Rethinking Israel

What can Jews and Christians do to prevent another Holocaust?

Not what they’re doing now.

The current thinking is to have a homeland, Israel, where Jews can find safe haven.

It seems like a good idea.

And I would say that it would be a good idea if man were smart.

But if man were smart in making this move, wouldn’t we have gotten an  invitation by now to join the League of Planets?

We haven’t which should concern us.

Maybe we should rethink this whole Israel thing.   Maybe we’re going down the wrong path.  

You know, when the concept of Israel was first proposed there were many Jews who opposed its creation.

One of the arguments against Israel and its inevitable accompanying doctrine of Aliyah, the right of return, is that it would put Jews in a position of having dual loyalty.  It was feared that this would cause automatic distrust of those Jews remaining in their native country.

Another argument was that creating a Jewish homeland doesn’t address the issue of why Jews are persecuted.

Perhaps the principle objection, though, was that secular nationalism would replace observance of the Jewish faith; in other words, Jews would cease becoming Jews.  

Well, they were right on the money about that because right now so-called Jews and their so-called Christian supporters are engaging in very un-Jewish and un-Christian behavior in the Middle East.  And if it’s one thing that makes God testy, it’s people behaving immorally.

You would think that our leadership of so-called Christians and so-called Jews in the United States and Israel would have read the OT, but if you thought that you would be wrong.  They go to church and temple to get elected.

The OT is replete with stories of civilizations that have turned away from God and consequently come to ruination.

Since the current leadership in both countries doesn’t care about ancient wisdom, I will assume that they will bring us to ruination also.

Have they ever read a book?  Trump hasn’t, except his own, of course.

The body count in the Middle East is staggering.  The pure evil unleashed by ISIS, now known to be created and supported by the US and Israel (Saudis too), is heartbreaking.

God sees everything.

In which case, it might be a good idea to start thinking of other solutions to save the so-called Jews and so-called Christians who authored this mayhem.

We may want to include ourselves also for permitting these bozos to drag us into this mess.

Thinking we’re safe because we have an iron dome or a six-hundred ship Navy isn’t a solution, so here’s a novel thought:  How about following the vision of JFK who believed that leaders should empower people?

What if the US and Israel strengthened the average citizen living in Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Jordan and Lebanon?

What if our leaders who graduate from fancy business schools understood that the purpose of a business or a government is not to make money but to add value to the average citizen’s life?

Would that be something God would approve of?

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