Creationism and the NWO

Why does the New  World Order despise Creationism?

What’s the big deal?

Who cares if people want to believe in stories like Noah’s Ark? What harm can it do?


At least to the New World Order.

Not to you and me though.

To understand why, let’s suppose that you are making $1 million per year. 

When you make that kind of money it’s only natural that you would ask yourself how you got so lucky.

Why, you would ask yourself, am I making all this money when other people are only making a fraction of what I am making?

The right answer is because that’s just the way it is. The particular field you entered pays that kind of money, or you just happen to be in the right place at the right time.

There but for the grace of God go you.

Unfortunately, such wisdom is in short supply, and people do not think that way.

Unfortunately, people say to themselves the following: I am making more money because I have superior intellect and because I have worked harder.  I am a superior person. I have evolved into a greater state of being than others. It is only fitting that I rule.

This is the belief system of a social Darwinist.

Creationism stands opposed to this.

Creationism implies that we are equally valuable before God, that we exist out of God’s grace.

Creationism implies that we do not  excel in life except through God’s grace.

Creationism nullifies a master race.

This is anathema to the New World Order who work tirelessly around the clock 24/7/52 to manufacture their master race – represented by their favored celebrities, politicians, businessmen and scientists.

These are the superstars who will rule you.  They have evolved beyond you; they have special powers that are independent of God.

Indeed, there is no God in their secular society.

These superstars are God.

Now, along comes Creationism to dispel this myth.

Is the New World Order going to take this sitting down? 


They attack Creationism vehemently.

They point to carbon dating and laugh.  Aha, they say, this proves the earth is billions of years old.  We are right, and you are wrong.

Yet, their boasts are fruitless not because carbon dating does not refute the physicality of Creationism but because Creationism has no physicality at all.

Creationism is not a physical event; it is a theory, and a theory is a tool like the theory of evolution.

Creationism is abstract.

Creationism is not something one believes in but something one uses.

I use the theory of evolution, but I do not worship it.  

I use Creationism, but I do not worship it.

At its core, Creationism is a tool that keeps social Darwinism in check.

Creationism is an intellectual platform upon which one climbs to see farther and further.

The New World Order would just as soon you stay away from that platform.

People might get ideas.

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