Amy Coney Barrett

Should Amy Coney Barrett be confirmed as a justice on the Supreme Court?

Well, she seems to have all the right tools in her toolbox.

She attended the right schools; she has the lofty work experience; she’s a family oriented person; she speaks the right buzz words.

She seems like the perfect choice.

Yet is she too perfect?

There exists something unsettling about her perfection.

Do we want a perfect person sitting on the Supreme Court?


Perfect people, incorruptible people, like Robespierre of France, because of their perfection, possess an innate inability to empathize with regular people.

If perfection is your strength, it is also your weakness.

The ability to empathize with imperfect people in an imperfect world gives justices the extra edge they require to craft realistic, not idealistic, solutions.

Amy Coney Barrett is too perfect.

She is an academic to boot.

Her decisions will prove to be unworkable and too perfect for imperfect people.

Time and again she will side with purists who will do great damage to the United States of America and its citizenry.

Years ago the people of the United States of America chose to elect another purist, another academic, as President of the United States.

This man was cocksure, arrogant and wrong.

His name was Woodrow Wilson, and we are still paying the price for the damage he inflicted upon the nation.

Woodrow Wilson was a bigoted do-gooder who turned Christianity inside out and in so doing bequeathed to us a labyrinthine tax code, a runaway federal reserve, and an interventionist international policy.

The overall goal of these measures was to impose our self-perceived superiority upon the so-called barbarian beasts of the world.

These measures have in turn trapped us within a dysphoric nightmare from which we cannot wake up.

Amy Coney Barrett will continue that tradition.

I suspect that deep within herself she sees herself as the most perfect Christian of all Christians.

This hidden smugness and sense of perfection about herself will not benefit the people anywhere, here or abroad.

She’s the wrong choice.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

A Fix of Kava

How to not let Brett Kavanaugh ruin your life.

If you are like most Americans who are interested in politics, your life has been taken over in the past three weeks by Brett Kavanaugh.

Who is this man, you ask, who has barged into my mind.

You hardly knew he existed a month ago.

But now you live in Brett Kavanaugh’s universe.

Your entire life existence revolves around his.

You obsess about his college life thirty-five years ago.

What he drank.  What he said.  What he did.  

Who he insulted. Who he fucked. Whose face he threw a cup of ice in.

It’s of paramount importance to you to to dissect through his calendar.  Sleuth that you are, you are positive you will find the clue that will solve the riddle that others can not solve.

Who is Squi, you ask.  Ah, there must be something ominous there.  Only a party-hard frat boy would have a friend name Squi.

Clearly an indictment, you conclude.

But now the saga ends.

Brett Kavanaugh is to be confirmed.

Woe to you!

Brett Kavanaugh will gradually fade into oblivion.

What will you ever do? For the past three weeks you ran to the television to get your fix of Kava.

You drank it up as Anderson Cooper slowly released tidbits of salacious gossip.

It’s all gone now.

You must now retreat to your own shitty life, no less important than that of Brett Kavanaugh.

But there’s still hope.

There is always the notion of impeachment.

Slowly you get an erection.

Unless …

The Politics of Destruction

What you are witnessing in the Brett Kavanaugh affair is a man’s political destruction.

Piece by piece he is being taken apart.

Take heed if you are considering a career in politics.

This is part of the sport.

And it is a blood sport.

Lloyd Bentsen remarked decades ago that in Texas politics is considered a contact sport.

Oh, it’s much more than that.

It’s a fight to the death.

Brett Kavanaugh is getting filleted, stretched out on the docks for the gulls to pick apart.

The Democrats have given a textbook lesson on how to destroy an enemy.

They have taken the Republicans to school.

Brett Kavanaugh was permitted to bask in the glory until the last possible moment.  The Democrats could see him salivating over a choice piece of meat that was inches in front of his face.

And then they went into motion ever so subtly.

First they brought up the letter that Christine Ford had written.

Then they had their media people talk about that.

