Don’t Go to Europe

No one should visit Europe. Certainly, no one from North or South America should go.

You will not become more enlightened. In fact you may become more stupid.

What you will get courtesy of the travel industry is a romanticized sweet tasting milkshake.

What’s that you say? You’re going to Spain next week.

You say that you are from Argentina?

Why are you going?

Don’t you care about your ancestors?

Haven’t you heard about the Spanish conquistadors?

Your ancestors were raped and subjugated by the Spanish.

Not only were your ancestors brutalized, their country was taken away from them and renamed.

Yes, that’s right.

Your country Argentina was named after an element in the periodic table.

So vulgar was Spanish greed that they named your country after an element that was mined with blood – your ancestor’s blood

Argentina means silver.

Aside: Hey, citizens of Nebraska. I am going to move to your state, enslave all of you, rape your women, and rename your state Corn.

Isn’t that fun?

Well that’s what the Spanish must’ve said when they stole silver and shipped it back to those greedy thug-pigs, Ferdinand and Isabella.

Is that why you’re going to Spain?

To rub salt in the wounds of your ancestors?

To laugh in their faces?


No one should go to Europe.

The history of Europe is bleak.

Europe’s landmarks need to be incinerated into dust.

The castles and palaces which celebrate the thugs of Europe must go.

The first people who should do that are the citizens of Europe themselves.

They were brutalized also.

That’s what conquest and free imperialism does. It produces centuries of inequity and misery for the conquered and the conquerors.

There is nothing enlightening in Europe.

Oh, I get it, you want to go see the tomb of Columbus in Seville.

I’ve got a better idea. Why not go to the Dominican Republic and say a prayer for the Taino Indians who Columbus subjugated.

Maybe you’re French and you want to visit Versailles and see where Louis brutalized his people.

What for?

To scream “Let’em eat cake” to your ancestors.

Seeing these sites is not going to make you more enlightened, or more tolerant, or a better person.

That’s the myth.

Stop wasting your money. World travel will not make you more cultured.

History is filled with world travelers who became ruthless imperialists.

Cecil Rhodes was a world traveler all right, and what did it do for him?

It only gave him the knowledge with which to enslave indigenous people in Africa.

That’s what will happen to you.

You don’t become a better person by traveling.

You become a better person by becoming a better person.

The Walt Disney history of Europe that the cruise lines serve up is best forgotten and relegated to the waste can of history.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Brexit Exit

What the British can do and must do is use this Brexit mess as an opportunity to reform Brussels.

That’s where the smart money lies.

There is a brilliant opening to do so.

It works as simple as this: 

Dear EU,

We the British would really prefer to stay, but we want a revised governmental structure more akin to the way laws are enacted in the our country.  We value British freedoms and liberty which is not the same as typical Continental autocracy.  We believe that law should emanate from those people who live closest to those whom the laws will affect.  Yes, we know this is messy, but we’ve developed messy habits which work for us.  We’re not accustomed to sitting back and “taking”  it.  It’s a bad British habit we have of voicing our opinion.

Consequently if you desire us in your union we must insist that all European law emanate from the people whose representatives are found in the European Parliament.  We would also prefer that no law come from the Council of the European Union, nor do we desire any good ideas from the European Council.

Only in this manner can we be  assured that our fishermen will be allowed to fish.  Fishing is another bad habit  we islanders on this rock called Great Britain acquired.  We like it and can’t quite give it up despite your best efforts to compel us to do so.  Not fishing would be like asking the French and Germans  to stop making wine and sausage respectively.  We’re sorry, but we grew up surrounded by water, and, well, fish live in the water.

There are a few other things we’d like as well.  We  British don’t like to delude ourselves, so if we are to be a union, let’s be one. We know a few things about unions having won and lost a few.

What will work best is a shared destiny which means shared responsibility as well.  So if we are to incur debt we must share it as a true union.  We’ll have none of this nonsense where some live well while others suffer under austerity. Either we all suffer or none of us suffer at all.

As we British are fond of saying:  What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.  

