Why is immigration occurring, and why is Rishi Sunak a phony?

Rishi Sunak, of course, is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, and he has training in economics.

He is a Goldman Sachs boy, so you would expect him to know something about economics.

Newsflash! He does.

So why is he a phony?

And for that matter, why are our Wall Street titans and leaders phonies?

And what does this have to do with immigration?

Our leaders, and Rishi Sunak, are phonies because they know why immigration is occurring, and because they’re going to let it happen while pretending to care and do something about it.

They are letting it happen because immigration is a deflationary event.

You see, they want immigration to occur in order to combat the money printing scam that they’ve been conducting for the past 20 years.

They’re only pretending to care about the hordes flooding across our borders.

Oh, yes, it’s not just occurring in the United States, it’s occurring in the United Kingdom also as immigrants flood across the English channel.

For the past 20 years, our leaders have been printing and wasting money on foreign wars and COVID-19, which are nothing short of money extraction schemes from the working class people.

The rich got really rich off the wars in the Middle East and the wars against COVID-19.

Corporate America and Corporate Britain made a fortune.

The rich got really rich.

Unfortunately, for them, all good things must end.

What happens after war is that you’re stuck with inflation.

Production necessarily slows down and you are stuck with too much money chasing a relatively smaller amount of goods.

Supply chain disruptions don’t help either.

Inflation is affected by the ratio of eco-available money divided by eco-available people and the stuff they produce.

Knowing this, you can combat inflation by either raising interest rates, which decreases the supply of eco-available money, or you can increase the number of people.

You could also increase the productivity of people, but, of course, that would entail the ability to do so through manufacturing. Too bad our leaders farmed that out, eh?

Another way to combat inflation would be to increase the number of people by increasing the birth rate, but this might take some time.

Our leaders, who don’t want to be punished and criticized for the inflation that they produced, usually want a quicker solution.

One way to do that is to allow more people into the country.

Thus immigration.

More people suck up more available money, which means you have less money chasing the goods that are being produced.

More people also increases productivity as you have more people available to make more stuff.

This also helps to combat inflation.

Our leaders surely know thus.

As does Rishi Sunak.

And if they don’t, then why are they our leaders?

As people in both countries, the United Kingdom and United States, protest the massive immigration, the leaders of both countries pretend to care.

They pretend to want to do something about it.

But they don’t care.

They’re playing a game with you.

They are phonies.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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