Chequers and Chess

There is an alternative to the Chequers plan, you know.

Britain can negotiate a new European Union.

The problem was never that a EU was not a great idea but that this EU was a terrible idea.

Of course, it was. It was devised by greedy elites for greedy elites.

Given that, Britain can exit and develop its own EU and ask the current EU to join it.

There is precedent for doing so.

Plenty of smaller companies have bought out larger, more dysfunctional concerns.

Some simple changes that Britain must insist upon are the following:

  1. All EU law must emanate from the EU Parliament.  No law may emanate from the Council of the EU, or worse, the European Commission.  This is to ensure that law is reality-based not utopia-based.
  2. No member state may be restricted from engaging in any type of commerce.  A true competitive marketplace must exist within the EU.
  3. Federal debt must be shared by all member states.   Nothing binds people together greater than a leaky boat.
  4. A federal force must exist to protect the borders of the EU.
  5. The EU must act in the best interest of the EU in promoting stability in regions contiguous to the EU.  A functional EU based in reality, not utopia, would not have permitted the destabilization of Syria and Libya.  In other words the EU is going to have to kick a few people in the nuts.

It’s never too late to do the right thing.

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