It’s Not Rocket Science

There were two coup d’états in the United States of America.

Of course, the first was with John Kennedy when he was assassinated by the wealthy pig elite who now rule our country with an iron fist.

The second coup d’état was that conducted against Richard Nixon.

The wealthy pig elite did not like Richard Nixon.

They didn’t like him because he disobeyed.

He disobeyed by ending the Vietnam war.

Ultimately, Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger sided with the American people and chose to end the Vietnam war with a peace agreement.

Good for them!

This was anathema to the wealthy pig elite, who had intended Vietnam to be what Afghanistan ultimately became – a 20 year cash cow.

I now ask you to disabuse yourself of the fanciful notion that Richard Nixon was removed from office by Bob Woodward, Ben Bradlee, and the Washington Post because he had committed grave crimes against the Constitution.

Richard Nixon was no more diabolical than Lyndon Johnson, or any president before him.

He played the game the same way as any other president.

The Watergate break-in was a CIA operation intended to take down Richard Nixon.

Bob Woodward didn’t discover anything that the FBI didn’t already know.

All the Presidents Men is theater for mass consumption.

It’s a lie that is repeated to keep you from searching for the truth.

What the main stream media won’t tell you is how connected Ben Bradlee was with the CIA.

His best friend was James Jesus Angleton of the CIA. His boyhood friend was Richard Helms of the CIA. Ben Bradlee’s brother-in-law by marriage was Cord Meyer, a high-level CIA agent.

Ben Bradlee’s wife and Cord Meyer’s wife were sisters

Ben Bradlee was a Harvard graduate and a Boston Brahmin. He was as connected as can be to the wealthy thug elite.

Ben Bradlee, Angleton, and Meyer were three peas in a pod. They were best friends. They were part of the Georgetown Set, a highfalutin group of intellectual know-nothings who fancied themselves as the elites, the crème de la crème of American society.

How antithetical is that to America?

Bob Woodward was another connected motherfucker from Yale. Before he was a reporter, he was in naval intelligence.

Almost all the Watergate burglars were CIA guys or CIA collaborators.

E. Howard Hunt and James McCord were verifiable CIA agents. Frank Sturgis was a mercenary who worked with the CIA. Virgilio Gonzalez and Eugenio Martinez were Cuban ex-pats who worked with the CIA to overthrow Fidel Castro.

Bernard Barker was another Cuban expat who could be considered CIA. He had a Russian-American father and a Cuban mother.

They left a trail of money that was as obvious as an eight lane highway leading back to themselves.

People who knew James McCord feel that he tipped off the police that they were in the Watergate building by leaving tape on the door latches.

It’s not complicated to figure it out.

You don’t need a college degree.

The CIA, which is nothing more than the Sicherheitdienst (Security Service) for the wealthy elite, wanted Nixon out.

Nixon was a loose cannon who was going to give us, OMG, world peace.

My gosh, this guy could do a lot of damage to the wealthy pig elite’s global killing machine.

In addition to that, Nixon was opening the door to the commies in China. He was also engaging in strategic arms limitation talks with the Russians.

Double OMG, what would ever happen if we didn’t have the Russians and the Chinese as enemies? Why, we wouldn’t have justification for our military buildup. Why, our greedy corporations might not be making money building useless jets and tanks.

Triple OMG, we might have to actually build up the infrastructure of the United States. And that might be good for the American people. Oh, the horror, the horror.

That’s why Nixon was removed.

It was a coup d’état just like the coup d’état against JFK.

No one must get in the way of the wealthy pig elite’s economic engine of waging war.

Future presidents, take note. This is what will happen to you if you defy the wealthy pig elite.

This is what will happen to you if you defy the Harvard Cartel.

And that, my friend, is why every president since Richard Nixon goes along with the war machine.

It’s not rocket science.

Note: the Sicherheitdienst, aka SD, was the parent organization of the SS and the Gestapo. Gestapo stands for Geheime Stadt Polezei or Hone State Police.


Archer Crosley

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Yawn, Who Cares?

Do you follow the Kennedy assassination?

Are you upset that not all the documents have been released?

Are you upset that the government refuses to declassify documents?

I couldn’t give one solitary fuck.

I’m 68 years old and I have been following the Kennedy assassination, since I was a little boy.

I was born nine years and one week before John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

To the day.

The true killers have revealed themselves through their actions over the years as all true killers do.

