Collectivism and Change

Is it possible to change America within the extant political system?

I will argue no, not in the traditional way.

The elites are too smart and too immoral.

Sure, you might catch them off guard occasionally, as the Brexiteers have discovered, but soon they will figure you out. They have loads of money to spend on putting you in your place.

The only way that seems possible to take them down is to battle them outside their system altogether, that is to walk away from their system.

But what is their system, their method of oppression?

To see why let’s play a game.

Let’s say that you started a third party that began to attract a significant number of voters that could hurt one of the traditional parties in a presidential election.

It wouldn’t be too long before someone would approach your candidate with an ultimatum: You either throw the election, take a pay off or something will happen to your children.

Game over.

After that, they’d insert their operatives into your party to divide and conquer it.

This is what biological organisms do to protect themselves.  They send out the antibodies and macrophages to attack the alien invader – you.

If you did manage to get a few candidates elected, they’d seduce them with lots of goodies, favors and reminders (extortion).  In time you wouldn’t have candidates representing your party.

So, if this is the case you might ask, why doesn’t one mainstream party play this same game with the other?

For one simple reason:  There is no two party system. There is a one party system with two wings to it. The Democrat and Republican parties long ago reached a truce.  Rules must be followed.  You can attack a candidate on any legitimate ground, but you can not resort to extortion, bribes or murder.  That only applies to startups.

And so when you take on the task of reforming society, you are fighting a one party system.  Your chances of winning are zero in the traditional way.


Your only chance is to change the field upon which the political battle will be fought.

But what is that field?


You must not change people’s values; you must change your values.

Let other people take care of their own values.

Political parties are predicated upon collectivism.

As collectivism fades so will the power of political parties.

They will follow you.

Which is as it should be.


Letter to LeBron

Dear LeBron,

First things first, I think you’re one hell of a basketball player. I thought last year that you had the opportunity to win seven championships before your career was over.

It’s still possible.

I was never a LeBron hater. I think people like to pick on you for the hell of it. I do however have something to say to you. I think you’re wrong when it comes to players expressing their political opinions, and here is why.

When we fans go to a sporting event or view one on television, it is to get away from the real world. We don’t need our consciousness raised; we don’t need to be educated. We already live in a world of shit.

To tell you the truth, it’s you players who need your consciousness raised. Flying in your personal jets, living in your million dollar mansions, driving your Lamborghinis, hanging out with Bono, Beyonce and Jay-Z, it’s you players who live in a fantasy world, not us.

We don’t need to be educated about anything.

The husband who watches the NFL or the NBA doesn’t need to learn about breast cancer awareness.  His wife had it; he flipped on the tube for a couple of hours to get away from the pain of his wife’s death.

The mom who watches you play doesn’t need to learn about poverty and equality; she lives it.  She flipped on the tube to anesthetize herself from reality for a few hours.  She’s beat because she’s working two jobs.

That’s your job, LeBron, whether anyone told you or not, to transport people away from reality for a few hours to a nicer place.

You talking about equality and other social issues only brings it back.

Which is why people are tuning out. They don’t want their consciousness raised.

As a pediatrician, I see malady every day of the week. I see all the results of the dumb decisions that our politicians have made over the past fifty years.

I see depression.  I see drug abuse.  I see child abuse.

So has every other physician in United States. So have all the nurses. So have all the teachers. So have all the cops. So have all the pastors. So have all the social workers.  So have all the judges.  So have many, many other people.

We live in a world of shit.

You are the anesthesia.

You are the remedy.

You are the savior.

I know it’s tough in this crazy world to just do your job.  Everyone feels as if their job isn’t quite enough, but it is.

It’s a frustrating world out there, but you can make it better for everyone by being the best basketball player you can be.

By dropping the political discourse, you will make the world a better place.

After JFK was shot on November 22. 1963, people of all walks of life felt great pain.

People were at a loss for what to do.

A great injustice had been committed, the effects of which we still feel today.

The great conductor, Leonard Bernstein, felt such pain and bewilderment.  He too struggled with what to do.  I’m sure he romanced the idea of going into politics, cleaning out Washington DC, perhaps even taking names and kicking ass.

But he didn’t.  Here is what he said in a written note:

“This will be our reply to violence: to make music more intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly, than ever before.”

That sounds like good advice to me.

Good luck this season with your new team.  I’ll be rooting for you.

The Circus is in Town

Hey, I thought the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus shut down.

Apparently not because the circus is coming to Houston today.

Well, it’s a circus of sorts. Donald Trump is showing up at a rally  with Ted Cruz.

He’s speaking right now, lying his ass off, tooting his own horn, hurling insults. Trump, of course.

It’s a joke.

The joke is on the people supporting him who will get nothing of what Trump proposed and says he accomplished.

Corporate America is in full control now of our election process. There is no point in voting anymore. And I say this as a person who voted for Trump.

Why did I vote for him?

I suppose we always have that little bit of hope that along will come someone who can fix things.

Somehow Trump seems false.

The real McCoy doesn’t need to brag, lie or insult people.

The real McCoy tells the truth. And the truth is sufficient.

The real McCoy is quiet not loud.

Political rallies are no substitute for substance.

