How to Win a War

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One thing is for sure, if you want to win a war, you better be prepared to go the distance.

Going the distance means taking the war to the women.

If you are not prepared to do so, you’re just setting the table for the next war.

Political correctness doesn’t want you to recognize this, but it’s true.

Earlier civilizations have recognized this.

Some modern ones also.

It is the women in any society who are the caretakers of its values.

It is the women who transmit those values to the next generation.

It is the women who make the decision to begin war and end war.

The men are merely the instruments to carry out that policy.

Hence, unless the war is taken to the women, the war does not end.

General Sherman during our own Civil War on a certain level understood this, which is why he marched through the South leaving a path of destruction.

He took the war to the women.

Our generals in Vietnam did not understand this truth which is why they pussyfooted around and failed the men they were leading.

Uncle Ho understood the truth.

The war must be taken to the women.

This is not an easy thing to do.

This principle applies to cultural wars as well.

In Europe today, there is a cultural war going on between Christianity and Islam.

The Christian leaders pussyfoot around. They delude themselves that a war does not exist.

They prefer to believe the fantasy that we are all going to skip hand in hand through the meadow, sing to the heavens above, and learn to love each other.

Radical Muslims think otherwise.

They know what they are up against, and they will fight to the death to preserve their culture and their belief.

They are fighting.

They are having the time of their lives raping Christian women in Scandinavia.

They understand what war is all about.

Do their adversaries?



Israeli Bluster

So the latest Israeli blowhard to enter the arena, Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan, states that Israel is closer than ever to entering Gaza to attain security for Israel’s citizens.

Tough talk.

Let’s see how tough he talks in a few months after Israel decides to undertake this mission.

Will Israel win?  Well, it depends upon how you define win.

One thing is for sure, Hamas and the Palestinians have nothing to lose.

Given the horrid conditions they are living under, given Israel’s determination to take the West Bank, given growing world support for Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, it should be clear to the Palestinians that they have little to fight for save honor.

They’re certainly not fighting for Lady Gaga to give a performance.  No, luxuries are not at the top of their list.

I would say they are fixing their bayonets right now.

Israel should be prepared for that.

The problem that Israel faces is not its own means or determination but its overconfidence.

Their young anonymous soldiers have been fed a steady diet of lies about Palestinians for fifty years now.

Israelis have come to accept Palestinians as subhuman cockroaches who celebrate a culture of death.

I don’t think that’s true.  I think Palestinians very much love their children and neighbors. And like Jews they want to be part of the future world.

Any people under siege and outgunned will resort to suicide bombers.  The Japanese did, the Vietnamese did, the Palestinians did.

And what do you know? The very first suicide bombers were the Jewish Zealots who conducted knifings against Roman soldiers in the first century.

Knifings, huh?

So the Jews wrote the book.

The Palestinians are the students.

They learned from their teachers and engaged in suicide bombings.

They’ll do it again

They have nothing to lose.

They’ll do what they have to do.

And more. Humanity is inventive, and necessity is the mother of invention.

Missiles once directed at cities will be more efficiently directed at patrols.

It’s a closer shot with a greater chance of success

Is Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan ready for this?

Is he ready for house to house combat?

I suppose that with proper planning and careful attention to detail it is possible that Israel can achieve a sweeping victory over Hamas with a minimum of bloodshed.

One of Israel’s assumptions may be poor:   That Hamas and Hamas alone is responsible for the instability in Gaza.

In other words, get rid of Hamas and the problem goes away.  This seems to be the same logic that the US bought into during Vietnam:  Get rid of the Viet Cong and the Vietnamese will be peaceful.

Well, the Vietnamese people were the Viet Cong.

In Gaza, I suspect, the Palestinians are Hamas.

Israel, prefers to believe its own bullshit.  They prefer to believe the lies they’ve been promoting through the Western media about Hamas surrounding themselves with unwilling human shields inside nursery schools.

It fits their narrative.

Israel also prefers to believe in their own superiority and the unassailability of the IDF.  This confidence is bolstered by their rabbis infusing them with the nonsense that they are God’s chosen people and that God gave them Israel.

Well, 1) God picks no favorites, 2) God doesn’t give any land to anyone, and 3) God distributes intelligence evenly throughout the spectrum of humanity.  You’re here after millions of years of evolution; if you were that genetically inferior, you and your people wouldn’t be here.

Still Israel believes its own bullshit.  It points to its Nobel Prize winners as proof of Jewish superiority never once asking itself whether other religions emphasize awards and accomplishments let alone Nobel Prizes.

Suppose other cultures emphasize a renunciation of wealth, possessions and awards.  What then?

Hey, here’s a thought: Shouldn’t a master race consider such and temper its arrogance.

And if it does not?

Well, wars aren’t fought on paper  or in the minds of the self-deluded as Israel is about to find out.

Yes, they can kill many Palestinians and “win”.

But at what cost to themselves and the future Israel?

It’s important to ask questions.  The more high quality questions you ask, the better the result generally is.

Does God see everything?   Does God see what hardships Israel has inflicted upon the Palestinians in Gaza?  Do we live in a moral universe?

These are but a few questions the Israeli blowhard, Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan, might ask first.

Intelligent people ask questions.

Friends and Enemies

There’s no logical reason why Jews cannot live alongside Palestinian Muslims.

They are not natural enemies.

Indeed, they are brothers.

