Israel and Biology

What we are witnessing in Israel is never pretty because it shows the dark side of who we are.

One population is replacing another.

The Jews are taking over the land that was previously occupied by another – the Palestinians.

Of course, they had plenty of Christian help.

There’s no stopping it despite half-hearted attempts to do so.

Moving across borders, setting up shop, rubbing people out – it’s something we humans do.

We’re good at it.

We’ve been doing it ever since we began walking on the planet.  And before.

Now, we fancy ourselves as humane and civilized, but we’re not.  We’re the same as we have ever been, and we are going to continue to be that way.

We’re not evolving into an energy force field as the human potential movement wishes we would.

We’re not going to become enlightened anytime soon.

And we’re not stamping out racism.  Indeed, racism is in part a biological survival mechanism.

As uncomfortable as it may be to acknowledge in this age of political correctness, racism is biology’s way of saying:  We think our genetics is worth preserving, and so we will kill you to prove it and preserve it.

When I began pediatrics in 1982, a baby developed according to reliable milestones.  He or she supported his head by 4 months, sat up by 7.5 months, said his first word by 9 months, walked by 15 months, spoke at least five words by 20 months.

Thirty-six years later, the development of a baby is the same.  Exactly the same.

It’s been the same for thousands of years.

What this means is that Julius Caesar developed the same way you did.

What this means is that human beings five thousand years and beyond will develop the same way you did.

Not only will the physical development be the same, the emotions linked to that development will be the same as well.

People five thousand years from now will feel the same positive and negative emotions you feel.

People will laugh and feel joyful; they will also get mad and feel angry.  Other emotions such as envy and greed will exist as well.

Yes, people will still feel compassion; but that will be offset by smug contempt of others.

For better or worse, we are trapped within our biology.

War and aggression will aways be with us.

One group of people will always desire the possessions of another.

Our biology will mandate it.

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