Then slowly, slowly they released the information that they had known for weeks.   One by one, day after day, people came forward to tell their story.

Ultimately, they got what they wanted which was to get Brett Kavanaugh to mislead Congress.  Which he did.

He perjured himself.

Of course, they felt confident he would; they felt he he had perjured himself during his confirmation to become a federal judge some twelve years ago.

They knew their man; they had been watching and waiting for a long, long time.

The Democrats despise Brett Kavanaugh.  It’s a personal thing.

Now, Robert Bork was a different matter.  The Democrats disagreed with Robert Bork; they didn’t hate him.

But Brett Kavanaugh they loathe.


They want him not just away from the Supreme Court but the federal judiciary itself.  And even that won’t be enough.  If they get the chance, they will push to disbar him.

Politics is fun, isn’t it?

Now, in the regular world, where the rest of us live, if we don’t like someone, or if someone screws us over, we just generally walk away.  We avoid that person.  Not so in politics.  Politicians never forget, and they will always try for some payback.  And when they get payback, it’s in spades.  Politicians don’t think twice about putting their political enemies in jail.

So with regard to Brett Kavanaugh, the Democrats carefully withheld the witnesses they knew would dispel that choirboy image he had so carefully presented.

It has been a virtuoso performance by the Democrats.

After Judge Kavanaugh testified and it became clear that something was amiss, a delay was imposed pending an FBI investigation.

This played right into the hands of the Democrats and bought them the time they needed to reload their weapons.

It isn’t over yet, and the Republicans may still win the battle.  But if they do, it will be because they have the votes.

What they don’t have is the truth.

The Republicans have been badly whipped in this battle.  If they win, it will be a Pyrrhic victory.


Cattle Call

Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity state that we conservatives must support Judge Kavanaugh.

They herd their followers moronically into a cattle pen.


Why should I as a conservative support Judge Kavanaugh.

Because the left does not like him?

Well, maybe the left is right.

Maybe the left is right for the wrong reasons.

Judge Kavanaugh is a protégé of the Bush family.

What has the Bush family done for conservatives?

War, war, and more war?

The Patriot Act which gives more power to the federal government to snoop on you?

Mergers, mergers, and more mergers?

I’m not interested in greater government power, nor am I interested in greater corporate power. In reality they’re the same thing because big government loves Corporate America.

Judge Kavanaugh will enable Corporate America.

Judge Kavanaugh will enable bigger government.

I want  individuals to have greater power.

I want someone to stick up for the small guy.

I want the Bill of Rights to reign supreme.

Will Judge Kavanaugh give me that?

I don’t think so.

This is the real reason to oppose Judge Kavanaugh.

Whether you are for abortion or against abortion, whether you are for gay rights or against gay rights, whether you are for war or against war, you should oppose Judge Kavanaugh because if Judge Kavanaugh has his way you as an individual will have no say at all regarding matters at hand.  You will not because corporations aided by Judge Kavanaugh will grow so strong that you the individual will be regarded as a threat to national security.

Your life will be decided for you by people who know better – think tanks in Washington DC, politicians, celebrities, and of course, cattle herders like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.

Corporations are not People

Corporations are not people, yet our courts think they are.

Unlike people, corporations have no sense of shame.

Unlike people, corporations have no natural limited lifespan.

Unlike people, corporations are rarely given a jail sentence.

When a corporation commits gross malfeasance the corporation is almost always permitted to pay a fine.  The corporation is almost never placed in jail; consequently, income never stops.  The corporation is thus free to continue malfeasance but in an newer disguised way.   Knowing such, the corporation can justify future fines as operating costs.

If you commit malfeasance, you go to jail.  When you go to jail, all incomes stops.  When all incomes stops, you lose your house if you have not paid it off; your dependent family suffers.  If you complain to the judge, the judge usually says:  You should have thought of that before you committed the crime.

These words a corporation will never hear.

Why, it would a crime to do so, corporate apologists wail.  The shareholders will suffer, they add.

