Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Did you know Lee Oswald was fluent in Russian?

Oh, yes.

Warren Commission testimony from many, many of the native Russians in Dallas who knew him support that Lee’s command of Russian was near perfect.

His own future wife to be, Marina, thought he was native Russian when she first met him at a dance.

That’s a pretty neat trick for an American who the NWO tries to paint as a loser.

But of course, this information has been widely known and discussed for years.

What is not so widely discussed is why Lee Oswald had German flash cards among his last possessions.

Why would he have these?  Lee was a poor guy.  He wouldn’t throw money away causally.

Did he feel the need to learn German after meeting Volkmar Schmidt, a guy he met at the famous Everett Glover party?

The Everett Glover party was one of many coming-out parties where white Russians came to “Meet the Oswalds.”  Who knew the Oswalds were such celebrities?  Not only did Lee and Marina show up.  Also present was de Mohrenschildt and Ruth Paine.   What a party, eh?

Everett Glover was a soil scientist at Magnolia Oil which was eventually taken over by Mobil Oil.

Volkmar Schmidt, a German emigre, worked alongside Everett Glover.  He was Glover’s housemate in the Dallas area in 1962-63.  Volkmar Schmidt is one of these petroleum guys with shadowy ties to intelligence operations running back to WWII.

It seems like he and Lee hit it off pretty good at that party and the one the week before at George de Mohrenschildt’s apartment.  They talked for hours.

So maybe Lee wanted to learn German after meeting Schmidt.

Or perhaps Lee felt the need to converse more fluently with Gerry Droller, another German emigre, and a CIA guy to boot, who was working with Cuban exiles in overthrowing Fidel Castro.  Did Droller have any contact with Lee when Lee was hanging out in New Orleans posing as a supporter of Fidel Castro?



I don’t know the answers, but it is intriguing to me as to why Lee Oswald felt the need to learn German.

Maybe he was just a language nut.

Or maybe his next assignment, or so he was told by the CIA, was Berlin.

You know, many researchers of the JFK Assassination have pointed out that Lee was moving about that theater as if he was trying to contact someone.

Who would that be?

And why would Lee leave work that day and bring suspicion upon himself given that he knew he was involved in the assassination (he was)?

He would only leave if he felt secure in that he was going to be extracted out of the country to a place where he could disappear.

But where would that be?


Copyright 2019   Archer Crosley   All Rights Reserved

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