What’s Going On Here

What’s going on here in America is that we are getting played by very clever, very immoral people.

We are getting played by the elites in Corporate America who have thoroughly hijacked our government.

They don’t believe in the Constitution. They don’t believe in elected government.

They have been indoctrinated since birth to believe that they are the best and the brightest. 

Truth be told, we have been indoctrinated into believing this also. 

It is a malicious doctrine, and there is not a shred of truth to it.

Because the elites have been told that they are the best and the brightest, they prosecute that belief. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy in which they game the system to their advantage.

Why bother with the rabble?

It’s so much easier to get together in elite circles and discuss what needs to be done in the United States of America. Once that course of action is debated and decided through their think tanks, the mission is then handed to their thug agency, the CIA, who then accordingly constructs a plan to carry out what the elites desire.

What the elites do not desire is to have the American people have any substantive say in what they decide. 

So they construct false flags like the Gulf of Tonkin incident, the Savings and Loan Crisis, the World Trade Center Attack, the Real Estate Mortgage-Backed Securities Crisis of 2008, and the Coronavirus Crisis to name a few.

Yes, the Coronavirus Crisis. You heard me right. These knuckleheads created a bio-weapon to be targeted against Iran; and then when this virus got out of hand and came back to bite Americans on the ass, they exploited the crisis to effect change in the United States of America.

How is it possible for this virus to inflict such massive damage to the United States and Western Europe yet do such minimal damage to Asia?  Well, of course we know that there is a genetic basis to this coronavirus and that it seems to be affecting different populations differently, yet try getting that on the mainstream media.

Hell no, MSM won’t even go close to that. The corporate-controlled media doesn’t want you thinking genetics in any way, shape or form.  Why, you might get the idea that this is a bio-weapon.

Instead they peddle multicultural mumbo-jumbo by telling us that we’re in this together and that this virus does not discriminate.

No?  What about the Japanese?

In this country, we don’t even discuss Japan and South Korea which have dramatically lower death counts. It’s easy to blame China for under-reporting numbers, but how about South Korea? How about Japan?

I just spoke to one of my patient’s moms who recently got back from South Korea. She told me that there is no massive lockdown in effect. People wear masks, and of course they quarantine the sick, but businesses are allowed to stay open.

Why is that never mentioned on the national media?

It’s not mentioned because our immoral leadership doesn’t want you the average American to get any ideas.

The elites want to change the economic make-up of the United States of America. They don’t want individual Americans owning their own businesses anymore. They subscribe to this nutty idea of corporate fascism where we exist as employees of large corporations and are therefore equal.  This utopian equality naturally exempts the elites in Palo Alto and New York City who will continue to make billions of dollars.

That’s their goal.

That’s how they change things. They create a crisis, then they exploit the crisis.

They got their ducks in a row very quickly.

You can see the collusion all around you.

    • The prominent celebrities who obtained the coronavirus out of proportion to the regular population. These celebrities were used to sell the disease.
    • The newspaper columnists who were ready on the mark to sell the slogans of Corporate America such as flattening the curve, social distancing, sheltering in place.
    • The newspaper columnists who were ready on the mark to pooh pooh the idea of herd immunity.
    • The raising up of shields at checkout counters in corporate stores within a week of the lockdown.  There were hundreds of thousands of these stores that had shields up in a heartbeat.  We couldn’t get PPE and testing, but boy did those checkout shields go up PDQ.
    • The constant reminders by celebrities on YouTube to tell us to stay at home.
    • The immediate condemnation of hydroxychloroquine.
    • The federal incentivization of coronavirus diagnosis and coronavirus death.
    • The constant fear-mongering by the three old women – Dr. Fauci and the governors of NY and CA.
    • The news manipulation by Google to always present the government’s view.
    • The slick corporate packaging of the crisis complete with marketing slogans like “essential workers.”
    • The usual rescue and defense of the government’s position by Snopes.

They are in it against us.

The “they” is the government and the fake self-made men of Palo Alto and New York City.

They’ve got their money; now it’s time to bar the door.

There must be no more rich people to challenge their authority.

We know who these clowns are.  

Palo Alto scum.  Wall Street scum.  Madison Avenue scum.

This is their play.

They see the coronavirus as their big chance to fundamentally change America.

They aren’t separate from the United States government.

They are the United States government, and they have been for some time.

Microsoft is the United States Government Computer Operating System Company.

Facebook is the United States Government-CIA Social Networking Company.

Google is the United States Government Search Engine Company.

Twitter is the United States Government Instant Messaging Company.

YouTube is the United States Government Video-Share Company.

Harvard is the United States Government University Company.

Amazon is the United States Government Merchandising Company.

JP Morgan is the United States Government Investment Bank Company.

These people who lead these so-called private entities are frauds.  They are not self-made men.  

They are one and the same with the government.  The government made them.  The government tapped them on the shoulder and said:  You are our boy; you will be rich.

These frauds are nothing more than highly paid government employees.

The government never seriously regulates their companies or breaks them apart.

The government never stands up for free speech.

The government never sticks up for you the little guy.

Why would it?

The government’s goal is to dominate you, to squash you like the bug they believe you to be.

That’s what’s going on here.



Archer Crosley


Copyright 2020   Archer Crosley   All Rights Reserved

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