Brexit and Political Capital

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I’m coming here today to solve a problem for  Great Britain.  

Okay, you say, who does this jackass American think he is butting into our affairs, thinking he can solve a problem that he thinks we can’t solve?

And who asked him anyway? And why does he give a shit – excuse me, sheit –  what happens to us?

Well, I give a sheit because your battle is my battle. What happens to you happens to me.

And why do you care whether I am an American or not?  All you should care about is getting your problem solved.

Why do you care if it’s a man on the moon who solves it?

Oh, I get it – national pride.  Sure.

Look, I don’t get upset when Michael Caine or Gary Oldman make movies over here.

Gary Oldman?  My gosh, one of my staff didn’t even know he was British until he did a commercial here a few years ago. He makes so many movies speaking in an American accent, most people here think he’s an American.

For years, I thought Toni Collette and Naomi Watts were ours.  How can anyone know anymore if they refuse to make a movie in their native homeland except of course for the one movie they made when they were eight years old and nobody knew who they were?

At any rate, you’re stuck, and so am I, because a significant portion of your population feels that there is something fundamentally wrong with the European Union.

It’s not a matter of choosing remain or leave.

The body is in pain.

There’s no point in denying the pain. The pain exists.

That’s with this referendum was about – recognizing and alleviating pain.

That’s what the Yellow Vest movement is about. That’s what the Five Star movement is about. That’s what the Greek riots were all about.

That’s what the rebellions to be will be about.

Now, here’s the real deal if you’re a rebel which I happen to be.  

If you voted to leave, as I would have done had I been a Brit, you are going to lose if you decide to play hardball.

You don’t have the guns, and you don’t have the organization to beat the elites when they get upset.

The reason you beat the elites in 2016 is because they were sleeping. They are still the hare, and you are still the tortoise. In a race where they do not sleep, you will lose every single time.

It’s biology, baby. You can read a book on how to run by Usain Bolt, but you are still a tortoise.

What you need to do is use the political capital you have gained to modify the European Union.

That’s what will work.

There is political precedent.  The anti-federalists pushed for the Bill of Rights in the United States, and they got it.

The best course of action is for the Leavers to press for concessions from the EU for a fundamental restructuring of the constitution in how laws are passed and how debt is shared within the EU.

You will find  broad-based support for doing such. The Yellow Vests will be with you. The Five Star movement will be with you. The Greeks will be with you. 

And let’s face it:  Nobody really likes a German banker, right?

They don’t smile enough.

So austere.

Well, in America we have a little saying.  If you owe the bank $100,000 and you can’t pay, you have a problem. If you owe the bank $350 billion dollars and you can’t pay, the bank has a problem.  

Ergo, let the German bankers know this, then ask for sensible reforms. You know what reforms need to be done.  Costs have got to be shared, and people need more say.

A European union is a great idea. This European union was a bad idea. Now is the time to make those changes.

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