Hate Speech is Vital 2

The biggest argument against hate speech is that hate speech was used in Nazi Germany.

So-called knowledgeable people say that it was hate speech that led to the persecution and killing of the Jews.

I disagree.

The problem with Nazi Germany was not that there was hate speech but that there was not enough hate speech.

Had the German people not been cowed into a state of timidity, they could have easily engaged in hate speech against the government (Hitler) which had a monopoly on hate speech.

And exercised it.

Consequently, no one was able to challenge the government. Ergo, millions upon millions of Jews, and other people, were executed.

The same will happen here in the United States if this current rage of political correctness and crusade against hate speech is ultimately successful.

Is that what you want?

That is where we are heading.

We are not heading toward Nirvana and a perfect world.

No, not at all.

Hate speech is integral to a thriving republic.

Empires not so much.

In fact hate speech is the enemy of empire because empires, being fundamentally and historically immoral, are predicated upon obedience – blind obedience.

In empire, blind obedience and allegiance must be given to the top guy.

No one must question war and the killing of innocent people which the top guy promotes because a) he must answer to his backers, and b) he’s too incompetent to wage peace.

No one must question theft, plunder, and robbery of other nations.

No one must question the hate he wages against a minority group to cover for his failings.

In empire, criticism of the top guy is considered hate speech.

Whatever the top guy degrees is gospel. Any criticism of that gospel is hate speech.

One must not even point out that the cronies of the top guy are crooks.

That is considered hate speech.

A republic on the other hand welcomes hate speech.

A republic has no fear of hate speech because a republic is pluralistic.

A republic enjoys decentralized power.

A republic respects all peoples and gives all people a voice no matter how abhorrent.

A republic is not predicated upon fear.

A republic thrives on trust.

A republic is strong enough and big enough to accept an insult.

An empire is not so inclined.

An empire is petty and weak.

An empire is predicated upon fear and distrust.

An empire respects no one’s opinion and gives no one a voice no matter how small the voice.

An empire fears its people.

The leaders of the empire sequester themselves away behind walls.

Republic is open and has no need of walls.

There was once a time in America, when America was a republic, when America did not fear its citizens, when America tolerated people with a different voice, when America tolerated hate speech.

That time in America is gone.

America, the republic is gone.

America is now a ruthless, petty empire that beats the living tar out of anyone who even slightly challenges its dominance.

America now brooks no dissent.

It locks away in perpetuity truth speakers like Julian Assange.

Like Nazi Germany.

This is not a pretty sight.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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