Ah, yes, immigration.  Well, we shouldn’t leave that out, should we, since you have gone to the trouble of labeling so many of us as uncultured, jingoistic racists.  Well, maybe we are, and maybe we are not, but one thing we British hold dear is tradition.  We’re not in the habit of slaughtering our royals or renaming our month of November to Brumaire at the whim of a crazed Jacobin.  We are accustomed to order, discipline and civility.  We believe that when in Rome one must do as the Romans.  Permitting hordes of people from foreign cultures to swamp the boat does not loan itself to assimilation. As such we must insist on strong borders.  Europe without borders is no Europe at all.

Well, there, I think that hits the main points.  Can you live with that?  If not, well, as Larry Grayson, one of our own, would say:  Shut that door.

Thank you and good luck.   You know where to find us.  We’re that noisy little nation of shopkeepers sitting to your west.



Brexit Requires Courage

It is clear that this Brexit deal was badly managed.  But what else could you expect from a duplicitous leader, a puppet of corporate interests, not to mention the Rothschilds, who never wanted the UK to leave anyway?

The prime minister slow-walked Brexit and then came up with a deal that is of course worse than leaving.

Let’s assume, though, for the sake of argument that Theresa May has a good heart and negotiated in earnest.  What would be clear is that she has never had a real job in her entire life, because if she’d had a real job, she would’ve understood that when a job becomes too unbearable the only solution is to take your chances by walking away. You just do it.

The fact that she didn’t have the guts to do that indicates that she’s a wimp.  And what the UK doesn’t need is a wimp in charge. What the  UK needs is someone with steel and nerve.

Was Churchill a wimp? Was Lord Nelson a wimp?

As many Brexiters (I reject the term Brexiteers; there is nothing Mickey Mouse about leaving a bad union) have already stated quite clearly: Leave means leave. You take your lumps. You pull out your big checkbook and start paying down on your obligations. You don’t stand there, with your hands outstretched, asking Mr. Bumble, “Please, Sir, may I have some more?”

“Whaaat,” screams, Mr. Tusk, er Bumble. “Moooooore!”

Well, you know the ditty that follows from the popular play.  It goes on out about canisters down banisters which is where the UK will be relegated for daring to question the established order of things.

But, of course, stories can have happy endings.  Oliver does break free of the workhouse, as can the UK break out of its indentured servitude.

But you don’t break out by breaking in or by getting a worse deal for yourself.

You have to leave first.

You have to roll the dice. 

It requires courage, a commodity that is in short supply on Downing Street.


Culture and The Seduction of Foreign Travel

They say that foreign travel makes you more cultured.

I don’t know about that.

It certainly opens your eyes – if you want them opened.

Much of your travel abroad depends upon what you choose to see.

If you live in another country for an extended period of time you’ll see a much different world than if you take a whirlwind tour of a continent.

Why are you traveling?

To get “cultured” at the great museums of the world?

If that’s the case, you’ll never find it.

Culture is not the Louvre.

Culture is not Versailles.

Culture is the everyday life that people live.

Culture is the composite of attitudes that people hold towards life, money, death, God and each other.

Culture is what people value, not to be confused with what the elites value.

What the elites value can be found in the  Louvre.

Da Vinci, Rodin, Picasso.

Here the elites talk to you. They say:  Look here, this is who we have chosen to represent you.  This is who you are.  This is your culture.

And the people ooh and aah and remark how cultured they are for having seen these works of art.

The people come to believe that culture comes not from them but from some higher more authoritative body who we call the elites.

But this is not so.

Da Vinci is Da Vinci.  Picasso is Picasso.  They are of regular people and are inherently part of your culture. 

They do not come from above. They come from you.

The power of the elites to designate who will represent culture is false.

Yet the elites power over culture is strong. The elites spend extraordinary sums of money hoarding works of art.

They stack this “stolen” art to the sky in their fancy libraries and museums.

They invite you to walk in to get “cultured.”

They entice you to be one of the “in crowd.”

Come in, come in, they say in a sexy way.

You take the bait.

You travel to del Prado in Spain.

Then to Buckingham Palace.

Then to the Louvre.

You ooh and aah.

Slowly you become indoctrinated into a system of false belief. 

You think you are cultured because you have traveled to the great cities of the world and seen great works of art.

This is false.

You think you understand foreign cultures.

This is false.

What you understand and accept to be true is what the elites want you to believe – that  culture comes from above.  

