The Phony Battle

I’m sure I wrote something akin to this piece before, but let me try again.

Try not to view American politics as right versus left.

It’s tempting to do so, especially when the frothing dogs of corporatism get you riled up.

It’s doubly tempting when you are young and raging with hormonal energy.

Instead rotate the mainstream paradigm ninety degrees and view American politics as big versus small.

Aha, the world begins to make sense as you ask which party and which policies will make government more responsive to the average Joe.

Currently, none of them do.

Both parties have been co-opted by the thugs from Corporate America.

That’s the truth, baby.

The double truth is that none of the talk show hosts who speak on mainstream media represent you either.

Do you really think the powers that be are going to permit Rush Limbaugh to be worth six hundred millions dollars unless they own him?

Do you really think the powers that be are going to permit Sean Hannity to be worth three hundred millions dollars unless they own him?

People with money, fame and voice might get the wrong idea and say something useful.

The same can be said for any talk show host on the left.

Do you really think the powers that be are going to permit Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon or Rachel Madow to be worth millions unless they own them?

All these people are stooges and puppets of the New World Order.  It’s a grand game for your amusement.  They will play the right against the left while the real robbery of America goes down.

The very last thing the elites want is for citizens on the right and left to get together because that would spell curtains for them.  And you do have much to get together about – your freedom.

Your freedom is being robbed in plain sight with your full participation.

You’re being bulldozed into serfdom by the elites in both parties.

The small town conservative has nothing to fear from the small town hippie.  You both want the same thing.

You want an end to the constant war machine that the US has become.  You want to raise your children in the way you see fit.  You both want government to stop spying on you.  You both want jobs for Americans.

Isn’t that enough to come together for?

The issues of gay rights and other social issues, while important, are small potatoes when compared to your freedom and liberty.  Yet the media heightens these issues in order to divide you.

So what do you do?

Let’s begin with a paradigm that describes what has happened in America.  Rather than the traditional seesaw with the left and the right playing off each other, see this instead.

You and your friends stand on one side of a gazebo; your counterparts on the opposite end of the political spectrum stand on the other side.  All of you stretch your hands above your head.  You are supporting the roof of the republic.  Some of you are obviously closer to the center than others, but you are all important in holding up the roof.  If too many people in your community go away, the roof comes down.

Now, sitting atop the roof are the corporate fat cats of neoconservatism and neoliberalism.  These parasites aren’t helping you hold up the roof; they are pushing the roof  down – upon you and the American people who the roof protects.

To achieve their goal, which is total submission of the American people, the fat cats employ their wealthy media commentators to attack roof holders on the right and left.  They pick off the people on the fringes who are helping you support the roof.  They label them as nuts.  Gradually the media cons you into abandoning them. Yet these people aren’t your enemy; they are in the trenches beside you helping support the roof that protects the people.

If you continue to play this game, the roof over the people will collapse.

So in this manner, the fat cats have demonized fringe people from the right and left.

They have gone after the John Birch Society, and they have gone after radicals from the left such as Black Lives Matter.  The people from the right are called Nazis, and the people on the left are called Marxists.

The goal is to convince you to abandon these important supporters of what our republic is all about.  Their expression of speech, however crazy you deem it, is the pillar holding up the roof.  When you dismiss these speakers, you take down the edifice of free speech.  What you ultimately will be left with is a few skinny pillars in the center.

As we can imagine a few skinny pillars in the center isn’t enough to support the roof.

Allowing people to speak regardless of content is the antidote to political correctness. Your tolerance of free speech and that of others is the strut that supports the roof of the republic. No society ever died by someone stating a contrary opinion.

Fascism does not begin with free speech; fascism begins by saying nothing.




Free Speech and the Genie

What can you say about free speech and the internet these days? How many times can you say free speech is free speech?

It’s a waste of time to keep talking when you say it once and the people you are talking to refuse to listen. Then you become the one who belongs in the loony bin.

These days, Google, Twitter and Facebook are synonymous with the United States government – a cruel, runaway, intolerant global killing machine that isn’t in the business of listening.

They don’t care.

Every age has its decaying orthodoxy, and our age is no different. Just as the Catholic Church five hundred years ago punished, condemned or excommunicated heretics such as Galileo and Copernicus for stating the obvious, so too do the leaders in our digital age shut down alternative media for daring to challenge their supremacy.

Just as the earth ceded its supremacy to the sun as the center of the solar system, so too did The New York Times cede its supremacy to alternative media as the paper of record, the bastion of truth . It’s tough for the elites to accept this. For too long they have had their way with the people. For too long they have been able to suppress legitimate movements with their fables.

This is no longer the case, and so they proclaim people like Alex Jones and other authors of alternative media sites as heretics, deliverers of fake news. When that does not suffice, these cardinals of the millennial church – Google, Twitter and Facebook – band together and excommunicate them.

In a word, they ban them. This was what excommunication meant in the Catholic Church; this is why it was such a big deal. In those days, the Church was the truth.

But truth can not be stopped.

Just as the printing press ushered in the Renaissance, so will the digital age and internet usher in a new Renaissance. It can not be stopped.

By punishing, condemning and self-censoring Galileo and Copernicus, the Catholic Church legitimized them. They were in effect saying: These people have something important to say, otherwise why would we be banning them?

So too with Alex Jones, Abby Martin, Peter Lavelle, the Hagmanns, Richie Allen, Jimmy Dore and many, many others. By banning them, Google, Twitter and Facebook legitimize them.

The genie is out of the bottle.