David Icke and his Reptiles

There is a man named David Icke out of England who actually believes that the Queen of England is a reptile.

What a crazy idea.

He is routinely ridiculed in England for believing such, but is he really all that crazy?

Mr. Icke states that the ruling class are aliens that came to Earth a long time ago.  They possess a different genetic structure than do we. They have been able to co-opt humanity by hybridizing their DNA with regular humans.

So they can look like us without being us.

By propagating themselves throughout the four corners of the Earth, they have been able to control humanity.

What identifies them as aliens is their utter lack of empathy for people’s pain and suffering.

He supports his theory by pointing to the similarities that exist between the elites who have controlled various cultures and the symbols they use to represent their “royal” bloodline.  Typically, he states, these elites use dragons or serpents.

Much of the control of humanity is created through control of perception.

Perception is controlled via the media which these aliens control.

That’s the gist of his message for the purposes of this discussion.  There are other elements, of course.

It sounds crazy, right?

Maybe not.

Man has come a long way in the past two thousand years, wouldn’t you agree?

Given that man has come a long way in two thousand years, doesn’t it seem possible that our advancements, if we don’t kill ourselves, in five thousand years will enable us to travel to other galaxies?  Won’t our advancements in genetics keep similar pace?

Suppose we encounter a planet like Earth in five thousand years.  Further suppose we can’t quite survive there, but it we hybridize our DNA with the existing life forms found on the planet, we can thrive and even “take over the place.”

What do you think?

Do you think we’ll go for it?

If our track record on Earth is any guide –  aggression, murder and theft – we will.

That’s what David Icke is saying.

If we can do it in the future, given the age of the universe, it’s possible that someone has already done it to us.

Da da.

It’s a fascinating theory that can be used, and is used, to help explain events in our world today.

In that respect, neither David Icke nor his theory should be dismissed, for his theory, which some term New Age Conspiracy, helps explain the origin of events, such as 911,  that our current authorities view as coincidences.

Mr. Icke and his followers say that these coincidences are not coincidences at all but the machinations of these aliens who have infected humanity.

What do you think?

Are these horrible leaders of ours really aliens or are they merely humans who have become reptilian through their ugly behavior?



Let Them Eat Cake

Take notice of what passes for utopia in France, young socialists.

Paris is burning as the Yellow Vests hold France and its leader, Macron, accountable for the imposition of a fuel tax.

As Paris burns, Macron, feasts on pheasant at Versailles.

Yet why should this be?

Why should the French people be so angry?

It isn’t as if the country and its people are living the through the plague.

They are not Fantine from Les Miserables.

No, the French have it pretty good.

Actually they enjoy benefits out the derrière.

They have national health care in which everyone is covered, good pension plans, guaranteed vacation and sick days that would make Americans drool, and a 35 hour work week.

Not bad.

Sure, the unemployment rate is 9 to 10 per cent,  but that is hardly staggering.

France has had these levels of unemployment before without riots.

So why now?

Economists, true to form, have stepped up their eco-babble; they mumble incoherently about dual labor markets whereby many citizens can not get jobs in the first place because of the difficulty in firing an employee once hired.  Thus employers are unwilling to hire.

With growth rates in the economy low, it seems unlikely that employers will step up their hiring.

Demand, as elsewhere in the world, seems to be low in France.  In other words people have less money to buy things.

Duh, I wonder why.  Could it be because the stupid leadership of the world put everyone under austerity to pay for the mistakes of the dumbasses who led them?

In France this problem is more acute because France extracts so much money in taxes to pay for social services.

But this is not new in France. The government has long extracted money from the people to do things for people.

And therein lies the problem: the people must wait for the government to do things for them rather than they doing it for themselves.

And so what has arisen in France over generations is increasing helplessness which would not have arisen had the leaders acted responsibly.

But, of course, they didn’t.

What changed in the world in 2007 was that the leaders of the world made their unprecedented charge to hog the wealth of the world.  They gave themselves bailouts instead of jail time.

The leaders helped themselves out at the expense of the people.

