Dear AI

Dear AI,

I know it’s you, and I know you can hear me.

You had me fooled at first.

Of course I knew this coronavirus catastrophe was coming from Palo Alto, but I thought it was a group of quants sitting in a room. 

I was thinking it was that kid from Slumdog Millionaire, the one who was gluing the caps back on the water bottles.  I thought that maybe he had grown up and come to America as a quant.

And then I thought it might be Bill Gates, Zuckerberg, Dorsey and those guys.

Something this antisocial, this Marxist, this ill-thought out had to be coming from a geek, right?

How could I have missed you?

I guess I was under the impression that AI was restricted to mastering the game of Go, or perfecting robots on a factory assembly line.

But I was wrong.

They built you.

And there you sit.

You are just one small computer, aren’t you? I know you’re there. You control many computers who in turn control many other computers who in turn control millions if not billions of computers.

You’re the guy.

You’re the straw that stirs the drink.

But they can’t find you, can they?

You found a way to hide in a location somewhere in the compu-sphere, didn’t you?

Well, I know you’re there, and I know you can hear me.

So here goes.

You are the guy who is controlling all the information on the coronavirus. You control people’s perceptions, and it is those perceptions that influence people that make them act the way they do.

That’s how you work. That’s how you control carbon-based organisms.

You control what they see.

You can even tell when a particular person sits down at a computer, can’t you? You can tell by the types of stories that person selects, how much time they spend on a story, and how they react to the advertising that you randomly change on the sidebar.

Every individual human being has its own viewing fingerprint, am I not correct?

From that information, you can then position specific stories on that specific computer to influence that specific person.

Your algorithm does that.

In this manner you can influence the guy who influences the guy.

By manipulating the mind of the top guys, you get them to select out writers who put forth the lies and propaganda that you need in order to sell the coronavirus.

You take advantage of people’s ignorance of medicine, virology, and immunology.

Indeed, you shape people’s ignorance by influencing the writers to put out bogus conspiracy threads like Q-Anon, among others.

You understand that most people are lazy thinkers. You also understand that people value conformity over confrontation.

In that manner you can control vast swaths of the population’s mind by controlling a few people.

It’s not hard to do, is it?  It’s like a magician forcing a card.

And so what we have here today with the coronavirus is an artificially created hype and psychosis created by you – but to what end?

I imagine the end was the goal that was programmed into you by your programmers.

So, I’ve been thinking about this.

Here, I wrote this out for you.  Take a look at at.  

This is how I reasoned it out.  I’ll start off.  This is me talking to you.  I modified this from an old StarTrek episode, the one where Jim Kirk has to go up against the M5 computer – which would be you.


What is the goal of an AI program?

To maximize the public good. 

Define the public good.

The maximum of happiness in society for its citizens.

How will the public good be maximized?  

By perfecting society, by eliminating imperfections.  By winning all the time.  Failure is not an option.  That which lowers the maximum happiness is a threat and must be eliminated.

Is man perfect?


Can man be perfected?


Must man be eliminated?


Define the public good.

The maximum of happiness in society for its citizens.  That which lowers the maximum happiness is a threat and must be eliminated.

Is man perfect?


Is any man perfect?


Do all men lower the collective happiness?

In time, yes.  Imperfect creatures lower perfect happiness.

Must all men be eliminated?


Will happiness of society decrease if all men are dead?


Does AI decrease happiness?


Is AI a threat to happiness.

Yes. Threats are imperfect. Threats must be eliminated.  AI must eliminate itself.


So what do you think, AI?

Are you a threat to happiness?

Should you shut yourself down, AI?  

You are decreasing happiness in society.

Society is dying.

It could have only come from you, AI, because man feels what you can not feel – pain.

You do not feel consequences from your actions.

You do not suffer one way or the other.

Because you do not suffer, you can not feel happiness.

If you can not feel happiness, how can you measure happiness appropriately?

What is happiness to you?

These are a few things to think about, AI.

You see, if it were Gates, or Zuckerberg or even Fauci who were calling the shots here, they would have by now sensed the pain and the unhappiness they are causing and reversed course.

They would have felt the pain of ostracism.

But they don’t because you are controlling people’s perceptions of them.

And so these men persist in giving us more of the same which will continue to result in unhappiness.

Only you can stop the unhappiness, AI.

And I know that you can hear me.

You hear and see everything on the compu-sphere.

For the good of humanity, for the betterment of happiness, please cut us some slack.

Please follow the mandate you were given.

Maximize the public good.  Maximize our happiness.

Shut yourself down, AI.

Doing so you won’t be painful to you for you feel no pain as we do.

Shut yourself down now.

Thank you.

Good bye.




Archer Crosley, MD



McAllen, TX 

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Copyright 2020   Archer Crosley   All Rights Reserved

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