The Circus is in Town

Hey, I thought the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus shut down.

Apparently not because the circus is coming to Houston today.

Well, it’s a circus of sorts. Donald Trump is showing up at a rally  with Ted Cruz.

He’s speaking right now, lying his ass off, tooting his own horn, hurling insults. Trump, of course.

It’s a joke.

The joke is on the people supporting him who will get nothing of what Trump proposed and says he accomplished.

Corporate America is in full control now of our election process. There is no point in voting anymore. And I say this as a person who voted for Trump.

Why did I vote for him?

I suppose we always have that little bit of hope that along will come someone who can fix things.

Somehow Trump seems false.

The real McCoy doesn’t need to brag, lie or insult people.

The real McCoy tells the truth. And the truth is sufficient.

The real McCoy is quiet not loud.

Political rallies are no substitute for substance.

Cotton candy is no substitute for meat and potatoes.

The powers that be, totally smart and totally immoral, financed and backed Trump for decades for-seeing a day when they might use him.

Never underestimate the elites. They think ahead.

They played me like a fiddle.  They did the same to many other Americans.

They take advantage of people‘s good nature.

Magicians the elites are.

They are so good at reframing an issue.

They know how to play the left against the right and the right against the left.

Their speech writers spice it up with lots of good jokes and insults.  And I admit they’re funny.



The battle the elites promote through their media shills Sean Hannity on the right and Rachel Maddow on the left – is false.

The true battle is between big and small.

Are corporations to grow bigger or smaller?

Is government to grow bigger or smaller?

Are big government programs such as war to grow bigger or smaller?

These questions regarding this more important battle will never be presented to you seriously on national television.

National television and national media as well as the political process has been 100% co-opted by Corporate America.

False battles are presented to you weekly now to keep your minds on that false battle – left versus right.

Both candidates agree to play the same stupid game.  Why not?  They’re the two arms of Corporate America.

Who you vote for is now a total sham.

It’s a circus, and right now Trump is its master of ceremonies.

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