Cotton candy is no substitute for meat and potatoes.

The powers that be, totally smart and totally immoral, financed and backed Trump for decades for-seeing a day when they might use him.

Never underestimate the elites. They think ahead.

They played me like a fiddle.  They did the same to many other Americans.

They take advantage of people‘s good nature.

Magicians the elites are.

They are so good at reframing an issue.

They know how to play the left against the right and the right against the left.

Their speech writers spice it up with lots of good jokes and insults.  And I admit they’re funny.



The battle the elites promote through their media shills Sean Hannity on the right and Rachel Maddow on the left – is false.

The true battle is between big and small.

Are corporations to grow bigger or smaller?

Is government to grow bigger or smaller?

Are big government programs such as war to grow bigger or smaller?

These questions regarding this more important battle will never be presented to you seriously on national television.

National television and national media as well as the political process has been 100% co-opted by Corporate America.

False battles are presented to you weekly now to keep your minds on that false battle – left versus right.

Both candidates agree to play the same stupid game.  Why not?  They’re the two arms of Corporate America.

Who you vote for is now a total sham.

It’s a circus, and right now Trump is its master of ceremonies.

The Politics of Destruction

What you are witnessing in the Brett Kavanaugh affair is a man’s political destruction.

Piece by piece he is being taken apart.

Take heed if you are considering a career in politics.

This is part of the sport.

And it is a blood sport.

Lloyd Bentsen remarked decades ago that in Texas politics is considered a contact sport.

Oh, it’s much more than that.

It’s a fight to the death.

Brett Kavanaugh is getting filleted, stretched out on the docks for the gulls to pick apart.

The Democrats have given a textbook lesson on how to destroy an enemy.

They have taken the Republicans to school.

Brett Kavanaugh was permitted to bask in the glory until the last possible moment.  The Democrats could see him salivating over a choice piece of meat that was inches in front of his face.

And then they went into motion ever so subtly.

First they brought up the letter that Christine Ford had written.

Then they had their media people talk about that.

Then slowly, slowly they released the information that they had known for weeks.   One by one, day after day, people came forward to tell their story.

Ultimately, they got what they wanted which was to get Brett Kavanaugh to mislead Congress.  Which he did.

He perjured himself.

Of course, they felt confident he would; they felt he he had perjured himself during his confirmation to become a federal judge some twelve years ago.

They knew their man; they had been watching and waiting for a long, long time.

The Democrats despise Brett Kavanaugh.  It’s a personal thing.

Now, Robert Bork was a different matter.  The Democrats disagreed with Robert Bork; they didn’t hate him.

But Brett Kavanaugh they loathe.


They want him not just away from the Supreme Court but the federal judiciary itself.  And even that won’t be enough.  If they get the chance, they will push to disbar him.

Politics is fun, isn’t it?

Now, in the regular world, where the rest of us live, if we don’t like someone, or if someone screws us over, we just generally walk away.  We avoid that person.  Not so in politics.  Politicians never forget, and they will always try for some payback.  And when they get payback, it’s in spades.  Politicians don’t think twice about putting their political enemies in jail.

So with regard to Brett Kavanaugh, the Democrats carefully withheld the witnesses they knew would dispel that choirboy image he had so carefully presented.

It has been a virtuoso performance by the Democrats.

After Judge Kavanaugh testified and it became clear that something was amiss, a delay was imposed pending an FBI investigation.

This played right into the hands of the Democrats and bought them the time they needed to reload their weapons.

It isn’t over yet, and the Republicans may still win the battle.  But if they do, it will be because they have the votes.

What they don’t have is the truth.

The Republicans have been badly whipped in this battle.  If they win, it will be a Pyrrhic victory.


The False Battle

The battle we fight is false.

Our leaders on the right and left led by their respective media cheerleaders ask us, no compel us, to pick a side and fight.

We are modern gladiators standing in the middle of the Coliseum.

It’s a blood sport, my friend.

Every battle is do or die.  Every election is a war. Our country is always at a crossroads.  We must always get out and vote.  We must fight every battle.

Whether it’s a Supreme Court justice, a Confederate statue in Virginia, or a bakery refusing to decorate cakes for a gay couple in a small village in Oregon, we must pick up our swords and thrust it into the belly of our opponent.

We watch on television and get sucked in.

Gut the bitch, we scream.  It’s as if we are there.

But the battle we fight is false.

The true battle is not between right and left but between big and small.  Big is the problem we have today.

Our corporations are too big.  Our government is too big.

The media cheerleading from the right and left are usually in favor of big.  They all benefit off the national agenda.   All of them.  No one sticks up for the small guy.

Their reasoning is inconsistent.

If they are on the left, they are against big war but for big social.

If they’re on the right, they are for big war but against big social.

Either way, Corporate America wins.

You can’t have big social without big war and visa versa.  The same people who  give you big war also give you big social.  The same people who  give you big social also give you big war.

Since neither big war nor big social work for the people as evidenced by the catastrophes that have been created domestically in our inner cities and abroad in the Middle East, it is preferable that Americans seek answers from other voices.

Until Americans do so and refuse to be led into the gladiatorial battle of right versus left, it will be their blood that is spilt.

And plenty of it.