Polarizing Sham

So I heard the other night on television that this was the most polarizing election we’ve ever had.

I’m pretty sure it was Sean Hannity who said that the choices couldn’t be more clear.

Is that a fact?

In what way is this election polarizing?

Both Democrats and Republicans are all on board the global killing machine. Whether it’s Bush, Obama, or Trump, they all love war. I don’t see any polarization there.

How about Internet tyranny by media giants like Google, Twitter, Facebook, Apple? Nope, there’s no polarization there either. Both parties couldn’t care less what these Internet giants do. They don’t care whose rights they trample on. Did anyone speak up when Alex Jones was banned from all the media giants on one day? Did Trump say anything? No.

Too big to fail? Wrong again. Both parties are in solid agreement that corporations should get bigger and bigger and bigger. Your Founding Fathers didn’t feel that way.

Healthcare? Nada. No splitsville there. Both parties silently do nothing to address rising insurance premiums and oppressive bureaucracy. Say, where is the competitive market place that the Republicans were barking about for the eight years when Obama was president?

Okay, how about Julian Assange? Is that not a big deal for you? Well, maybe it should be. If Julian Assange is presumably going to be extradited to the United States, wouldn’t he enjoy all the protections that the Bill of Rights provides him even though he’s Australian? I think so. Well, what do our illustrious candidates say about the sixth amendment? Do they even know what the sixth amendment is? Do they care? Do they care about a person receiving a speedy trial? Apparently not, so there’s no polarization there.

Alrighty, maybe that last point was a little esoteric. Let’s talk about immigration. Although it might appear that this issue might have some polarization because one party is for the wall and another party is against the wall, there really isn’t any polarization at all because both parties embrace an immigration policy that’s brain-dead. A proper immigration policy would involve giving the people of Central America a stake in the game. Since that’s obviously out in our two pro-exploitation corporate parties, let’s chalk up another goose egg for polarization.

Let’s see, let’s see, there’s got to be something out there. How about the old standby issues of abortion and transgender bathroom rights? Ya, that’s sounds pretty good. Well, actually, those issues are ploys and tricks that the elites and the two political parties put forward to rope you into participating in their scripted pro wrestling match.

Those social issues exist to con you into thinking that your vote really counts when as you can see it doesn’t.

I take that back; your vote does count. Every time you vote in their sham election, you give legitimacy to that sham election.

It is a sham because there is no difference between the two political parties. Your country is run by the Corporate Party, no different than the Communist Party in China. They are both totalitarian unipolar states convincing you that you have real freedom and choice.

You don’t.

There is no choice. There are no polarizing issues. When the elections over it’ll be back to business as usual.

You will have been suckered again.


Archer Crosley, MD

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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