Moreover the leaders who created this economic catastrophe did nothing for the people.

This did not go unnoticed by the peoples of the world.

In France, the leaders not only enriched themselves they added insult to injury by adding a fuel tax.

Thus the riots.

It’s not the money.

It’s the disrespect that the leaders show their citizens.

Citizens want to be respected. They want to have a say in their own affairs. They want their leaders to listen to them.

People need to contribute as surely as they need to breathe.

Any system that fails to recognize this – and this applies particularly to top-down driven socialist “democracies” – will feel the wrath of the people.

France is no different.

One day Parisian mobs – are there any other kind – will again parade their leaders through the streets in a wooden cart on their way to a thirsty guillotine.

It’s their national sport.

The leaders will cry out, “How did I offend thee, loyal subjects?  My heart will always lie with France.”

The citizens, from their earthen hovels, will silently point to Versailles.



An American Hero

Is Julian Assange an American hero?

Well, if Tom Paine, an Englishman, can be an American hero, I don’t see why an Australian can’t be also.

Hell, If Australia doesn’t have the guts to stick up for him, we should.

Both Tom Paine and Julian Assange stood up for us.

Since Tom is dead, and Julian will be soon also, if Big Mike and Mother Leon have their way, someone should stand up for him.

I will.

Julian Assange is an American hero and should be pardoned of all fake crimes the US charges him with.

To begin with he didn’t steal any documents.  He only published what was given to him.

He has done nothing more than what a journalist is supposed to do.

Isnt this what other papers such as the Washington Post and New York Times have done in the past?

Oh, but I see. They published information that was approved by the United States government. They published what the United States government wanted you to know.

Julian Assange’s crime was that he didn’t ask permission.

He embarrassed the United States government.

That’s a big no-no in the United States.

Not surprisingly, to me anyway, Rush Puffball and Sheer Insanity, dutiful agents of the New World Order, posing as opponents of the New World Order, denounced Julian Assange for these leaks.

They parrot the government’s bullshit that Julian Assange jeopardized “national security” by releasing these documents.

And why would that be?

Shouldn’t Americans know if their government is breaking the law?  Shouldn’t Americans know if their government violates the constitution and Bill of Rights they are sworn to protect?

The Bill of Rights are the Crown Jewels of the American Experiment.

This is what Tom Paine fought for.

This is what Julian Assange fights for.

They understand what Big Mike and Mother Leon do not, what Rush Puffball and Sheer Insanity do not – that if you have to break the Bill of Rights to protect it, then you’re sinking in quicksand.  

They understand that the true jeopardizing of national security arises in the government’s illegal activity that the government is sworn to abide by.

It’s the same mentality that the government prosecuted in Vietnam when they stated that in order to save a village they must destroy it.

Julian Assange sees the illogic in that.

That is worth something.

That is worth defending.

Stay In Your Lane

The NRA recently criticized the American College of Physicians for coming out for gun control. Here’s what the NRA said:

Someone should tell self-important  anti-gun doctors to stay in their lane. Half of the articles in Annals of Internal Medicine are pushing for gun control. Most upsetting, however, the medical community seems to have consulted NO ONE but themselves. 

Many doctors replied by saying that this was their lane.

So who is right?

The NRA is right.

The only purpose of a doctors association is to facilitate communication of medical information between doctors and healthcare professionals for educational purposes.

That is enough.

The purpose of a doctors association is not to pass resolutions on Red China, gun control, abortion, immigration or any other issue.

Doctors have enough on their plate just taking care of patients.

Doctors associations have enough on their plate helping doctors become better doctors.

They can barely do that.

If doctors associations stayed in their lane and ceased involving themselves in politics, healthcare would be far better off.

These associations can’t even get good insurance for doctors. They’ve done a singularly  bad job in defending the rights of doctors.

The so-called leaders of these doctors associations have been co-opted by the political elites of the New World Order to prosecute the New World Order’s agenda; hence, the less these doctors associations do, the better.