Control of culture is paramount to the elites.  

By controlling your history they control you.

The libraries and museums they build are the Crown Jewels of their power over you.  

If you destroy those libraries and museums in your mind,  you emancipate yourself.

A Tale of Two Brothers

Many years ago, and it could be just about any century after the year 1500, and in any country, there were two brothers, let us call them Brother A and Brother B. But their names could have been Helmut and Horst, Pierre and Claude, Jim and Dave or any pair of names from any country.

Brother A and Brother B lived a meager existence. Frankly, they lived in poverty. They lived in a small hovel with a leaky roof.  Half their brothers and sisters had died through malnutrition and the other half had died in various wars waged by their corrupt King and Queen.  Brother A and Brother B had rotting teeth, and they wore rags.

A short distance away the King and Queen lived in grandeur. They had plenty of food to eat, a fabulous place to live, and they had no rotten teeth.  Frankly, the King and Queen lived in luxury.

This bothered Brother B,  the younger brother, and one day he could not take it anymore. He said to Brother A, “I can’t take it anymore and I’m getting out of here.”  Brother A tried to calm his brother down. He said to him, “Look things are going to get better. The King does not know what is going on.  Hang in there. Give it another year.”

Well, one year passed, and not only did things not get better, according to Brother B, they got worse. So one day, Brother B told his brother, “Hey, baby, I’m out of here.”

“Where will you go,” asked Brother A.  When Brother B told him, “America,” Brother A informed him that half the people died on the trip over there, which was true. Brother B replied, “I’ll take my chances because I have 100% chance of dying here.”

So Brother B left.  And that is the end of the story.

Now, everything that you as an American are, your values, your principles, your traditions were handed down to you by Brother B. Everything that Europeans are, their values, their traditions was handed down to them by Brother A. Now, here is the essential question: Why would you want to forsake everything that Brother B gave you, why would you want to spit in his face just because some politician or Hollywood celebrity desires it that way?

Chequers and Chess

There is an alternative to the Chequers plan, you know.

Britain can negotiate a new European Union.

The problem was never that a EU was not a great idea but that this EU was a terrible idea.

Of course, it was. It was devised by greedy elites for greedy elites.

Given that, Britain can exit and develop its own EU and ask the current EU to join it.

There is precedent for doing so.

Plenty of smaller companies have bought out larger, more dysfunctional concerns.

Some simple changes that Britain must insist upon are the following:

  1. All EU law must emanate from the EU Parliament.  No law may emanate from the Council of the EU, or worse, the European Commission.  This is to ensure that law is reality-based not utopia-based.
  2. No member state may be restricted from engaging in any type of commerce.  A true competitive marketplace must exist within the EU.
  3. Federal debt must be shared by all member states.   Nothing binds people together greater than a leaky boat.
  4. A federal force must exist to protect the borders of the EU.
  5. The EU must act in the best interest of the EU in promoting stability in regions contiguous to the EU.  A functional EU based in reality, not utopia, would not have permitted the destabilization of Syria and Libya.  In other words the EU is going to have to kick a few people in the nuts.

It’s never too late to do the right thing.

Why We Lose

Have you ever wondered why we the regular people usually lose?

We lose because a) so many of us don’t care, b) we aren’t organized, c) we underestimate our opponents, but mainly d) we are always reacting to what the elites are doing.

Let’s take Brexit as an example.

The LEAVE camp won the referendum almost two years ago and then promptly sat on their asses, basking in glory, assuming that the elites would take this sitting down.

Rule number one: the elites never take anything sitting down. They never accept a defeat. They are ruthless and uncompromising. They fight to the death.

And so they did not and do not. Slowly, slowly they are conditioning the people of the United Kingdom to hold another referendum. The trickster Theresa May, the prime minister, states that she is against holding another referendum; but if she was truly against holding another referendum, she would simply say nothing. By denouncing another referendum, she legitimizes it.

The UKIP and other proponents of Brexit helplessly sit back and stew about the lack of energy pursued in exiting the EU. They are being slow-walked to the abattoir. What UKIP and the other Brexiters should be doing is taking the battle to the Remainers by offering a superior option to the EU.

