Distraction and Misplaced Rage

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Why are young people outraged by statutes of Confederate soldiers?

The Civil War ended well over over 150 years ago.

Why now?

Is there nothing else for them to protest against?

Well as it turns out, there’s plenty to protest about that is far more important than Confederate statues.

They could begin by protesting Nike shoes and other US corporations for exploiting the various peoples in Southeast Asia and Central America.

They could protest manufacturing firms that outsource labor to Third World countries.

Why don’t they?

First, they would have to know about this exploitation.

If the mainstream media doesn’t cover it, they probably don’t know about it.

Second, they would have to be told to protest this exploitation.

Sadly, most people are followers.

In light of not knowing anything about these issues, and not being told to protest about them, young people fill in the rage gap with what they do know and what is commanded of them.

Thus statues of Confederate soldiers.

The elites love Confederate soldiers.

The Confederacy sells.

Bull Connor sells.

Racism sells.

Race hustling works for the elites.

Race hustling is easy, cheap and prevalent.

Racism cloaks the mind in confusion and prevents you from thinking rationally.

Most importantly, it diverts attention from important issues.

Why aren’t young people protesting our government’s instigation of the civil war in Syria?  400,000 people have died.  Millions fled as refugees.  Oops, wrong civil war.

Why aren’t young people protesting the treatment of Palestinians by Israel?  Millions live under oppression every single day.

Why aren’t young people protesting the carnage in Yemen?  Thousands upon thousands have been wiped off the planet by our ally, Saudi Arabia.

Why aren’t they protesting?  Because they don’t know about it.

Because they’re led somewhere else.

They’re in a land 150 years away into the past, safely away from the issues of today.

They’re in antebellum America!

That’s great for the New World Order.

They are now free to operate.

911 truth anyone?

What?  Who’s got time for that?

Stephen F. Austin owned slaves 200 years ago.  

It’s an outrage.


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