We already know who killed John Kennedy.

Jim Marrs stated as much in his book, Crossfire, before he died.

We don’t need CIA memos.

The powers that be, the Harvard Cabal, who control the CIA, killed John Kennedy.

They killed him because he fucked with their money.

If it’s one thing, the powers that be don’t like it’s when someone fucks with their money.

There were a lot of people who didn’t like John Kennedy.

The mob didn’t like him. The CIA didn’t like him. The oil men, whose oil depletion allowance was threatened, didn’t like him. The importers of products from Cuba didn’t like him. The Israelis didn’t like him. The people who wanted to make a fortune off the newly discovered gold and copper deposits in Indonesia didn’t like him. The corporate pigs who wanted to stage an ever ending war in Southeast Asia didn’t like him.

In short, there was a shit load of people who didn’t like him.

All these people voiced their opinions to the powers that be in the Harvard Cabal.

It doesn’t matter that John Kennedy went to Harvard. The Harvard Cabal above all cares more about its money.

John Kennedy fucked with that money.

Additionally, nobody likes a traitor.

When Kennedy was elected, the cabal thought that they could control him. They thought that because he went to Harvard he would be on their side.

They were wrong.

They fucked up.

Maybe at first he was.

But as he grew into the office, he changed.

Maybe he was never one of them to begin with. I don’t think he was.

I think his chronic back pain, his Irish heritage, the tragedies that he suffered with his family, and his experience in the South Pacific being marooned on an island with regular Joes changed him and made him more empathetic to the common man.

He definitely wasn’t his father.

What he saw was a different vision for America.

He saw America as a partner with other nations, not a bully.

This stands in stark contrast to the world you are living in today.

The world you are living in today is the New World Order that he sought to avert.

This is the New World Order of George Herbert Walker Motherfucker Bush.

This is the world order that you are living in today.

It is the imperial world of George Herbert Walker Bush rolling around on a golf cart, yet again, before the ignorant cheering slobs at the Astrodome.

This New World Order is dysphoric and non-workable for average Americans – and for people around the world. It is a warmongering and exploitative world.

It is a world that adopted the very worst ideas of the Third Reich. Indeed, the Third Reich never died. It was merely transported over to America.

Standardized tests, a police state in which cameras are everywhere, intolerance, distrust, 800 numbers for you to report your neighbor, nonstop wars, and a ridiculous superstar (master race) culture which exists to socially influence ignorant masses into the cattle pens of approved opinion are all salient features of this rotten culture.

It exists precisely because John Kennedy was assassinated.

He was assassinated by the Harvard Cabal, greedy fascists all, who run corporate America.

These tyrants will never release any documents that would in any way implicate them.

Consequently, these heavily promoted releases of documents are a complete bore.


They are a fucking waste of time.

You shouldn’t give one solitary fuck about them.

The only thing that you should care about is what they truly represent.

The non-release of documents is an indictment of our current New World Order.

On 11/22/63 at 12:30 PM in the afternoon, America became a banana republic.

You are living in a joke.

Fuck you, George Herbert Walker Motherfucker Bush.

Fuck your father, Prescott Bush, and fuck his friend Allen Dulles.


Archer Crosley

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How Did the Harvard Cabal Kill JFK

How did the Harvard Cabal decide to kill John Kennedy?

This is a companion piece to the article I wrote about the Harvard Cabal.

If we are going to accept that there is a Harvard Cabal that rules things, then we should develop a methodology in which the Harvard Cabal can make decisions like this.

First, don’t be distracted by the fact that John Kennedy attended Harvard. That means nothing.

When it comes to making money for the Cabal the Cabal couldn’t care less whether you went to Harvard or not.

The most important thing to them is that you go along with the program. If you don’t, they’re going to get rid of you.

So how was it done? How did they kill JFK?

Who made the final decision?

To answer that question, we have to review slightly how the Harvard Cabal operates.

Please read the prior piece on the Harvard Cabal as I don’t want to go through the whole nuts and bolts again.

As we have stated before, the Harvard Cabal is a broad array of principally, but not exclusively, Ivy League individuals who dominate our major corporations, associations, foundations, government, media, sports leagues, and entertainment industry nationally and abroad.

We are talking about tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousand of people. That’s a lot of people, but it’s a lot fewer than billions.

Because of its breadth, the Harvard Cabal talks to everybody.