It must be a heady experience for the president of a doctors association to be invited to fly on Air Force One or to dine in the White House at a State Dinner.  No wonder they act as puppy dogs.  The dog biscuits of empire must be mighty tasty.

With that stated, it is totally appropriate for individual physicians to make their statements as individuals to their representative. I couldn’t care less where they as individuals come down on the issue of gun control.

But a doctors association?

No, they need to stay in their lane.

It’s dangerous for doctors associations to involve themselves in politics.

It risks doctors becoming weaponized as tools of the government thereby demeaning the profession.

A doctor like anyone else must function as an individual and prosecute good medicine tempered by his individual morality not the collectivist groupthink of the government or the New World Order.

If they don’t, there will be hell to pay.

Just ask the Armenian people.

Doctors occupy an important role in society. They are one of the few educated people, along with pastors – who almost everybody sees, who almost everybody needs – who deal with life and death issues and who can stand as independent checks against government abuse.

Let’s keep it that way.

Let’s keep doctors associations out of politics.

If they don’t doctors will be seduced. Doctors will be used to justify taking innocent lives; and people, who view doctors as responsible for waging the war against bacteria and disease, will come to view those innocent people as microbes and pests – justifiably eradicated.

This is how governments work.

It begins innocently when doctors associations start talking about politics instead of medicine.

Let them stay  in their lane.



California Fires

The big story coming out of California is of course the Woolsey fire which is destroying Malibu.

Our President, true to form, has injected himself into the issue and not in the most positive way.

Instead of displaying compassion, the President focused on the mismanagement of the California forests.

Hollywood activists are enraged.

Well, they should be enraged about the President’s seeming lack of compassion, although I think he does care in his own way.

What they should not be enraged about is the President’s accuracy in pointing out that the California forests are mismanaged.

We shouldn’t be surprised. California is the most poorly managed state in the union.

It is so because of the antiquated  and unfair way in which California represents its citizens.

It’s called taxation without representation.

There are currently one-hundred assemblymen for roughly 46 to 50,000,000 Californians. And that does not include illegal immigrants.

That translates to a ratio of one for every 500,000 Californians.

When the representation is that poor, quality government is impossible.

What soon transpires is what has transpired in the state of California. Government is now run by plebiscite (propositions), activist loudmouths, corporate big whigs, Hollywood celebrities, and the whims of conventional wisdom.

Who is not represented in California are the regular people who have local knowledge and local expertise. These people are not listened to it all.

And there are people who do know.  Here is another link.

Whether we are talking about forests, fisheries, farming or oil the problem is the same. California is badly mismanaged.

It couldn’t be otherwise with its current form of government.

If you read my earlier post you will see my feelings about direct election of Senators.

The same feelings can be applied to the election of assemblymen in California.

What has to happen in California is the division of each assemblyman‘s district into nine subdistricts of 50,000 people who will elect one sub-assemblyman from their subdistrict.

Those nine sub-assemblymen would  then select one assemblyman to represent them.

When this model is followed, regular people will be able to communicate with their assemblyman.  Good ideas will rise to the top. There will no longer be the need to hold plebiscites in California.

Horrible fires such as the Woolsey fire can be prevented.

And yes the Woolsey fire could have been prevented or limited in extent. Sure, nobody can prevent every single fire.

However, prudent culling of the trees could have limited the extent of this fire. Most likely this was not done because loud mouthed activists and their wealthy Hollywood celebrities  pitched a temper tantrum every time a tree was cut down.

Now, there are no trees.



Unfunny Jokes

What do you do when someone keeps telling you an unfunny joke?

The state of Florida keeps telling us the same unfunny joke every time it holds an election.

Well, we can take a page from the Founding Fathers who believed in firewalls.

Firewalls are good.

Firewalls prevent malicious forces like fires and viruses from spreading too rapidly, too widely.

Politically, this is a lesson that is lost on our genius leaders.

They have actually gone about trying to undo the firewalls that your Founding Fathers established centuries ago.

Did you know that your US senators were intended to be selected by your state legislature.

