The Politics of Destruction

What you are witnessing in the Brett Kavanaugh affair is a man’s political destruction.

Piece by piece he is being taken apart.

Take heed if you are considering a career in politics.

This is part of the sport.

And it is a blood sport.

Lloyd Bentsen remarked decades ago that in Texas politics is considered a contact sport.

Oh, it’s much more than that.

It’s a fight to the death.

Brett Kavanaugh is getting filleted, stretched out on the docks for the gulls to pick apart.

The Democrats have given a textbook lesson on how to destroy an enemy.

They have taken the Republicans to school.

Brett Kavanaugh was permitted to bask in the glory until the last possible moment.  The Democrats could see him salivating over a choice piece of meat that was inches in front of his face.

And then they went into motion ever so subtly.

First they brought up the letter that Christine Ford had written.

Then they had their media people talk about that.

Then slowly, slowly they released the information that they had known for weeks.   One by one, day after day, people came forward to tell their story.

Ultimately, they got what they wanted which was to get Brett Kavanaugh to mislead Congress.  Which he did.

He perjured himself.

Of course, they felt confident he would; they felt he he had perjured himself during his confirmation to become a federal judge some twelve years ago.

They knew their man; they had been watching and waiting for a long, long time.

The Democrats despise Brett Kavanaugh.  It’s a personal thing.

Now, Robert Bork was a different matter.  The Democrats disagreed with Robert Bork; they didn’t hate him.

But Brett Kavanaugh they loathe.


They want him not just away from the Supreme Court but the federal judiciary itself.  And even that won’t be enough.  If they get the chance, they will push to disbar him.

Politics is fun, isn’t it?

Now, in the regular world, where the rest of us live, if we don’t like someone, or if someone screws us over, we just generally walk away.  We avoid that person.  Not so in politics.  Politicians never forget, and they will always try for some payback.  And when they get payback, it’s in spades.  Politicians don’t think twice about putting their political enemies in jail.

So with regard to Brett Kavanaugh, the Democrats carefully withheld the witnesses they knew would dispel that choirboy image he had so carefully presented.

It has been a virtuoso performance by the Democrats.

After Judge Kavanaugh testified and it became clear that something was amiss, a delay was imposed pending an FBI investigation.

This played right into the hands of the Democrats and bought them the time they needed to reload their weapons.

It isn’t over yet, and the Republicans may still win the battle.  But if they do, it will be because they have the votes.

What they don’t have is the truth.

The Republicans have been badly whipped in this battle.  If they win, it will be a Pyrrhic victory.


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