The chief enforcement arm of the Harvard Cabal is the CIA which the Harvard Cabal controls.

The CIA talks to everyone as well. That’s the CIA’s job. Theoretically it’s not the CIA‘s job to put the interest of the Harvard Cabal above that of the American people, but they do it anyway.

Ha ha, America, they guffaw; the joke’s on you.

In the course of talking to everybody between 1961 and 1963, a growing consensus of opinion develops.

The consensus of opinion is that John Kennedy is bad for the business of America and the world.

Although he is an idealistic President, he is perhaps too idealistic.

There are many people who flat out don’t like his ideas, especially when it comes to world peace.

This is normal for a President, but in John F. Kennedy‘s case, the dislike is extreme and broad based.

The people in the petroleum industry are upset with him because he threatens to remove their oil depletion tax break. So did every other President before and since, but for some reason it’s a particular obsession with them when it comes to John Kennedy.

The importers from Central America and the Caribbean rim are upset with him because he wants to fashion a new alliance with Latin America, one that does not subjugate the people there. Additionally they see what happened in Cuba and they are fearful that the same communist wave will overtake the rest of Central America and threaten their banana and sugar cane plantations.

The military is upset with him because they feel he chickened out on Cuba. They fear that he will chicken out in other parts of the world, places like Vietnam.

World peace is threatening to the generals because peace threatens the need to fight wars, and that means less need for gadgets and equipment to fight wars.*

The mob is upset with JFK because they want their casinos back in Cuba. They also don’t want to be prosecuted ruthlessly by his brother.

Big corporate interests who have their eyes on Indonesia are upset with him because they desperately want those huge gold and copper deposits that are sitting secretly in Papua, New Guinea.

Religious leaders don’t like him because he fools around and has a lot of girlfriends. They conveniently ignore the wildings of Allen Dulles, LBJ and other politicians who by comparison make JFK look like Pope John.

The only people who seem to like JFK are regular people. Unfortunately, regular people don’t have a lot of money, and they don’t get to make the important decisions in the United States of America. They think they do because they naïvely believe that America is a democratic republic.

They’re about to find out differently.

The people in the Cabal and who control the halls of power are talking to each other, and they have concluded that JFK‘s vision for the world interferes with the profits of the rich.

The CIA has independently concluded the same.

What are they going to do about it?

The Harvard Cabal is not going to explicitly tell the CIA what to do.

The CIA already knows what to do. That’s what their job has become in 1950s America: toppling governments.

In the course of conversing with their enforcement arm, the Harvard Cabal only needs to communicate to the CIA that something must be done. They will leave it to the wisdom and judgment of men like Allen Dulles to do the rest.

And that is what transpired.

Allen Dulles in his private conversations with his lieutenants and confidants comes to the conclusion that regime change may be necessary.

And so in early 1961, after the Bay of Pigs, or possibly before, he puts the ball in motion.

Dulles in order to give himself a shield of deniability, appoints an operative within the CIA to appoint an “unknown to Dulles” assassination architect to ready plans for possible regime change if things don’t go the way they should go.

This is a contingency plan in its early stages.

As we now know, world events transpired which transformed the contingency plan into a real plan.

In the time period between the Bay of Pigs and 11/22/63, the assassination architect brings people into the fold and puts them in place – just in case. Who knows what will happen? Maybe JFK will wake up and decide to play ball.

But he doesn’t, and so the plan evolves.

This plan is not going to be written down nor discussed around a table. These men may be immoral men but they are not stupid men.

Now, of course Allen Dulles was not the official leader of the CIA when John Kennedy was shot, but he was certainly in power when the plan was put in motion.

Plans take time.

Because of his stature and respect within the CIA community Dulles was still the de facto leader of the CIA.

And this is how the Harvard Cabal got things done – and gets things done today.

Nobody gets caught, and nobody gets implicated, because nobody sat around a table and said anything to anybody about killing anybody.

All of the dirty work is done in the mind of the assassination architect.

Members of the Harvard Cabal who ultimately put the ball in motion through their innocent daily discourse are careful never to use words like kill, assassinate or any other similar words that might be construed in a negative way.

They use words like manage.

The JFK situation needs to be managed.

And so it was.

Here, let’s look at it this way. I want you to look at the individual members of the Harvard Cabal as the cells in your brain.

How are decisions made in your brain?

The individual cells of your brain collect information from all of your senses – sight, sound, touch, smell, taste, proprioception.

