New World Order Judges

Yesterday, the chief justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts, rebuked Donald Trump after Donald Trump spoke out against Judge Jon Tigar a federal judge in California.  Trump also complained about another group of judges who take care of matters pertaining chiefly to the west coast.

Donald Trump was upset because this particular judge had overruled his policy of denying political asylum to immigrants who desire to enter the country.

Trump called John Tigar an “Obama Judge.”  

The chief justice responded that his judges were not “Obama Judges” but independent judges.

That’s a laugh.

There’s nothing independent about the federal judiciary when it comes to the general welfare of the country.

These federal judges are 100% USDA-certified puppets of the New World Order.  They are gutless, clueless, privileged cowards hell-bent on harming the integrity of the nation.  

It is the New World Order’s goal to create a common market in North America between Canada, the United States, Mexico and Central America; abolish local currencies; then establish their bullshit government most likely devoid of the Bill of Rights and the second amendment.

Of course, the Amero, printed by the elites will be important; but what they really want is gun control.  They need to find a way to negate the second amendment.  Creating a supranational state is integral to that plan.

Forget about Madison and Jefferson.  Clearly they are no longer relevant.

To attain this supranational state it is important to destroy the integrity of the United States, Mexico and Central America.

This was aided vastly via NAFTA which destroyed the economy of the independent corn farmer in Mexico by dumping cheap corn into Mexico.  These independent corn farmers, with no place to go after having been thrown off their lands, either joined El Chapo in the drug trade or emigrated to the United States.  That’s one reason why you have this massive migration of Mexican citizens into the United States. The elites knew exactly what they were doing. We know this because they have done nothing to fix it. They are totally content with this immigration. In addition NAFTA made the elite wealthier.

The same situation is going on in Central America today with CAFTA. CAFTA exploits the poor, pollutes the environment and creates a culture of poverty within which gangs thrive. That’s why you have so many gangs like MS 13 coming from Central America; that’s why you have so much immigration coming from Central America. Who wants to live in poverty surrounded by gangsters? That’s why you have the caravan. Again, the elites know exactly what they are doing. They have done nothing to fix this problem. They completely avoid solving the root of the problem which is to make Central America a nice place to live and raise a family. Why would they want to do that? CAFTA makes them rich.

Concomitant to causing upheaval in Mexico and Central America is the necessity to break down barriers of entry in the United States.

To achieve this we have the pusillanimous government in California, which is now a state in Mexico, and we have clueless judges like Jon Tigar who Trump attacks.

He calls Tigar and his ilk “Obama Judges.”  

In reality, they are judges of the New World Order.  It doesn’t matter whether they were appointed by Bush, Obama or Clinton. It’s not a Republican versus Democrat issue because all three presidents were puppets of the New World Order. All three Presidents did tremendous damage to the United States through these ridiculous trade agreements and the fighting of international wars which have devastated the United States economy and impoverished you in the process.

Remember, the economy is about your welfare, not the Dow’s welfare.

The elites try to frame this as a racial issue; but it’s not a racial issue. It’s an economic issue and always has been.  It matters not whether you are white, brown, black, red, purple or polka dot.

If we do not stop this diabolical plan of the New World Order, you can expect your stake in the  American Dream to plunge.  

The New World Order’s plan is bad for everyone.

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