Israel’s Success

How Israel can succeed.

If you are Jewish you are certainly interested in Israel‘s success, and not just for today, but for a long, long time, perhaps eternity.

How can you attain this?

Well the best way to cement Israel’s demise is for Israel to behave as it does today. Which is poorly.

Your success in life is directly dependent upon how you treat other people.

There is no substitute for it.

Likewise, no technology, device or stratagem can protect you from your own malfeasance.

If Israel persists in treating the Palestinians like shit, shit will happen to Israel. There’s no escaping it.

What goes around comes around.

Now, of course that will not happen today or tomorrow. Israel is too strong.

The people who run Israel today are committed, to put it mildly.

But what about the next generation and the generation after that.

History has shown and demonstrated that succeeding generations are often less committed than the generations that preceded them.

People forget.

People also do not appreciate that which they are given for free.

It is a certainty that future generations of Israelis will be less committed and less wary than the Israelis who rule today.

What will not be forgotten are the misdeeds and measures of humiliation that Israelis commit against Palestinians. These will be handed down father to son, mother to daughter for thousands of years. They will be woven into the culture of the Palestinian people. They will never forget.

They will have all the time in the world to avenge their ancestors.

In time, this will prove to be Israel’s demise.

It’s a mathematical certainty.

To avoid this, Israel must mend its ways.

And the sooner the better.

Now, of course, hardliners in Israel and members of the Likud Party will dismiss this advice.

How do you convince people who are convinced otherwise?

With patience.

The temptation is to kick them in the nuts, but that won’t work especially since they can kick harder.

What will work is a soft patient approach.

How to Fix Gaza

Let’s begin with how not to fix Gaza.

What won’t work is what’s being done now.

What will work is what’s not being done now.

Israel should allow unrestricted free flow of goods and services into the Gaza Strip minus of course the obvious – nuclear materials, jets, weapons and so forth.

Justified?  No.

Workable?  Yes.

They should allow those Palestinians who wish to return to their homes within Israel proper the opportunity.

Crazy? Seemingly.

Workable?  Yes.

A small percentage of Palestinians will desire to do so. Many I suspect will remain where they grew up – in the Gaza Strip.

Should the Palestinians fire rockets, the Israelis should take a bunch for the greater good.

A good leader has to take a little blowback.

By not retaliating excessively, the Israelis give peace a chance.

What passes in Gaza can be a model for the West Bank.

Tear down the ugly, ugly checkpoints and barriers and allow people to live where they want to live.

Permit Palestinians free access and free rights to travel.

Will there be more bombings and stabbings?

Yes, but every society has problems.  It takes time to heal wounds.

Instead of creating new enemies, try doing what you know is counterintuitive, unjustified yet workable – patience, understanding and kindness.

Reparations would be a good step.

Yes, but will an olive branch or an offer of kindness be slapped away?

Initially, yes.  People are upset.

In time, the violence will fade.

Long before people were Palestinians and Jews they were people.

And what people want is a happy life, a chance to make a few bucks and the opportunity to contribute.

Give them that, and they’ll be on their way peacefully.

As for the knuckleheads and hardliners who refuse to adjust, well, every society has those.

Treat those people as common criminals not as representatives of Palestinians who desire to annihilate the state of Israel. 

Sometimes you have to try to not  look too hard.  A little benign neglect might help.

Yes, but won’t Israel cease to become a Jewish state?  

No, because elections, like elsewhere, are a joke, a ruse to pacify the masses.  

As Mark Twain once said: If elections mattered, they’d never let us vote.

So too in Israel.

Which is why Israel has no fear of Muslims who, until the creation of the state of Israel, lived peacefully with Jews for centuries.

So live peacefully together again.

Arabs and Jews live across the street from each other in the United States.

Do what we do in America:  Romanticize your past with lies that never happened.  Create heroes who perform impossible feats like throwing a shekel across the Jordan River.

People eat that up. 

The alternative to doing business as usual will be far worse.

As a former soccer player, Bibi should understand that it’s never good policy to underestimate your opponent.

The player who has the upper hand and thinks that he has the game all wrapped up soon finds himself on the losing end.

So, assuming that Bibi, President for Life, decides to have a change of heart, can what is suggested here be implemented?

Not over night, that’s for sure.  There has been too much suffering.

Changing everything overnight would be disastrous.  It would be like asking a hard-core heroin addict to go cold turkey.

It’s not like the people are being asked to give up chocolate, which by the way was relatively unavailable to the people of Gaza prior to 2007 thanks to restrictions.  

Hatred like heroin is powerfully addicting.

But if a reasonable but not ridiculous goal of twenty years was set, there is no reason why change can not occur at 5% per annum.

It sounds like it’s worth a try.

Israel and Biology

What we are witnessing in Israel is never pretty because it shows the dark side of who we are.

One population is replacing another.

The Jews are taking over the land that was previously occupied by another – the Palestinians.

Of course, they had plenty of Christian help.

There’s no stopping it despite half-hearted attempts to do so.

Moving across borders, setting up shop, rubbing people out – it’s something we humans do.

We’re good at it.

We’ve been doing it ever since we began walking on the planet.  And before.

Now, we fancy ourselves as humane and civilized, but we’re not.  We’re the same as we have ever been, and we are going to continue to be that way.

We’re not evolving into an energy force field as the human potential movement wishes we would.

We’re not going to become enlightened anytime soon.

And we’re not stamping out racism.  Indeed, racism is in part a biological survival mechanism.

As uncomfortable as it may be to acknowledge in this age of political correctness, racism is biology’s way of saying:  We think our genetics is worth preserving, and so we will kill you to prove it and preserve it.

When I began pediatrics in 1982, a baby developed according to reliable milestones.  He or she supported his head by 4 months, sat up by 7.5 months, said his first word by 9 months, walked by 15 months, spoke at least five words by 20 months.

Thirty-six years later, the development of a baby is the same.  Exactly the same.

It’s been the same for thousands of years.

What this means is that Julius Caesar developed the same way you did.

What this means is that human beings five thousand years and beyond will develop the same way you did.

Not only will the physical development be the same, the emotions linked to that development will be the same as well.

People five thousand years from now will feel the same positive and negative emotions you feel.

People will laugh and feel joyful; they will also get mad and feel angry.  Other emotions such as envy and greed will exist as well.

Yes, people will still feel compassion; but that will be offset by smug contempt of others.

For better or worse, we are trapped within our biology.

War and aggression will aways be with us.

One group of people will always desire the possessions of another.

Our biology will mandate it.