This information is spread around your brain. That’s what all those fibers of the white matter are doing. They aren’t there just to give you something to study in anatomy class. And they’re not filler material like packing peanuts.

Higher centers of cells in your brain take this information and produce thoughts. These thoughts are balanced against prior thoughts which we call experiences.

This information is then ultimately sent over to the executive or enforcement arm of your brain which is responsible for getting things done.

They are the do-ers, the action people.

Somewhere in that enforcement arm of the brain, in that group of cells, one cell fires off and magically, the ball is put in motion.

Things get done. The enforcement arm of your brain sends commands down to the muscles of your body.

That’s how you get through the day, every day of the week.

This is how the Harvard Cabal works.

You can’t point to any one particular cell and assign blame even though one cell somewhere, is responsible.

That cell is hidden deep within the bowels of your brain.

There are billions of cells there and you will never find it.


* Why, horror of horrors, somebody might get the idea of doing away with the “Six-Hundred Ship Navy.” If ever the need arises to get people to turn off their brain and vote for war, just say Russia and then evoke the term: “Six-Hundred Ship Navy.” You’ll have them eating out of your hand. And they won’t even know why.


Archer Crosley

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Conspiracies Do Happen

If everybody over the age of five has a birthday party on their birthday, on any particular day of the week, there will be 16,438,356 birthday parties. If 1% of those parties are surprise birthday parties and 90% of those surprise birthday parties are pulled off successfully, that will amount to 147,945.2 successful conspiracies pulled off every single day of the week into eternity.

Now, someone needs to tell the main stream media that conspiracies are possible, because they don’t believe conspiracies are possible except, of course, when they lie to us, or when it’s convenient for them to believe in them.

(6 billion/365) * 0.01 * 0.9


Archer Crosley

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Don’t Bother Me with the Truth

What’s the most shocking thing about the JFK Assassination?

Is it the assassination itself? Is it the fact that the true perpetrators got away with it?

Those are indeed shocking events and good choices, but that’s not the answer I’m looking for.

The most shocking thing for me is that the politicians of that day couldn’t have cared less who truly killed John Kennedy.

They quickly adapted to the new power structure and scurried to gain favor with it.

That’s your politician for you.

That’s how he or she thinks.

That’s how different he or she is from you.

It was regular people who investigated the truth about the JFK assassination.

They are the real heroes.

They put their lives on the line to defend an American ideal that our politicians only pay lip service to.

It wasn’t the main stream media who seriously challenged the Warren Commission findings.

The New York Times and Washington Post, the Volkischer Beobachters of our times, then as now were impressed with blue ribbon panels and select committees.


Oh no, they were one step behind the politicians in rallying around the new power structure.

As a matter of fact, they went out of their way to destroy people like Jim Garrison who were challenging the official narrative.

They also went after others like Mark Lane.

The people who ferreted out the truth in the Kennedy assassination weren’t necessarily detectives. They had to take time off from their day jobs to do what the main stream media should’ve done.

That’s another shocking thing about the Kennedy assassination.

Everything you now know about the Kennedy assassination that’s true was picked out and developed by regular people.

Media toadies like the New York Times and the Washington Post don’t care about the truth.

Challenging the truth might jeopardize their seat on Air Force One.

Politicians today don’t care about the truth either.

All they care about is staying in power.

The politicians back in the 60s were no different.

They had already adapted to the new power structure, and they weren’t interested in disrupting things.

If they made waves, then their committee chairmanships might be threatened.

So many of them kept quiet or put on the pretense of caring.

That pretense still exists today.


Archer Crosley

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Beat It, Britain

We need to break off relations with Britain.

Our common language should not be a deterrent.

We are not British.

We do dishonor to our ancestors by maintaining these relations.

The British are not the type of people we should be modeling our country after.

We are hanging out with the wrong crowd.

The British are the source of the neo-feudalist impulse that is destroying our nation.

The British taught our elites many nasty tricks while bequeathing unseemly habits.

They taught our elites how to imperialize, how to exploit, how to humiliate, how to impoverish, how to spy, how to rob.

One might say that the British Empire never died but simply moved across the pond.

Currently our elites here in America are doing the same to us that the British elites did to their own people for so many centuries.

They are fucking us without our permission.

I believe the word is rape.

They say that the sun never set on the British Empire yet never rose on the slums of London.

We could say the same about the American Empire.

