Religion, War and Bullshit

Are religions bullshit?

It depends upon what we use them for.  The word religion has a  cognate of sorts in the Spanish verb ligar which means to bind.

Religion is a binding of values intended to provide structure to people young and old.

A people that sticks together thrives together.  Theoretically.

But to what end?  For what purpose is religion?  And where does it come from?

In our day and age, religion is used to fight war.  Our elites through their private army, the CIA, figured out in short order decades ago that the best way to reach the people in order to get them to fight their battles was through their pastors.

Every age has more or less figured out the same.

The original popes were military leaders.

Finding convenient passages to support war is no problem.  The Bible is filled with them,  and your local pastor will highlight  them regularly every Sunday morning.

The battles with the Philistines are a favorite.  They are there to remind us that the good life was won by spilled blood.

And lots of it.

Who knew the Philistines would be so necessary to our survival?

Art any rate, that’s why those stories are there.

The stories were written and compiled by men to control men, and to ultimately organize men for war – physical and abstract. Every word of these stories was written by man.

Now, you can choose to believe that God inspired men to write those words for who can prove you wrong?

But that is not the question.

The question is whether God desires war.

If God does not desire war then why did he inspire men to write the Bible and use it to justify war?

Or does God have nothing to do with religion?

Is religion bullshit?

Or is it just bullshit in the way in which we use it?

It’s tough for people to abandon religion especially when they have been terrorized into believing that they will go to hell if they speak one word against it.

That God has not punished Muslims and Buddhists goes unconsidered.

What’s important is to promote the true belief.

Yet what is the true belief?

Is it necessary to fuse historical  mumbo jumbo and tall tales to promote the belief?

How difficult is it to enunciate the core truth of Christianity:  Do you unto others as you would have others do unto you.

I don’t want my home and country ripped apart by a foreign force who has been sent to secure lithium deposits.  

Do you?  

Ergo …

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