The Smear

Well, I’ve talked about the Confederacy before. It’s probably time to talk about it again given that CNN and the liberals are using it to smear Cindy Hyde-Smith.

Hyde-Smith is running in a special election for Thad Cochrane’s Senate seat in Mississippi.

First, the Civil War was not a war to free the slaves. You can slog through my prior posts to see why.

Now, of course, the liberals, true to form, want it to be that way, but wanting does not make it so.

The Civil War was about economics. Saying that the war was about slavery gives far too much credit to the bankers and industrialists who must finance a war. These guys do not go to war for social justice.

The social justice narrative is constructed to loan nobility to the elites who begin these wars.

Now, once the war was begun, slavery was used as a weapon against the South. But hold on, let us not think that the North really cared about black folk. They didn’t.

They still don’t.

What the North cared about beside winning the war was all that cheap black labor that would be freed up by abolishing slavery. Oh yeah, baby; they were licking their chops at all that cheap black labor that they could use in their factories. Plus, they could use that labor as scabs to break up emerging unions.

What they wanted to do was replace official slavery with a new kind of slavery.

Oh, and as for Jim Crow, Jim Crow laws existed in the North as well. Don’t think for one second that white people in the North were any more pure than their white cousins in the South.

Now, if Jim Crow was so repulsive to the North after reconstruction, why didn’t the North wage war again?

Aha, because the North got what it wanted the first time around. The Civil War was always about economics. When the South seceded it was free to trade cotton for finished goods from England which could compete with the finished goods being manufactured in the North.

That’s why the North declared war against the South. If the South had never seceded we’d have slavery today.

It’s always about the money for these elites. They simply don’t give a flip about social justice.

Which brings us to Cindy Hyde-Smith and this bogus smear about the Confederacy.

CNN doesn’t give a damn about slavery, the Confederacy or black folk. What they care about is selecting for you the candidate their corporate puppet-masters approve of.

If their liberal candidate had embraced a Civil War general you’d hear nary a peep about it.

These issues exist to move the citizenry to elect those candidates who the elites desire. Typically their candidates favor a corporate agenda. Big surprise.

Yes, we live in a shamocracy that has all the trappings of legitimacy.

Now, that’s dangerous.

Somehow, I think the Founding Fathers sensed that this might happen which is why they wanted your Senators elected by your state legislature.

This indirect method was actually better representation for you, but all that got changed with the 17th Amendment.

Which is why the 17th Amendment must be repealed.

Your country depends upon it.

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