What is Justice?

I’ve been thinking a lot about justice today and what it is.

Media elites talk all the time about justice.  Defendants talk about justice after the trial is over.  If they win, they say justice was served; if they lose, they say that justice was not served.

What is justice?  Is justice a result, or is it a process?

Justice is a process.

As long as the process is fair and level, we can honestly say that justice was served whether we win or lose.

But if the process is not level, if one side is given an unfair advantage, then it is fair to say that justice has not been served.

We Americans believe in fair play.

We don’t like it when one side is treated differently than the other.

We apply this standard not only to what goes on in an individual case between two parties but to the body of cases as well.

We desire that all people abide by the same rules.

That’s why Lady Justice wears a blindfold.

Justice –  fair play and even application of the rules  – must apply whether you are white or black, rich or poor.

Justice must also apply when considering one’s political status.

We want to see even application of the rules whether you are a political heavyweight or just a regular person.

So how is justice working out in America today?

Is our system of justice the best it can be?

Well, when it comes to justice being blind to the politically connected, not very well at all.

While Michael Cohen goes to jail for three years, Hillary Clinton is never investigated at all.

While Paul Manafort goes to jail, Jeffrey Epstein has his case swept under the rug.  There were too many skeletons in that case, I imagine.

Lady Justice may be theoretically blind, but Americans have their eyes wide open.

They see what is going on.

They watch as the elites protect themselves and go after those who dare to question their illusory supremacy.

Take note, Washington elites.

Life is a big hockey game that comes with a referee.

As long as the referee calls the game fairly, the players will stay calm and play the game in a clean, orderly manner.

But if the referee does not call the game appropriately, in time the players will take matters into their own hands.

They will begin to dispense street-side justice.

The results are never pretty.



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