I’ll bet you didn’t.

I’ll also bet you don’t know anything about the 17th amendment which permits direct election of Senators.

Oh, yeah, baby.  The doofuses who led us changed all that in the early 1900s.

Officially they did it because of tie votes and smoke-filled rooms.  Apparently some states didn’t send a Senator to Congress because they were hopelessly deadlocked.


Unofficially they did it at the behest of Corporate America and our elites who needed a way to institute mob rule – a mob that they control via the media.

Unwilling to do the obvious which is to develop a tie-breaker system, the elites sold a crisis-whopper (today we call this a false flag) to the American people.

They juiced up the crisis-whopper  by talking about Senators being chosen by cronies in smoke-filled rooms.

This is true, but they were your cronies in a smoke-filled room; you put them there when you elected them.  They were working for you.


The direct election of Senators represents the removing of a fire wall which permits malicious forces to steal elections for Corporate America.

Do you see how?

If I place everybody’s vote into one giant barrel, it becomes easier for me to fudge votes by slipping my contaminated, manufactured votes into the barrel.

If,  however, we have one-hundred smaller barrels separated by distance, and the representatives from those barrels are then placed in a smaller barrel that will select your Senator, it becomes extremely difficult for me to add in my bogus votes.

I’d have to go to one-hundred different localities to add votes, to get my guys elected.  And that in itself might not guarantee the winner from the final barrel. I’d still have to corrupt that barrel, yet there are only one-hundred votes from that that barrel.  I wouldn’t be able to add votes.  I’d have to resort to buying people off.

But if I did, the people back home would know it, And such a representative would be subject to the voters when election time came around.

So, the Founding Fathers were pretty smart guys.

Theoretically, mankind should get smarter as the years go by.

But if you thought that, you would be wrong.

Not only does direct election of Senators allow the elites to fudge votes, it also gives you poorer representation.

Indirect election of Senators allows you to know the guy who knows the guy – which is not as good as knowing the guy but far better than never knowing the guy.

As it stands now, with direct election of Senators, you will NEVER know the guy.  He is one and you are one of the millions.  The only people your Senator knows are corporate elites, wealthy donors, the rich, and prominent Hollywood celebrities.

Your Senator – who now comes from a bubble and lives in a bubble – hasn’t met a regular person in decades.  He’s probably scared shitless of you.  You might have a gun.

Or worse, you might tell him an unfunny joke – like the truth.




Our Democracy

Democracy is a sham never more in evidence than the elections in Florida.

It works like this: If the elites don’t get what they want, then a recount is in order.

Of course, the recount in Florida is only coming about because the “last minute ballots found” trick didn’t work. 

It won’t matter anyway.

We delude ourselves so badly.

We are are willing to believe anything.

Our current delusion is the supremacy of technology.

We want to believe that an unscrupulous person cannot link their computer to the voting machine and add in 37,543 votes supported by an equal number of registrants complete with bogus addresses, birthdates and signatures.

Well, as it turns out these voting machines can be tapped into via the Internet through a variety of ways. They aren’t foolproof.

Here is to the Pollyannas.

We don’t really need an opinion from a computer analyst, though, do we?

No, we only need to understand that human nature has not changed.

Machines may not lie, but we still do.

Now, here is a fact to consider:  I have had numerous bank accounts, equity and credit, for the last 45 years. The bank has never made one mistake on my various accounts in that period of time. Not even a penny.

I’ve had many, many mortgages held by many, many banks, and never once has a mistake been made on my mortgage.

I keep hoping that there will be a glitch in the system and that my mortgage will disappear.

I’ve had no such luck.

How is it possible for a government to regulate a financial system that never makes a mistake by even a penny on my banking, credit cards and mortgages over decades, yet the same government can’t come up with a foolproof voting system.

They can’t because they don’t want to. They want the corruption at the voting booth.

A corrupt voting booth is instrumental for putting into office the people who they, the corporate elite, who control both parties, have chosen.

Sure, authorities.  The system is sound.

Whatever you say.