Brexit Finale

What’s wrong with Great Britain?

Did it have its balls ripped off?

Are American presenters over there wimping down the nation like they’ve done here in America?

Is GB seriously the nation that once conquered the world?

I can hardly believe it.

What’s wrong with Great Britain when it comes to Brexit?

Have they never been suckered by a used-car dealer?

I can’t believe they’re falling for this take it or leave it ultimatum ploy by Donald Tusk.

The general rule in ultimatums is that when someone issues you one, you tell them to fuck off.

So what’s wrong with Great Britain? The people are panicking. Many are calling for a new referendum.
What can I say?
I know. Man up. Keep a stiff upper lip.
A few days ago the Bank of England came out with a report essentially stating that the sky would fall in if GB left the European Union.
Their predictions were apocalyptic yet comical.
In a worst case scenario, unemployment will rise to 7.5 percent, house prices will fall 30 percent, and the economy will shrink by 8 percent over the course of a year.
Wow! Does that sound like bullshit? It sounds like a Y2K prediction.
Do you remember that one?
One was led to believe that the world would end at the stroke of midnight on December 31, 1999.
And it did end, for the Chicken Littles who made those dire predictions.
As it will end soon for the EU when GB tells them to shove off.
They know it too. That’s why they issued the ultimatum.
They want – no, need – to stick GB with a lemon which is them, the EU.
My advice: Walk away.

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