Your Founding Fathers on a certain level recognized the danger of corporations which is why they limited their power.  Corporations, traditionally speaking, were not afforded the same rights as individuals.

Corporations were chartered and confined to a specific purpose under penalty; if they exceeded that purpose or committed malfeasance their charter could be be revoked.  Owners could be held liable for criminal activity.

Corporations were not permitted to own stock in other corporations.  They were also forbidden from making political contributions so as to limit their ability to influence legislation.

But that was then, and this is now.

Corporations pushed to expand their rights.  One clever way to do this was by getting judges in the courts who thought their way.

One way to accomplish this would be to control the process by which judges were nominated and selected.

If they could control the Senate Judiciary committee who recommends the judges, their task would be easier.

Tne best way to control the Senate Judiciary committee would be to find a way to elect Senators who thought like them.

Thus the 17th Amendment to the Constitution that went into effect in 1913.

The 17th Amendment was sold as an improvement in democracy. Direct election of Senators seemingly gives people greater control of their elected leaders.

It does anything but.

What direct election of Senators accomplishes are costly Senatorial campaigns that are won by corporate cash and lots of it.  To ensure that they win either way, corporations finance both candidates.

Unless you support the corporations, you aren’t getting the cash, and you certainly aren’t getting prime access to big media which is controlled by you guessed it – Corporate America.

Not surprisingly your Senate is dominated by candidates beholden to Corporate America.  They pass legislation and lots of it friendly to Corporate America.  They finance wars friendly to Corporate America.

And they put judges on the bench friendly to Corporate America, judges who refuse to see that corporations are not people.

America and Myths

America is a land of myths.  We love our myths.

We have Paul Bunyan; we have Rip Van Winkle.  And we have George Washington about whom many lies and myths have been told.

Of course, George Washington never told a lie, right?

My favorite myth about George Washington is him having thrown a silver dollar across the Potomac River.  It’s difficult for me to believe that my first grade teacher, Mrs. Chandlee, told me that with a straight face.  The Potomac is a mile wide at its narrowest.

Truth be told, I don’t think George Washington could throw a silver dollar across the Neshaminy Creek near where I grew up.

Adults must feel that myths are important to children; they tell so many of them.

Perhaps myths are like teddy bears; they represent cute and cuddly ways of introducing children to the world.

The problem with myths, though, is that we grow up and still believe in them without thinking.

And some myths are more injurious than others.  They are so because they are less preposterous on their surface.  Let’s call them subtle myths.

One of these subtle myths is that a Supreme Court justice sits above us all as an impartial judge, appointed for life, impervious to political influence.

But what if this is not so?

To question this we must view the Brett Kavanaugh affair from the perspective of a conspiracist.  Lucky for you, I am one.

Now, we know that the powers-that-be have immense power; that’s why we call them the powers-that-be.  We also know that Brett Kavanaugh is a corporate guy all the way.  If you don’t know this, you can search his judicial record on-line and see that he is essentially a corporatist.  He loves mergers and giant corporations.  We also know that he allies himself with the Bush family.  You might say he owes his livelihood to Bush patronage.  The Bushes are as connected as can be with the monied elite.  Finally, in today’s world the Democratic Party has also hopped in bed with Corporate America.

Okay, so what gives?

Well, ask yourself this question:  Why are the powers-that-be, that can martial Republican and Democratic support for endless wars, not able to ram through Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation?  Brett Kavanaugh is the kind of judge that Corporate America loves.  So what’s the problem here?

Well, suppose that Corporate America, via their operatives, is behind these sexual allegations thrown against Brett Kavanaugh.



To send a message to Brett Kavanaugh.

You see, as it stands now, Brett Kavanaugh has already perjured himself before Congress if you believe the charges made by many, many people.  Even if you don’t believe the serious allegations of assault, he has already portrayed himself as a goody two-shoes in college, which many people say he was not.