Examine the homelessness in our country.

Witness the unrelenting poverty which abounds in the inner city.

When you see poverty like that, it’s not an accident, and it’s not a moral failing.

Consistent poverty is engineered.

Our elites, who adore and admire British nobility, did this to their own citizens.

Our elites are sick.

They are ill just as as British nobility is ill.

The day will come when our American elites give themselves titles to formalize the confiscated wealth they enjoy.

That is their goal.

To prevent that, we must break off relations with Britain.

A better, though not perfect, friend and role model would be China.

China currently takes an approach to the world that will tear us asunder unless we change our ways.

Where our leaders employee guns, the Chinese supply butter.

Butter is the better option.

The Chinese offer the Third World an opportunity to escape poverty. They build railroads and ports for them.

What can the United States offer except sweat shops, polluted rivers, and broken down shacks?

A lot.

The United States and its elites can drop their misguided ways that they learned from the British and follow the vision of John Kennedy.

John Kennedy saw a different world.

John Kennedy saw a world where America partnered with poor countries to lift them out of poverty, creating friendships that would ultimately benefit the United States of America.

The unenlightened greedy elite comprised of people like Prescott Bush, Allen Dulles and many others, chiefly crass corporate pigs, gluttonous smelly slobs who fuck whores as they slam pork and beer into their guts, didn’t approve of John Kennedy’s vision.

In short, JFK fucked with their money.

The elites saw their future sweatshops disappearing. They didn’t like what was transpiring in the Caribbean, or in Southeast Asia.

Friendships? Forget about it.

When they killed John Kennedy, they carved up Indonesia’s vast mineral resources including the largest copper and gold mines in the world. The rest of Indonesia would be used as a sweatshop for tennis shirts and shoes.

The same could be said of many other countries including Haiti.

With John Kennedy gone, the United States could continue to rape Central America and other nations.

And this is what they did.

After all, American corporations needed latex, rubber, palm oil, and, of course, oil itself from Southeast Asia.

In time though, China took the best of what we in the west had to offer while rejecting the bad habits we had learned from the British.

The Chinese knew all too well of British exploitation as they themselves had been exploited by the British for over 100 years which they refer to as the 100 years of shame.

China now offers a better way. In many respects they offer the vision of John Kennedy.

What will America do?

America must change its ways.

America must disband the CIA which is nothing more than the SD and the SS combined. The CIA is the thug agency of the wealthy elite which plays dirty tricks upon the peoples of the world domestically and abroad.

We must also break off relations with Britain.

Britain, the bad parent that it was, must die.

When we break off relations with Britain, we remove ourselves from the influence of the pernicious class system which Britain prosecutes to this day.

We are not British. We are Americans. We were altered fundamentally through our contact, association and intermingling with the American Indian who led a more egalitarian existence.

The genie was let out of the bottle.

Open lands that the British could not dominate did the rest.

Freed of the British class system Americans could prosecute their unlimited talents.

In time regular Americans began to surpass peoples abroad who still toiled and suffered under British oppression.

This was a dangerous concept to the elites.

In time, Cecil Rhodes, the bigot, the oppressor, the murderer, set out to corral America back into the British fold. He accomplished this with his Rhodes scholarship in which unenlightened, foolish, greedy, Americans willingly joined the elite class in Britain to stamp out American freedom.

Cecil Rhodes succeeded remarkably well. His efforts were aided by Corporate America’s mainstream media which has placed Rhodes Scholars such as Bill Clinton upon a mighty pedestal.

The driving force behind Corporate America’s collaboration with Cecil Rhodes and the British Empire to stamp out the American experiment was, of course, Harvard University.

Make no mistake about it, Harvard loves the Rhodes scholarship. And when I say love, I mean l-o-v-e.

Say that real slow and draw it out long.

In that regard, Harvard is a traitor to American freedom.

Harvard embraces the royal family. When Harvard celebrated its 350th anniversary in 1986, they invited Prince Charles to be a speaker at the event.

Why should you be surprised that Harvard has led the way in destroying America over the past 75 years?

Harvard works for the British who still stand for oppression and exploitation.

When we say goodbye to Britain we will be doing ourselves a favor.

We should have nothing to do with them.





Archer Crosley

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Rafael Cruz

I’ve done a lot of research into the JFK Assassination. I’ve spent many, many hours reading Warren Commission Testimony.

