Israel, Palestine and Pseudo-Jews

Israel needs to dictate the solution to the Palestinian home land.

For better or for worse, they need to articulate what they are willing to accept.


If they are unwilling, too devious, or too stupid to do so, then the US must dictate a rational, real world solution.

Trust me, it doesn’t require a genius.

What’s required is intellectual honesty, clear thinking and a desire to do so.

Conditions in Gaza  grow worse every day.

Avigdor  “Psychobitch” Lieberman, the pseudo-Jew and Johnny-Come-Lately Israeli, is really putting the screws to the Palestinians.

Since Psychobitch is too stupid to see that his punishments will only cause a worsening of the situation – clearly he hasn’t read the Torah once – and since he takes his orders from Bibi, who I am convinced failed his Bar Mitzvah exam, it will probably fall to the US to avert a humanitarian disaster.

Of late Psychobitch has reduced the fishing zone of Palestinians from 9 miles to 6 miles off the Gaza coast. He has also stopped fuel shipments into Gaza.

Desperate people do desperate things.

One of my fears has been that Gazans, seeing no future, and having no hope, but still possessing a desire to preserve dignity, will quietly commit mass suicide by marching toward the Gaza perimeter fence in attempt to shame Israel and their US-GB supporters.

But can Israel and its chief backers be shamed?

Clearly the goal is to get Gazans to abandon Gaza.

Bibi has already publicly stated that he will not permit a Palestinian state west of the Jordan River.

Well if that’s the case, Einstein, then it’s incumbent upon you to figure out where you’re going to put them.

As I say, the sooner the better because Psychobitch would just as soon kill them all.  By the way, Psychobitch is the guy who proposed bombing the Aswan Damn a few years ago. That maneuver might’ve killed millions.

Given that a catastrophe serves no one’s interest, and given that both the US and GB worked with the Israelis to fuck the Palestinians out of their land, it seems reasonable for these Gazans and West Bankers (they’re next) to be offered conditional citizenship in the US and GB.

Short of that, some land distant from Israel should be found.

If it will bring peace to Israel and the Middle East, it’s worth the price.  It’s the right thing to do.

You broke it, you bought it.

It’s not Bibi’s fault that he’s stupid.  He was most likely a bright boy before he attended MIT where they serve up the stupid juice by the boatload.

Regarding the term. pseudo-Jew, a real Jew would follow the precepts of Judaism; and, just in case you’re thinking, there is no such thing as a cultural Jew.  The term cultural Jew is used by those Jews who want to conduct all sorts of immorality while sanctifying themselves by keeping a menorah down by the bar.  Or I guess they get up in the middle of the night and sing, “If I veh a rich man … ya da da da da da da.”  At any rate, you are ether a Jew, or you’re not a Jew.  Likewise, you are either a Christian, or you are not a Christian.  What you call yourself must be conferred by your adherence to those principles; it can not be conferred by a parent, a teacher, a school or your decision to call yourself that in the face of overwhelming evidence that you are not that.

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