Mohammed modeled Islam off Judaism, which helps explain why both share similar traits and customs.

Certainly they are not a threat to each other operationally.

Here is why.

Both religions are rules oriented.  To be a member means that one must obey many procedures, dictates and customs.

Learning such rules takes time and extensive acculturation.

As such, it isn’t likely that a member of one is going to abandon his religion in order to learn another which also has many rules, but different, requiring a hefty investment of time.

People are generally lazy.

It’s much more likely that a member of one of these religions will join Christianity which has few rules.

Other than accepting Christ as your savior, doing unto others as you would have others do unto you, and renouncing wealth which few Christians obey anyway, it’s a nobrainer to go from a rules-based religion to Christianity. Which many do.

You mean that’s it,asks the potential convert.   Jesus, where do I sign up?

Christianity stands as the true threat to all rules-based religions which is why Christians  have been traditionally persecuted all over the world in different eras by many religions including pagan religions.

Rome gets bragging rights.

Contributing to this threat is Christianity’s missionary zeal, its commitment to spreading its good news, its fervor to convert everyone to Christianity.

The stands in contrast to the Jews who have no interest in converting anyone unless the person applies and then jumps through many hoops.

It is this reluctance to proselytize and convert which enables the Jews to live side-by-side amongst Muslims in peace.

Hence Judaism does not serve as a drain on Islam.

Nor is Islam a threat to Judaism.  Even though Islam seeks to convert, Judaism is not viewed as low hanging fruit or prime meat because of its low volume and non-desire to convert Muslims.

So what results is a symbiotic relationship between Jews and Muslims. 

Which explains why the Jews followed the Muslims when the Christians kicked the Muslims out of Spain.

And why Jews, barring a major shift in the religion, will always prefer Muslims over Christians.

Close examination will reveal great working relationships between Jews and Muslims spanning centuries.

What you see going on in Israel and Palestine today is an aberration fueled by greed, greed fueled by another religion which hasn’t yet defined itself as a religion but is one nonetheless.

The religion is called Corporatism and it seeks not to convert but to destroy.

It requires that you abandon your religion completely and accept its amorphous, numb doctrine of consumption and whatever bullshit it’s selling.

But it has no empathy and desire to understand your plight. Having no mind,  it runs roughshod over those standing in its way.

It identifies an enemy and takes it. It mindlessly asks its adherents to annihilate the perceived enemy.  It only requires that you obey.

There is no God of decency in it.

Truth means nothing. Lies are its currency.

And so Jews who are not Jews supported by Christians who are not Christians – having converted to Corporatism – work together to destroy Palestinians with impunity.

Corporatism is a pernicious, malicious, and malignant religion.

It arose from the void left when people abandoned their religion.

It took the simplicity and zeal of Christianity and fused it with the obedience of Judaism plus the idea that this Earth is all that there is.

Follow me and consume all.

It is the doctrine of a cancer cell.

It takes no prisoners.

It will destroy Jews and Muslims alike.  

Christians too.

Rethinking Israel

What can Jews and Christians do to prevent another Holocaust?

Not what they’re doing now.

The current thinking is to have a homeland, Israel, where Jews can find safe haven.

It seems like a good idea.

And I would say that it would be a good idea if man were smart.

But if man were smart in making this move, wouldn’t we have gotten an  invitation by now to join the League of Planets?

We haven’t which should concern us.

Maybe we should rethink this whole Israel thing.   Maybe we’re going down the wrong path.  

You know, when the concept of Israel was first proposed there were many Jews who opposed its creation.

One of the arguments against Israel and its inevitable accompanying doctrine of Aliyah, the right of return, is that it would put Jews in a position of having dual loyalty.  It was feared that this would cause automatic distrust of those Jews remaining in their native country.

Another argument was that creating a Jewish homeland doesn’t address the issue of why Jews are persecuted.

Perhaps the principle objection, though, was that secular nationalism would replace observance of the Jewish faith; in other words, Jews would cease becoming Jews.  

Well, they were right on the money about that because right now so-called Jews and their so-called Christian supporters are engaging in very un-Jewish and un-Christian behavior in the Middle East.  And if it’s one thing that makes God testy, it’s people behaving immorally.

You would think that our leadership of so-called Christians and so-called Jews in the United States and Israel would have read the OT, but if you thought that you would be wrong.  They go to church and temple to get elected.

The OT is replete with stories of civilizations that have turned away from God and consequently come to ruination.

Since the current leadership in both countries doesn’t care about ancient wisdom, I will assume that they will bring us to ruination also.

Have they ever read a book?  Trump hasn’t, except his own, of course.

The body count in the Middle East is staggering.  The pure evil unleashed by ISIS, now known to be created and supported by the US and Israel (Saudis too), is heartbreaking.

God sees everything.

In which case, it might be a good idea to start thinking of other solutions to save the so-called Jews and so-called Christians who authored this mayhem.

We may want to include ourselves also for permitting these bozos to drag us into this mess.

Thinking we’re safe because we have an iron dome or a six-hundred ship Navy isn’t a solution, so here’s a novel thought:  How about following the vision of JFK who believed that leaders should empower people?

What if the US and Israel strengthened the average citizen living in Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Jordan and Lebanon?

What if our leaders who graduate from fancy business schools understood that the purpose of a business or a government is not to make money but to add value to the average citizen’s life?

Would that be something God would approve of?