There is nothing wrong with a EU, but there is something wrong this EU. This EU, they should point out, is bad because it is a top-down, antidemocratic, biz-ocracy run for the benefit of the rich. What UKIP should be offering the people of England and Europe is a dynamic alternative to the current governmental structure of the EU.

Five hundred years ago there was another battle on the European continent between the regular people and the rich. It was called the German Peasant’s War. The peasants, tired of being pushed around rose up to fight for their rights. On the other side stood the worthless nobility backed by the immoral Jacob Fugger. The peasants were too kind; they might have won, but they didn’t. Over 100,000 peasants lost their lives.

The peasants underestimated just how greedy these financial cancer cells were – and still are today.

Cancer must be fought and defeated, wiped out dead. There can be no compromise, no rest, no reconciliation.

The cancerous rich take no prisoners.

Greek Love

The fallacy of the EU and why it was constructed – to make oodles of cash for the elites – was highlighted by the financial woes of Greece just a few years ago.

The Greeks, like the people of New Orleans, are not known for savings and parsimony.

We have the Germans for that.

The people in Greece, like the people in New Orleans, specialize in having fun.

Tourism is their principal industry.

We can’t possibly expect the people of Greece to be careful with their money.

To no one’s surprise, they weren’t.

Likewise in the United States, we do not expect the people of New Orleans to make prudent decisions for the future.

That’s why we call it “The Big Easy.”

Hurricane Katrina was evidence of that.

Yet in the United States, we bailed out New Orleans.

Each and every American paid the Katrina taxi and nobody complained.

In the United States we understood that having a viable New Orleans is in everyone’s best interest.

As George Bush noted when visiting New Orleans after Katrina, and I shall paraphrase: “I had a lot of good times here.”

I’ll bet he did.

As have I.

As have many peoples of the world.

In the United States, we instinctively understand that the people who run party towns like New Orleans are never going to be good at planning, but what they offer in other pleasures, and, of course, traditional industries, far outweighs the investment we make in helping them.

Which is why the people of New Orleans were not compelled to pay an austerity tax.

To do so would have crushed the people and their economy.

Sadly, the Germans, the French and the EU bankers did not understand such about Greece.

Europeans do not go to Germany to have fun; they go to Greece.

If they need their taxes done, they’ll go find a German.

Likewise, nobody seeks out a German restaurant. They’d rather eat Greek.

As such the Greeks offer far more than they take.

The structure of the EU did not understand that, nor was it set up to remedy this.

And so the tyrannical EU – front men for Corporate Europe – and cruel German bankers, crushed the people of Greece and made evident to the people of Europe how inadequate they are to lead.

This European Union must fail.

Europe’s future depends upon it.

The EU Will Fail

Ultimately this EU will fail.

Brexit may not be the precipitating cause, but ultimately this EU will fail.  It will do so for the same reason that all governments fail:  failure to respond to the needs of the people.

Whether a government be monarchy, democracy or theocracy, the leadership must respond to the needs of the people.  Failure to do so will lead to overthrow of that government.

That power resides in the people is not a fanciful ideal but a factual reality.

Thus far the EU does not seem to recognize this.

We can see evidence of this in the heavy-handed way in which the Greeks were subjected to austerity measures.

We see further evidence in the brusque way in which Donald Tusk dealt with Theresa May.

Apparently, in the mind of the EU, Brussels is not to be fucked with.

And it’s not in the mood for listening.

This is a pity, for a great leader must listen.

What the British are saying to the EU is that something about the EU is not working.  And what is not working is the structure of the EU itself.

The current methodology in the way that law is passed is fatally flawed.

Law emanates in the EU from the top down, from the Council of the European Union (and the European Commission) to the European Parliament instead of the reverse.

For workable law that suits the needs of the people, the representatives closest to the people need to fashion the law.

Local knowledge must be taken advantage of.

The Council of the European Union and the European Commission are too far removed from the daily grind of the people.

And so these more centralized bodies implement policy that make people’s heads shake.

What results is bad law, bad economics and bad outcomes.

If the structure of the EU were sound, the issues of Grexit and Brexit never would have arisen.

A wise leader listens.

A workable EU is a great idea, and Britain should join one.

This EU is a bad idea.