The powers-that-be now have him where they want him.  He’s in a holding pattern right now before his possible Senate confirmation next week.

I’m not sure anyone has to say anything to him; I’m sure he is smart enough to figure things out.  But if he isn’t, someone can lay it out for him later.

The message is clear, though:  You do what we tell you to do, or else.

Does this bother you?

Only if you believe in myths.


Brett Kavanaugh: Unqualified

Judge Brett Kavanaugh is not qualified to sit on the Supreme Court.

He is not qualified to be voted upon.

He will, of course, deny and continue too deny the allegations made against him.

He will do so because he knows there is most likely no way to prove the allegations made against him thirty-five years ago.

At least he thinks.

But there is one piece of evidence he can not escape which comes to us in two words: Renate Alumnius.

Renate refers to Renate Dolphin Schroeder an acquaintance of Judge Kavanaugh and several of his friends at Georgetown Prep.

Indeed, Judge Kavanaugh and several of his classmates presented that seemingly cryptic message beneath their yearbook pictures.

But the message is not cryptic at all, and it reveals volumes about the men who wrote it.

What these men, and Judge Kavanaugh, did was present to the community in perpetuity their regard for Renate Dolphin Schroeder.

And they did so when they were sober with plenty of time to think.

They openly denounced and humiliated her. They in essence called her a cheap slut, and they wanted the world to know that they had “done” her.

I suppose these men could explain that Renate tutored them in Spanish, but that explanation would be weak.

These men were clearly referring to sex.

Judge Kavanaugh had no sensitivity for the feelings of Renate Dolphin Schroeder.

With a clear mind, he damaged her reputation.

He had no sense that what he was doing was wrong.

He had no ability to forecast the ramifications of his decisions.

Now, of course, one might argue, he was young and stupid when he did this.

We have all done stupid things, perhaps not on this level; but for sure we’ve all done things we regret.

That said, we’re not applying to be on the Supreme Court.

What we expect of a Supreme Court Justice is a person who has a unique sensitivity to not just the law but the feelings of human beings.

A great judge must be smart, wise and also empathetic.

He must also have an uncommon innate ability to sense the ramifications of his choices, for his decisions affect people, people like Renate Dolphin Schroeder.

Judge Kavanaugh does not have these qualities.

Calm Voices: The Danger of Mark Levin and Sean Hannity

Mark Levin and Sean Hannity are dangerous to the conservative movement and the Republican Party – not to mention the country.

What is needed is intelligent civil discourse.

What Levin and Hannity offer is uncivilized screaming and belligerent, unprincipled support for unworthy causes.

Instead of calm enlightening discussion, they offer up Teddy Kennedy, Chappaquiddick and Mary Jo Kopechne.

Their reasoning, I suppose, is that you have to fight fire with fire.

The problem with that approach is in the analogy.  

Water, not fire, kills fire.

The answer to fire is calm.

Fire begets fire.

A calm voice in a sea of fire is powerful.

The Brett Kavanaugh affair has both Hannity and Levin fired up.  They scream about how low the Democrats have stooped.  They scream Chappaquiddick at the top of their lungs.  They grouse bitterly about the underhanded tactics of Dianne Feinstein.

What is there to get mad about?

If Diane Feinstein and Kavanaugh’s accusers are in error, then so be it.  They will be shown for what they are.  If not, then don’t we want to know if Kavanaugh has done these acts?

As a conservative who believes in the primacy of the Bill of Rights, I want to know if a potential supreme court justice has violated someone’s rights.

I don’t mind waiting. I want the right person there.

Instead both Hannity and Levin have turned a calm deliberation into a sporting event where we  are compelled to choose one team or the other.

Their fans dutifully follow as do their counterparts on the left.

Oh, yes, the left plays the game as well.

Who loses in this sporting match are not the right or left but the people who remain calm.

Calm people are drowned out.

Calm people don’t sell newspapers.

Calm people aren’t invited on television shows.

Calm people have no voice.