How Ghana Becomes Ghana

Why are so many of these Third World countries like Ghana in trouble?

Why are they always borrowing money from the IMF and then failing to repay?

At the core, these countries do not have a sufficient base of marketable skills and products that the world finds valuable.

They are very much like an unskilled worker who sits at the bottom of the pay scale.

If you have a skill that is specialized, that makes people money, that makes peoples lives more valuable, then you are in demand.

If you don’t have that skill, you sit at the bottom of the pay scale.

This is the problem with countries like Ghana.

Frequently these countries solely rely on agriculture, mineral exports, tourism, or foreign remittances. They may even serve as sweat shops for cheap labor.

This is not to say that these countries do not have tremendous natural resources.

Many do, and the United States covets these resources.

A key point is that the goods that are exported by the Third World country cost far less than the imported goods such as oil and food.

It’s very similar to a company that pays its workers small wages while renting them a house that costs a lot.

It’s called slavery.

It’s illegal.

In order to control the Third World nation, and keep the good times rolling, First World countries like the United States support a thug in that country.

The thug often does what the United States tells him to do.

He will borrow money from the IMF ostensibly to “help” the citizens. Often though, he will abscond with a good chunk of that money. He will also destroy local businesses by allowing US imports into that country. Naturally, he will use his US funded army to keep the sweat shops humming and the people from rebelling.

In time the citizens will rebel and overthrow him, but not after he kills a lot of people. Then he will take off to Florida with his billions and deposit the loot in US banks – offshore, of course, in either Panama or the Caymans.

The people will then be stuck with a huge bill to pay. It is often a bill that they cannot pay. Thus the threat of default and the need for restructuring the loan.

Not to worry. The new US puppet will come in and repeat the same process. He will borrow money from the IMF and the cycle will begin again.

A state of slavery will then settle into that Third World country. Many times to pay off the debt the US will “buy” natural resources.

That is what the US is really after.

While this is going on, a brain drain of the best and brightest of that Third World nation will occur. They will study in the United States. The United States will thus steal even more wealth.

These new recruits will become part of the empire that will further destroy their native country. They won’t realize what they are doing. They won’t be able to connect US policy to the plight of their former fellow citizens. They will say to their new found fellow citizens: “Oh, those people are always fighting. They can’t get their act together.“

They will that attribute the plight of the country to the moral failing of the native people.

This brain drain will thus lessen the marketable skills of that Third World country.

The economic situation in that Third World country will become especially dire when interest rates rise in the United States thanks to the actions of our Federal Reserve.

This makes imports more expensive in the Third World nation. Frequently these nations have a surplus of people who import much oil and food.

When you are economically destitute and deprived of opportunities, you place your energy into reproduction and the creation of children.

Remember these countries are now dependent slave shops for the United States. The United States has destroyed the self sufficiency of their country. Therefore they must import.

Because the imports are more expensive, life becomes tough for the citizenry of the Third World nation.

Austerity sets in as global companies seeing insolvency start slowing imports. This in turn helps prices to rise. Soon shortages abound.

Hyperinflation typically ensues as the local government prints money in excess in order to give people enough money to purchase basic necessities.

It’s a losing game.

The only way this can be reversed is for the people to make a decision that they don’t want to be raped anymore.

They have to decide to develop marketable skills plus self sufficiency.

They can no longer afford to rely so excessively on imports.

They must do for themselves what no one else will do.

They must invest in education.

They must encourage their best and brightest citizens to return on some level.

They must make sensible loans with lending authorities.

They must throw all US government officials out of the country.

They must begin to manufacture within reason their own goods and products.

The majority of their economy must be their own.

They must legally tie the costs of imports with the price of exports.

They must reestablish a sufficient base of marketable skills and products that the world finds valuable.


Archer Crosley

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The Third World

Have you ever wondered why Third World countries are poor?

How can this possibly be if the United States is so altruistic?

Isn’t the the goal of the United States, and the noble elites who lead us, to export our wonderful Constitution to everyone?

Well, the United States isn’t altruistic. Not only that, the United States has a vested interest in those countries being poor.

Of course so does its bedfellow and partner in crime, Great Britain, who wrote the book on screwing over Third World plantations, excuse me, countries.

It works like this.

You loan money to the Third World country through the IMF.

The dictator of that Third World country steals billions of dollars which he deposits into Swiss bank accounts or other bank accounts of First World countries.

The dictator then leaves in the middle of the night before hoards of his countrymen storm his palace in order to kill him.

The dictator settles in South Florida and lives a comfortable life while still being able to enjoy the billions that he stole.

People of the Third World country, however, are still on the hook for the money that the dictator borrowed and stole.

Those people still have to pay back the money at exorbitant interest rates, rates they cannot afford.

Because of that, those people live in poverty forever.

That’s how it works.

That’s why Jamaica is in debt today.

That’s why many Third World countries are in debt. That’s why they will always be in debt.

The United States and their bedfellow, Great Britain, have never had any interest in building up Third World countries.

Name me one Third World country that our elites have built up or made better.

The United States has never been interested in giving people of a Third World country a stake in the game.

Usually, our elites, and their mentors in Great Britain, start off with exploitation and slave labor. When the people rise up in rebellion, the elites wage war.

Our elites love war principally because they make a load of money off it.

If our elites win the war they put a new dictator in place who enforces slave labor upon his people while, of course, borrowing and stealing billions of dollars.

If our elites lose the war, they put sanctions on those countries which effectively force them into poverty status.

When the country comes around and shows desire to play ball, our elites employ Old Reliable, their trick with the International Monetary Fund.

Presto! Instant slavery.

These Third World countries will always be poor if they deal with the United States of America.

For these countries to get out of poverty, they will have to band together and support each other without the United States of America – which is a difficult road to walk.

Ultimately what will release them from poverty is the death of our elites.

That’s the way it works.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved