A Tale of Two Brothers

Many years ago, and it could be just about any century after the year 1500, and in any country, there were two brothers, let us call them Brother A and Brother B. But their names could have been Helmut and Horst, Pierre and Claude, Jim and Dave or any pair of names from any country.

Brother A and Brother B lived a meager existence. Frankly, they lived in poverty. They lived in a small hovel with a leaky roof.  Half their brothers and sisters had died through malnutrition and the other half had died in various wars waged by their corrupt King and Queen.  Brother A and Brother B had rotting teeth, and they wore rags.

A short distance away the King and Queen lived in grandeur. They had plenty of food to eat, a fabulous place to live, and they had no rotten teeth.  Frankly, the King and Queen lived in luxury.

This bothered Brother B,  the younger brother, and one day he could not take it anymore. He said to Brother A, “I can’t take it anymore and I’m getting out of here.”  Brother A tried to calm his brother down. He said to him, “Look things are going to get better. The King does not know what is going on.  Hang in there. Give it another year.”

Well, one year passed, and not only did things not get better, according to Brother B, they got worse. So one day, Brother B told his brother, “Hey, baby, I’m out of here.”

“Where will you go,” asked Brother A.  When Brother B told him, “America,” Brother A informed him that half the people died on the trip over there, which was true. Brother B replied, “I’ll take my chances because I have 100% chance of dying here.”

So Brother B left.  And that is the end of the story.

Now, everything that you as an American are, your values, your principles, your traditions were handed down to you by Brother B. Everything that Europeans are, their values, their traditions was handed down to them by Brother A. Now, here is the essential question: Why would you want to forsake everything that Brother B gave you, why would you want to spit in his face just because some politician or Hollywood celebrity desires it that way?

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