Back in 2015, I began looking into Ted Cruz because a friend of mine came up to me one day and breathlessly exclaimed: “Why, Ted Cruz came out of nowhere.” He was referring to Ted Cruz’s “surprising” election to the Senate. My friend is a Ted Cruz groupie. On that day, he must have been wearing high patent leather white boots. I imagine that he looked like Kate Hudson in Almost Famous.

I looked into Ted Cruz and discovered that he didn’t come out of nowhere at all. Ted attended Princeton, then Harvard. That doesn’t sound like nowhere to me.

I was particularly intrigued with the fact that his father was from Cuba. What intrigued me even more was Ted Cruz’s cozy association with the Bush family. One of Ted’s mentors was Josh Bolten. Joshua Bolten was George Walker Bush’s chief of staff. Joshua Bolten’s father was Seymour Bolten who was a close friend of GHWB.

Seymour Bolten was a CIA officer. I have identified him as the CIA officer who planned the Kennedy assassination. You can read all about it on my website. You can either go to, or

In 2016, Donald Trump stated that Rafael Cruz was hanging out with Lee Oswald. Trump pointed to a man who didn’t look like Lee Oswald at all. I think this was intentional misdirection. I do believe that Rafael Cruz was hanging out with Lee Oswald, and that is the purpose of this PDF. You may download it here. After downloading it, you will be able to zoom in your computer. It should come in clear.

I will be updating this PDF from time to time.

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Jack and Lee 5

I worked harder on killing Lee than I did on the JFK and Tippit killing combined.

Not really, but it seemed like I did.

I guess it seemed more difficult because I had to connive it at the last moment.

Connive it, ha ha.

I love the way Dean talks.

That would be Dean Andrews.

He was right of course.  Lee couldn’t have connived the killing of Kennedy.

You do have to practice at things.

And not just for shooting at someone.

You have to practice planning things.

And that’s what I do; that’s my unofficial job at the CIA.

I’m a conniver, ha ha.

That’s why I was able to connive Lee’s murder on the fly.

You see, Lee was supposed to die at the Texas Theater.

But he outsmarted me.

I expected him to run and get gunned down by the cops, but he was smarter than I gave him credit for.

That was my mistake.

He raised his hands and said: “I am not resisting arrest,” or something to that effect.

That’s when Nick McDonald clocked him over his left eye.  That’s how Lee got the mouse.

I guess Nick interpreted Lee raising his hands as an aggressive move.

At any rate, when they both fell down into the chair and the melee ensued, it was difficult to justify killing him.

So he lived, and that presented a problem for me.

I had to shift gears damn quick and work double time to fix what shouldn’t be broken.

Now, how was I going to kill him?



Dean Andrews Testimony before the Warren Commission


Mr. LIEBELER – Do you mean to suggest by that statement that you have considerable doubt in your mind that Oswald killed the President? 

Mr. ANDREWS – I know good and well he did not. With that weapon, he couldn’t have been capable of making three controlled shots in that short time. 

Mr. LIEBELER – You are basing your opinion on reports that you have received over news media as to how many shots were fired in what period of time; is that correct? 

Mr. ANDREWS – I am basing my opinion on five years as an ordnance man in the Navy. You can lean into those things, and with throwing the bolts–if I couldn’t do it myself, 8 hours a day, doing this for a living, constantly on the range, I know this civilian couldn’t do it. He might have been a sharp marksman at one time, but if you don’t lean into that rifle and don’t squeeze and control consistently, your brain can tell you how to do it, but you don’t have the capability. 

Mr. LIEBELER – You have used a pronoun in this last series of statements, the pronoun “it.” You are making certain assumptions as to what actually happened, or you have a certain notion in your mind as to what happened based on material you read in the newspaper? 

Mr. ANDREWS – It doesn’t make any difference. What you have to do is lean into a weapon, and, to fire three shots controlled with accuracy, this boy couldn’t do it. Forget the President. 

Mr. LIEBELER – You base that judgment on the fact that, in your own experience, it is difficult to do that sort of thing? 

Mr. ANDREWS – You have to stay with it. You just don’t pick up a rifle or a pistol or whatever weapon you are using and stay proficient with it. You have to know what you are doing. You have to be a conniver. This boy could have connived the deal, but I think he is a patsy. Somebody else pulled the trigger. 

