Brexit and Dignity

So what we have today in Great Britain is a classic case of domestic violence.

For a long time now, the working class in Great Britain has suffered.

They have been punched in the face again and again.

The bruises are clearly in plain sight now.

Sunglasses won’t camouflage this beating anymore.

The political class, living in the deluded cerebral confines of London, has done its best to suppress this abuse beneath its consciousness.

Yet the abuse exists.

Nobody wants to admit that they are being abused. The pain and humiliation is too great.

There comes a time though when you’ve been struck too many times to ignore it.

The Brexit vote was a statement by the British politic that something is desperately wrong.

It was a cry for help.

It was the first cry of an abused spouse stuck in a codependent relationship that has gone sour.

Often we don’t want to admit that we desperately need a refuge.

We feel ashamed.

We rationalize away our pain. We try to see the best in the abuser who has punished us.

Yet we know in our guts that things must change.

At first, we make the attempt to move away from home.

We ask for a divorce – which Great Britain has done.

We go through the motions and secure an attorney.

But it’s a big step.

We’ve grown accustomed to that spouse who abuses us.

Plus it’s been a while since we’ve been out on our own.

We begin to take counsel of our fears.

We scare ourselves that we can’t make it on our own.

The abusive spouse, in the case the EU, who likewise needs us to beat up upon in order to feel good about himself, assures us that we will never make it on our own.

The bully diminishes our worth.

We begin to listen to him.

We think about moving back.

But to what?

The abusive spouse has not changed.

He is above all else a recalcitrant debaser and humiliator.

Theresa May scurries to Brussels to genuflect before the abusive spouse.

She pleads to no avail.

The abuser smiles.  He knows a weakened partner when he sees one.   He’s abused others before.

It’s my way or the highway, says the abuser.

It’s time for Great Britain to take the highway.

Leaving may be painful, but it is the only path to dignity.

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