Political Atheism

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Is political atheism, not voting, acceptable?

As a young man, I would find it incomprehensible.  Given the lies we now know our government has fed us over the past seventy five years, I would say political atheism is mandatory.

Yes, you may argue, but how will things change if one does not vote?

Well, how will things change if we do vote?

Currently we vote for change, but nothing happens.

And it matters not if we are Democrats or Republicans.

The wars continue, important issues are trivialized and the poor get poorer.

Worse, no intelligent discourse is forthcoming from our intelligentsia.  They’ve been coopted as well.

Political correctness has strangled academia.

This phenomenon is not unique to the United States. People in Europe are feeling the effects of poor leadership also.

What has happened is that the elites figured out how to game the system.

They figured it out a long time ago.

They created think tanks which are less think tanks than good old boy networks controlled by multinational corporations.  These think tanks populated by Ivy Leaguers and Oxbridge types, control the think thanks and stand ready to fill cabinet positions in various governments around the globe.

The elites control the networks which feed a steady diet of lies to the masses.

The elites also control the phony polling companies which tell us what we are thinking.

And here we thought we knew what we thought.

Well, we did seventy five years ago.  These days, we are told what we thought.


Furthermore, we, the voters, only exist to validate what the elites want.

In other words, our vote really doesn’t count.

Of course, Mark Twain noted such over one hundred years ago when he said: If voting mattered, they’d never let us do it.

Now, if Mark Twain didn’t say this, he should have.  It sure sounds like something he would say.

Never was this wisdom more in evidence than the recent Brexit vote in the UK.

The elites in the UK called an election to see if the people wanted to exit the European Union. Of course the elites never wanted to leave. Their position was to remain in the EU.  They fully expected the people to dutifully follow as they have reliably done in the past.

Much to their surprise, the people voted to leave.

What did the elites say to that? They said no. And so for the past two years the elites have pulled every trick in the book to negate the will of the people.

In other words, they don’t give a rat’s ass what the people think.

So if the elites don’t care about us, why should we care about them?  Why should we participate in their phony sham of a democracy?

We shouldn’t.

We don’t exist to serve the elites; they exist to serve us. If we can’t get that through elections and representative democracy, then it’s time to try something else.

Political atheism is a start.





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