Mr. LIEBELER – However, as we have indicated, it is your opinion. You don’t have any evidence other than what you have already told us about your surmise and opinions about the rifle on which to base that statement; is that correct? If you do, I want to know what it is. 

Mr. ANDREWS – If I did, I would give it to you. It’s just taking the 5 years and thinking about it a bit. I have fired as much as 40,000 rounds of ammo a day for 7 days a week. You get pretty good with it as long as you keep firing. Then I have gone back after 2 weeks. I used to be able to take a shotgun, go on a skeet, and pop 100 out of 100. After 2 weeks, I could only pop 60 of them. I would have to start shooting again, same way with the rifle and machine guns. Every other person I knew, same thing happened to them. You just have to stay at it.


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This is a work of fiction based upon real events.


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Jack and Lee 3

One of the problems I had in planning this assassination was my minimal brain dysfunction. It takes me a long time to get things done.

I am very easily distracted.

Now, you would think this would disqualify me for planning an assassination, but it doesn’t.

You see, you have to take the good with the bad.

It’s my minimal brain dysfunction that allows me to integrate with regular people like Jack and Lee.

If I was well balanced and perfect, no regular Joe would accept me as a regular person. And you need regular people to pull off an assassination.

Who is going to kill JFK? Somebody from the University Club? Forget it.

Just today I got thrown off on a tangent. I became preoccupied with free trade. What does free trade have to do with my job?

Absolutely nothing.

Yet absolutely everything.

I work for the CIA, my friend.

Here is what I wrote.


There are need of vast tariffs everywhere in the world.

The only people free trade benefits are the wealthy who can’t be satisfied with a little money.

They need to conquer the world.

Fuck them.

They make life miserable for the rest of us.

They relentlessly consume, absorb and grow fat.

Market share is their currency

Growth for the sake of growth.

Quality only if it’s absolutely necessary.

If there were a parallel world circling earth they would need to conquer that also.

One world would not be enough.

They make me sick.

What’s so wrong with owning a small shop?

Whats so wrong with making a few people happy?

“No way to that,” sing the Fat Pigs.

These fuckers need it all.

They consume it all

In the name of Democracy.

Fuck Democracy.

Democracy is a dictator controlled by the Fat Pigs.

Free Trade is a code word for exploitation where in the dark recesses of the world they the Fat Pigs can work their slaves for 18 hours per day without bathroom breaks uninhibited by the morass of regulations the First World imposes upon them.

They pay their dictator to do so.

That’s what free trade is all about.

Fuck free trade.

Praise God for tariffs.

Praise God Almighty for tariffs.

For tariffs set me free.

Tariffs are a castle that protects me from my oppressor.

Tariffs are a barrier that keeps me safe and sound at night.

Tariffs protect my family.

Tariffs provide a healthy home for my kids.

I love tarrifs.

I imbibe tariffs.

I embrace tariffs.

I have sex with tariffs.

Tariffs have sex with me.

Tariffs and I are in looooooooove.

Well, all I can say is that there is a lot of stress in planning an assassination.

Stress will always find an outlet.

Copyright 2019   Archer Crosley   All Rights Reserved

This is a work of fiction based upon real events.


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Jack and Lee 1

I was there in the Dallas Municipal Building that Friday night.

Yep, I was there, and if you look hard enough through the pictures you’ll find me.

After meeting with Jack that Friday evening, we drove down to the police building.

Even if Jack had been stopped at the door, I had the clout to get him through.

Of course Jack was there to kill Lee – if he could get close enough.

But there was so much congestion in the hallway, we decided to put that idea on ice.

There were reporters everywhere.

Besides, it was the Sabbath, and I wasn’t sure Jack was up to killing someone on the holy day.

So we settled on him familiarizing himself with Lee and what he looked like in real life.

Pictures don’t cut the mustard.

I know people have speculated that Lee and Jack knew each other, but that just wasn’t true.

I knew that because a) I had recruited both of them, and b) if they had known each other, I never would’ve let Jack get near Lee especially at a press conference.

Why would I want Lee to scream out, “Hey, that guy was in on it with me. ”

So Jack stood in the back of the police auditorium and watched.

It has been a tough day for Jack.

He was distraught and upset.

Copyright 2019 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

This is a work of fiction based upon real events.


Support Donation

To support the time and effort in producing this blog, please make a small one-time donation. I will totally appreciate your contribution, but I only want you to make a donation if you think this is the very best stuff out there. Otherwise, fuhgeddaboutit.