The Phony Wars in the Middle East

The wars of the Middle East are phony.

The conflict between Israel and Iran is phony; it is an artificial conflict produced, supported and agreed upon by the phony leaders who govern each country. They agree to this lie so as to make themselves more necessary and relevant to their respective peoples. “See here,” they say, “those people are going to annihilate us. That is why we must buy weapons, jets and bombs.” The people are then duped into building up a military that serves the interests of the international corporations, owned by the elites, who are chief beneficiaries of such a conflict.

The ordinary Jew is no threat to the ordinary Muslim. Nor is the ordinary Muslim a threat to the ordinary Jew.  Indeed, when you look at the embryological development of religions, Islam and Judaism are brothers of sorts.

Both Israel and Iran know full well that Israel enjoys the full support of the Unites States government. Why would Tehran launch a nuclear strike against Tel Aviv knowing full well that such a strike would be its last action on planet Earth? It wouldn’t and it won’t.

Israel knows as much.

The leaders of both countries are puppets of the international elites who finance phony conflicts in order to extract money from ordinary people. It is the ordinary people who finance the lavish lifestyles the elites have grown accustomed to. It is the ordinary people who purchase their jets, yachts and homes around the globe. There is always a better home to be built and a new generation of elites to be serviced.

War is now official policy in the Middle East.

Why be friends when there is so much money to be made through war?

Peace requires effort. Peace requires thought. Peace invites competition.

On the other hand, war is easy money; and the financial cancer cells, who threaten to destroy our world, know it.

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