Thank You, Leaders

Mexico is still a dangerous place.

I don’t know what people up north are thinking when they plan trips into Mexico

Do you think movies like Sicario are a Hollywood invention for entertainment purposes only?

Perhaps, but I can assure you that this one is not.

What you see in Sicario is the truth.

Actually, what you see in Sicario is mild.

When you see bodies hanging from the bridge as the characters played by Emily Blunt and Benicio del Toro cross the bridge into Mexico, you are seeing the truth.

Welcome to Juarez.

That’s what drug dealers do down there.

I live on the border of Mexico.

Actually, I live only 10 miles away.

We never go into Mexico anymore.

I stopped going to Mexico about 15 to 20 years ago,

There was a time when we went to Mexico all the time to eat dinner.

Those days are gone.

Those days went away after NAFTA.

NAFTA was instituted in order to help raise the standard of living in Mexico.

I can assure you 100% that it did not do that at all.

The greedy pigs in corporate America, the ones behind NAFTA, couldn’t care less about anyone’s higher standard of living.

When I lived in Mexico in the late 1970s, I could walk around Monterrey Mexico at any hour of the night without fear.

Those days are gone.

When NAFTA was proposed under the administration of Bill Clinton, we Americans selfishly looked at how NAFTA would adversely affect the United States.

We were right, but we failed to consider how NAFTA would adversely affect Mexico.

We just assumed that Mexico would do better by getting these jobs.

Not true.

Corporate pig meisters had no intention of paying the workers in Mexico anything close to good wages.

Additionally, NAFTA enabled the super-pigs at Cargill and Archer Daniels Midland to dump cheap corn into Mexico.

Poor Mexican farmers could not compete with that cheap corn coming from the United States, hence many of them were thrown off their lands.

About 800,000 to 1,000,000 Mexican farmers lost their jobs.

In other words, they lost the family business that had been in their families for over 200 years,

What were they to do?

Some probably committed suicide. Others became homeless. I imagine some retrained. Still many others emigrated to the United States where they could work on the slave plantations owned by Cargill and Archer Daniels Midland.

The people who were left probably turned their agricultural expertise to growing marijuana and coca leaf. In essence, they joined El Chapo’s growing empire.

What a winner for Mexico!

There is a direct correlation between the escalating drug violence in Mexico and the institution of NAFTA.

Thank you, Bill Clinton.

Thank you Cargill.

Thank you Archer Daniels Midland.

The result is what you see in Mexico today.

It is a dangerous place.

It’s not safe for Americans.

Do you think this is an accident?

Are we going to give Bill Clinton, Al Gore and others a free pass?

It’s time to stop giving the benefit of the doubt to our leaders.

Our leaders are puppets of the wealthy pigs who really rule this country.

Their goal is to create a continent of serfs.

Through NAFTA, and through CAFTA, they are approximating that goal.

They have made a mess of Mexico and Central America.

America too.

They took well-paying jobs out of the United States thus destabilizing the structure of the American family.

This destabilization of the family structure in the United States, caused all sorts of social ills such as increased crime, increased drug use, increased juvenile delinquency, increased need for psychological services, increased welfare, increased homelessness, and much, much more.

Thus the increased need for drugs in the United States.

This helped fuel the drug production business in Mexico.

It is not an accident.

This is what the wealthy pig elite desire.

They have no intention of stopping it.

They need those billions that were stolen from the American people so that they can shoot useless rockets into space, blow up education by throwing money at the problem, and produce crazy viruses in uncontrolled third-world labs.

Let’s not forget about their necessary sports teams, supremely obese mansions, private jets, and gargantuan super-yachts that absolutely do require full sized basketball courts and IMAX theaters.

Through CAFTA, they completely destroyed Central America. They created a nation of abject poverty where gangs and gang leaders are their chief export.

Those gang members come to the United States. They don’t wanna stay in their own country, it’s so bad there.

CAFTA is a one-sided agreement between the wealthy pig elite in the United States and their puppet thugs who run those Central America countries.

CAFTA permitted US corporations to pollute the environment with impunity while raping those countries of their national resources.

The people have no legal recourse to address the damage that these corporations do.

That’s why they’re all streaming into the United States of America.

That’s why they are all flooding across our southern borders.

They’re not coming here because they have nothing else better to do.

They didn’t wake up one morning and say, “Hey, I’ve got nothing else better to do. I think I’ll jettison my family and everything I own and take a chance on paying a coyote $5000 to maybe get me across the border so that I can waltz through the back roads of Texas where oppressive 100 degree heat might kill me. And I’ll risk being turned into a prostitute along the way. What a winner for me! And, if I get across the border, I still have to negotiate my way one thousand miles to Chicago where nobody wants me and where I do not speak the language. Let’s go for it!”

Those people are coming here from Central America because there is nothing there for them back home.

The wealthy pig elite have destroyed their countries.

There is no option for them to create a labor movement down there. Our wealthy pig elite work together with the wealthy landowners in Central America to kill them on the spot if they even think of starting a labor movement.

This is the grand plan to create a common market of serfs in North America.

It benefits no one except the wealthy pig elite, those pigs who live in New England and send their children to Harvard and other Ivy League schools.

It’s all about them.

There is nothing in their New World Order for you except slavery.

And it’s going to continue, so if you’re thinking of going to Mexico, you better think twice.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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