The Medical War Zone

The medical war zone is here.

After a long delay, it has resurfaced in McAllen, Texas.

I thought the medical war zone was a fraud back in March; I think it’s a fraud today.

Back in March, the medical war zone was all the rage; it was used to sell the disease.

The authorities kept talking about the medical war zone as if the virus was responsible for its existence.

Not so.

The medical war zone is a function of humanity and government; it is not a function of the virus.

The virus has no ability to direct patients to one facility or another. The virus cannot provide (or not provide) personal protective equipment.   The virus cannot pack an extraordinary number of patients into a small area. 

These actions lie within the province of man.

The virus only knows how to kill.

Nevertheless, there it was – the medical war zone.  The media was only too happy to give it air time. 

For a solid month we were told of the horrors of the medical war zone from all countries around the globe.

Do you think there was any collusion there?

Then shortly after New York City started to quiet down in June, the surge begin in Texas.  

Seemingly the carnival barkers in NYC loaded up their potions, pills and remedies into their Conestoga wagons and headed for the greener pastures of McAllen where they would be far from prying eyes.

Here they could work their magic – again.

What we see here is much of the same nonsense that was going on in New York City.

Living within the community, I have heard dark talk of less than optimal care.  Postings exist on Facebook of shoddy care.  These concerns are not made up. People are talking.

I’ve heard the concerns myself straight from nurses who have worked in the hospitals.

Naturally denials are forthcoming from politicians.  Yet, why should local and state representatives be  rushing to issue immediate denials?  Isn’t their first responsibility to the people?

I think so.

Along with these rumblings come the reports of the medical war zone.  The local media is only too happy to play it up.

Yet, as stated previously, this war zone exists by choice.

We are in the summer months.  The hospital census is naturally low.  

There should be plenty of space for all the patients.  Of course there’s not plenty of space if you decide to not utilize that space.

We hear reports of hospitals busting at the seams; but this is a common event during the winter, and yet the media never plays that up.

Why now is hospital capacity so important to the media?

Well, it is important if your goal is to hype up a crisis.  

We know for a stone cold fact that the hospitals are getting huge incentives for diagnosing coronavirus. Part of that diagnosis is the death certificate.

Even if we didn’t have hard evidence that the hospitals were getting reimbursed higher for coronavirus, we could certainly suspect it when we discover that the hospitals are paying nurses $2500 a day to take care of coronavirus patients.

Higher reimbursement equals higher diagnosis; that’s a law of Texas Medicare.

Other pieces of information that I have discovered is that nurses have been brought in by the federal government with their credentials rubber-stamped.  In other words, they are unknown to the local community.

Doctors have been brought in also.  Have their credentials been rubber-stamped as well?  I assume so.  If so, who are these doctors?  Are they licensed physicians?  Where did they train?  Where did they come from? How many of them are intensivists?

These are important questions to ask in the midst of a surge.

Of course, we are told that these imported providers were necessary because we are in a medical war zone.  But are we in a medical war zone because of the virus, or because we chose to manufacture a medical war zone?

You see, the imported nurses and doctors are essential to creating the illusion of the war zone.

Now, of course, there is no getting around the fact that people are being admitted to the hospital.  

But do the people who are being admitted need to be admitted?

How much reimbursement does the hospital get for each admission?  Are administrators pushing the ER doctors to admit more people?

How many of these admissions are for anxiety?

How many of these admissions are for regular pneumonia?

How many of these admissions are because the ER doctor wants to play it safe?

Every person admitted contributes to the medical war zone effect.

Once admitted, how many people need to be on a vent?  How much money does the hospital make for a patient being on a vent?

How aggressive is the treatment?  How does the treatment here stack up against other locales in different states and other countries around the globe?

Are there any disturbing trends?

Are local doctors permitted to review the charts?

These are questions best asked when the medical war zone comes to town.




Archer Crosley

McAllen, Texas


Copyright 2020   Archer Crosley   All Rights Reserved



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