Culture and The Seduction of Foreign Travel

They say that foreign travel makes you more cultured.

I don’t know about that.

It certainly opens your eyes – if you want them opened.

Much of your travel abroad depends upon what you choose to see.

If you live in another country for an extended period of time you’ll see a much different world than if you take a whirlwind tour of a continent.

Why are you traveling?

To get “cultured” at the great museums of the world?

If that’s the case, you’ll never find it.

Culture is not the Louvre.

Culture is not Versailles.

Culture is the everyday life that people live.

Culture is the composite of attitudes that people hold towards life, money, death, God and each other.

Culture is what people value, not to be confused with what the elites value.

What the elites value can be found in the  Louvre.

Da Vinci, Rodin, Picasso.

Here the elites talk to you. They say:  Look here, this is who we have chosen to represent you.  This is who you are.  This is your culture.

And the people ooh and aah and remark how cultured they are for having seen these works of art.

The people come to believe that culture comes not from them but from some higher more authoritative body who we call the elites.

But this is not so.

Da Vinci is Da Vinci.  Picasso is Picasso.  They are of regular people and are inherently part of your culture. 

They do not come from above. They come from you.

The power of the elites to designate who will represent culture is false.

Yet the elites power over culture is strong. The elites spend extraordinary sums of money hoarding works of art.

They stack this “stolen” art to the sky in their fancy libraries and museums.

They invite you to walk in to get “cultured.”

They entice you to be one of the “in crowd.”

Come in, come in, they say in a sexy way.

You take the bait.

You travel to del Prado in Spain.

Then to Buckingham Palace.

Then to the Louvre.

You ooh and aah.

Slowly you become indoctrinated into a system of false belief. 

You think you are cultured because you have traveled to the great cities of the world and seen great works of art.

This is false.

You think you understand foreign cultures.

This is false.

What you understand and accept to be true is what the elites want you to believe – that  culture comes from above.  

Control of culture is paramount to the elites.  

By controlling your history they control you.

The libraries and museums they build are the Crown Jewels of their power over you.  

If you destroy those libraries and museums in your mind,  you emancipate yourself.

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