Overplaying Their Hand

One of the hallmarks of the left is that they always overplay their hand.

They can not fix themselves.

It’s part of who they are.

Many years ago I was watching a program about the history of politics in America.  I was enjoying the program.  It seemed legit.  Just before the program ended, the narrator referenced Richard Nixon, then added with dramatic emphasis: “The only President to resign the Office of the Presidency in disgrace.”   Leftists love to add that redundant flourish to assure you that it wasn’t a dog catcher who resigned the Presidency.

When I heard that, I let out a giant ugggghhhhhh as I realized I had just permitted myself to be force fed  two hours of leftist propaganda.  It was two hours of my life that I wasn’t going to get back.

I was in my 20s and it was my first exposure to the left overplaying its hand.

The left can’t help it. Being smug and sanctimonious is part of who they are.

And they can’t resist throwing in a cheap shot against Nixon, or Reagan or Bush.

They always think they’re right. And it will always be that way.

They become incensed when people dare to think differently.  How dare they?

They believe their own bullshit so fervently that they ignore reality staring at them in the face.

They are the ultimate zealots, the ultimate true believers.

To reinforce their beliefs they construct crazy polling data that supports their views.

One such poll came out yesterday which showed that early voting by young voters was up 500%.  

500%?   Is this number believable?

This poll is happily embraced by the left. It serves two purposes.

First, it pleasures the left; it’s an orgasm of sorts. “Young voters are up; young voters vote our way; we will necessarily win.” As to what would singularly motivate a leftist to get up and vote two weeks before the election as opposed to Election Day is not discussed.  Perhaps these early voters are overwhelmingly the young people on the right who tend to plan ahead.

Second, it presents the election as a fait accompli to their opponents.  “Do you see, conservatives, it’s all over. There is no need for you to vote.”  People on the left can not resist the fait accompli.  They do it all the time.  They did it with Hillary in 2016; they do with it global warming – “settled science”; they are doing it now with the midterm elections.

The latter point  illustrates a classic case of the left overplaying its hand.

Will it work?  

Not a chance.

Conservatives are disciplined.

Conservatives will do what they always do, whether they want to or not, even if they are the only person in the room to do so.

They will vote.



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