David Icke and his Reptiles

There is a man named David Icke out of England who actually believes that the Queen of England is a reptile.

What a crazy idea.

He is routinely ridiculed in England for believing such, but is he really all that crazy?

Mr. Icke states that the ruling class are aliens that came to Earth a long time ago.  They possess a different genetic structure than do we. They have been able to co-opt humanity by hybridizing their DNA with regular humans.

So they can look like us without being us.

By propagating themselves throughout the four corners of the Earth, they have been able to control humanity.

What identifies them as aliens is their utter lack of empathy for people’s pain and suffering.

He supports his theory by pointing to the similarities that exist between the elites who have controlled various cultures and the symbols they use to represent their “royal” bloodline.  Typically, he states, these elites use dragons or serpents.

Much of the control of humanity is created through control of perception.

Perception is controlled via the media which these aliens control.

That’s the gist of his message for the purposes of this discussion.  There are other elements, of course.

It sounds crazy, right?

Maybe not.

Man has come a long way in the past two thousand years, wouldn’t you agree?

Given that man has come a long way in two thousand years, doesn’t it seem possible that our advancements, if we don’t kill ourselves, in five thousand years will enable us to travel to other galaxies?  Won’t our advancements in genetics keep similar pace?

Suppose we encounter a planet like Earth in five thousand years.  Further suppose we can’t quite survive there, but it we hybridize our DNA with the existing life forms found on the planet, we can thrive and even “take over the place.”

What do you think?

Do you think we’ll go for it?

If our track record on Earth is any guide –  aggression, murder and theft – we will.

That’s what David Icke is saying.

If we can do it in the future, given the age of the universe, it’s possible that someone has already done it to us.

Da da.

It’s a fascinating theory that can be used, and is used, to help explain events in our world today.

In that respect, neither David Icke nor his theory should be dismissed, for his theory, which some term New Age Conspiracy, helps explain the origin of events, such as 911,  that our current authorities view as coincidences.

Mr. Icke and his followers say that these coincidences are not coincidences at all but the machinations of these aliens who have infected humanity.

What do you think?

Are these horrible leaders of ours really aliens or are they merely humans who have become reptilian through their ugly behavior?



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