebrating Cinco de Mayo. And they intermarry with new immigrants and have so for centuries, far before the bigoted Harvard cocksucker.

The Harvard cocksucker doesn’t understand this though because he thinks we’re a bunch of racists.

He lives in his bubble in Cambridge. He vacations in Martha’s Vineyard. There he invents bizarre terms like Latinx, then promotes this top-down driven terminology through the fascist media he controls.

Though the organizations, corporations, and foundations he dominates, he mandates that we now attend diversity classes.

He wants to make sure that we are as culturally sensitive as he is.

He will decide for us what’s important in life.

Last week, he ate a taco, then decided that now was the time to pay attention to Latin American affairs. He’s even taken the time to learn how to say, “Hola, Pepe, como estas. Me llamo Harvard Cocksucker.”

That taco that was sitting in the Target freezer for three months revolutionized his life.

Never mind the fact that he the Harvard cocksucker brutalized Latin America for over a hundred years. What’s important is that he’s decided that it’s now important to assuage his guilt by recognizing Latinos, excuse me Latinx.

That’s the way the United States works now.

Nothing of importance happens until it occurs in the mind of the Harvard cocksucker.

Dios míos; este es muy mal para nosotras.


Archer Crosley

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