Greek Love

The fallacy of the EU and why it was constructed – to make oodles of cash for the elites – was highlighted by the financial woes of Greece just a few years ago.

The Greeks, like the people of New Orleans, are not known for savings and parsimony.

We have the Germans for that.

The people in Greece, like the people in New Orleans, specialize in having fun.

Tourism is their principal industry.

We can’t possibly expect the people of Greece to be careful with their money.

To no one’s surprise, they weren’t.

Likewise in the United States, we do not expect the people of New Orleans to make prudent decisions for the future.

That’s why we call it “The Big Easy.”

Hurricane Katrina was evidence of that.

Yet in the United States, we bailed out New Orleans.

Each and every American paid the Katrina taxi and nobody complained.

In the United States we understood that having a viable New Orleans is in everyone’s best interest.

As George Bush noted when visiting New Orleans after Katrina, and I shall paraphrase: “I had a lot of good times here.”

I’ll bet he did.

As have I.

As have many peoples of the world.

In the United States, we instinctively understand that the people who run party towns like New Orleans are never going to be good at planning, but what they offer in other pleasures, and, of course, traditional industries, far outweighs the investment we make in helping them.

Which is why the people of New Orleans were not compelled to pay an austerity tax.

To do so would have crushed the people and their economy.

Sadly, the Germans, the French and the EU bankers did not understand such about Greece.

Europeans do not go to Germany to have fun; they go to Greece.

If they need their taxes done, they’ll go find a German.

Likewise, nobody seeks out a German restaurant. They’d rather eat Greek.

As such the Greeks offer far more than they take.

The structure of the EU did not understand that, nor was it set up to remedy this.

And so the tyrannical EU – front men for Corporate Europe – and cruel German bankers, crushed the people of Greece and made evident to the people of Europe how inadequate they are to lead.

This European Union must fail.

Europe’s future depends upon it.

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